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KindKill267 t1_j6j1zh1 wrote

I think people should see how much really comes out of their paychecks. Otherwise they have no idea of how much they really pay into the system.


felldestroyed t1_j6j3abk wrote

Uh, do you not receive a payroll stub?


KindKill267 t1_j6j5sjl wrote

Yeah but you're just focusing on after tax amount in my mind you're just writing off the other portion. It's out of sight out of mind. Even now most people don't have a concept other then when they randomly look at their pay stub.

You want the tax burden to lift from the workers to the corporations who lobby for the rules to avoid paying taxes, make the people see the full amount. Pay people their entire paycheck, no tax withholdings. Then make the stroke a check or transfer funds every month. The pressure for tax reform in this country might actually happen.

Then have people factor in what they spent that was taxed like sales tax, gas tax, etc. Add that in for their school and county tax and most people wouldn't imagine they're being taxed at such a high rate.


jshaf007 t1_j6j3vl0 wrote

I get a payroll sheet of paper that itemizes it. It can be maddening how much is taken out. Basically a new honda civic each year. And we don’t even get a public healthcare option!


Finrodsrod t1_j6kylvk wrote

Also remember rich dudes like the former president pay around 0 to 700 bucks!


jshaf007 t1_j6l3s1x wrote

that’s the problem, i am easy pickins for the irs