Submitted by BengaliFloatzel t3_1014k17 in Pennsylvania

And I've gotta say it's probably the most beautiful US state I've been to. I'm Canadian and just returned from visiting family in Long Island. We weren't able to take the PA route on our way down since the blizzard shut down every Interstate near Buffalo so I didn't think much when I saw that I had to drive through Pennsylvania for almost 2 hours on Google Maps on the return. I've been to many states before and this was the first time I actually enjoyed driving on a highway in North America. The scenic beauty of the Appalachian Mountains and the morning fog were just stunning. The little towns right below the highways looked like Europe. It felt like a fantasy novel setting. I always heard PA was a bland, run-off-the-mill Northeastern state and expected it to be no different than Ontario, Michigan, and upstate NY but I could feel a real difference when I crossed the border lines. Much less Donny 2024 flags than Buffalo as well. It made me realize how flat and naturally boring most of NY and Southern Ontario were. The only complaint is that the roads are a little rough but I'm completely used to it. Ask any Canadian and they'll get what I mean. For reference, we drove through the northeast portion from Scranton to Susquehanna County.

I know this was super random and most of you probably don't care but I just had to say, you guys got a beautiful state. I think a lot of you underrate it.



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TessySue2002 t1_j2mbww9 wrote

I’m from the Scranton area and it was nice to read something positive. Thanks for sharing :)


Fuzzy_South_4260 t1_j2rfkgh wrote

Nepa....hidden gem. I have traveled for work my entire life. We have everything here...


TessySue2002 t1_j2rrssc wrote

We really do, and it’s still relatively safe around here and a low cost of living. I’m happy to raise my family in this area.


artificialavocado t1_j2mel2u wrote

We do care and we appreciate the compliment thank you. I’ve been saying for years that this state is a little bit of a hidden gem even if you aren’t the outdoors type. I grew up in the Appalachian Mountain. It’s obviously not some economic powerhouse but it’s not super poor like the rest of Appalachia.

Btw the roads thing is a common complaint almost a meme at this point.


Mor_Tearach t1_j2mk30d wrote

We have awful roads on purpose, like those rumble strips only backwards.

Keeps you awake ( KA thump ) AND playing Avoid the Pothole , both scientific methods of raising driver awareness.

That's my explanation anyway. It's better than the other one. Where tax dollars never seem to make it to infrastructure.


Proper_Distribution1 t1_j2mzgxk wrote

I remember seeing a comic that showed a neighborhood road covered in potholes, and it had an average speed of 20 mph. Then they repaved the road and the average speed went up to 40 mph. Then people complained cars were going to fast so they installed speed bumps that brought the average speed back down to 20 mph.

Better to just keep the roads at a constant level of bad but not car destroying bad and it keeps roads at safe speed.

Our roads out here by Pittsburgh are pretty bad by the hills to the east. You just get used to it lol


ell0bo t1_j2n6jiz wrote

Back in the 60s we paved a lot of roads, many of which should have been left as dirt. We've let a good few go, but still maintain more than we should. That's our problem.

Our economic centers are Philly and Pittsburgh, with some in the middle, but we spend a lot to maintain infrastructure in between.


artificialavocado t1_j2neby6 wrote

I get that at some point you have to say “is this really worth it” but that’s part of the problem. Public services shouldn’t be exclusive to whether you live somewhere that makes enough money or not. The road were supposed to be addressed years ago with such a high gasoline tax which everyone pays. They spent it on the state police instead. Almost $500 million IIRC. That’s a lot of new road.


ell0bo t1_j2neou4 wrote

Oh, well that fact that rural pa has outsourced policing to the state police, and thus their costs, is also a big problem


artificialavocado t1_j2nf996 wrote

That should be addressed a different way.


MRG_1977 t1_j2q115j wrote

County wide police force that is funded by those counties and either a severe reduction/no reliance on state police to provide routine local coverage.


artificialavocado t1_j2q4irr wrote

That’s what they were supposed to do here a few years back. I don’t follow local news all that well but they ended up just making a drug task force. Seems like too many egos got in the way.


MRG_1977 t1_j2tz04g wrote

PA is a backwards ass state in that regard. PA residents complain about high property taxes yet refuse to merge their small dinky municipalities together to consolidate them and run them more efficiently.


Dr_Noonian_Soong t1_j2n0hv6 wrote

Speaking of hidden gems, Shickshinny is a diamond waiting to be discovered. The river, all the hiking, rock climbing, and a great little brewery and no one even knows!!! Except the few who know. It could be better than Jim Thorpe


ItsAlwaysSmokyInReno t1_j2oecw0 wrote

Technically the Appalachian part of the state is just as poor as the rest of Appalachia. But the economic powerhouses in the Delaware River Valley and Ohio River Valley make it overall an economically significant state


junebugreggae t1_j2m9t19 wrote

I have deep roots in western pa and I was struck by the same thought when I took 80 to get back to Pittsburgh a few years ago. We have an incredibly beautiful state!


artificialavocado t1_j2meuda wrote

It takes leaving to appreciate it sometime. I spent a few weeks in Mexico a few years back and while incredible beautiful it was nice to come back and see green and not just browns and beiges.


TacoNomad t1_j2mtnih wrote

I lived in the land of "southern hospitality" for a few years. Returning home is when I realized people of PA are genuinely friendly. Not just for appearances.


AFD_0 t1_j2lng3n wrote

> The only complaint is that the roads are a little rough but I'm completely used to it.

It is a beautiful state, but every time I'm coming home from a road trip in any direction, that's always my first thought - "How in the hell are our roads this bad compared to everyone else's?"

Whether coming from NY, OH, NJ, MD or WV, I always have the same immediate impression, which usually detracts from appreciating the otherwise beautiful scenery.

And having less political signs/flags cluttering up the landscape than Buffalo isn't exactly a compliment, but thanks? ;)


--jawnday-- t1_j2m78dv wrote

You forgot Delaware. Roads are typically the complete opposite here rather than there.


AFD_0 t1_j2mb42j wrote

I didn't forget, I've just never been to Delaware ;D


--jawnday-- t1_j2mfwg1 wrote

Everyone crowds the beaches during the summer and somehow convince themselves that hanging out at a crowded beach is a good time, so you’re not really missing out on too much :)


Luvs2spooge89 t1_j2nythj wrote

I love the MD and DE beaches.


--jawnday-- t1_j2nzpvv wrote

Too many people. Way overcrowded. Same with Jersey.

Went up to Maine and found a beach that wasn’t overcrowded and it was an amazing experience.


jralll234 t1_j2mi4um wrote

I was in Ohio a few months ago and was blown away by how much worse their roads were than ours.


nardlz t1_j2mnf1g wrote

I travel to the Midwest often and find Iowa/Indiana/Illinois to be the worst! It depends what route you take. I find central and western PA roads to be fine compared to eastern too.


Allemaengel t1_j2m8mgw wrote

Oh, we have our Trump supporters between Philly and Pittsburgh. Trust me living out in that scenic part that we do.


PGHNeil t1_j2mf5yu wrote

Yeah, the OP was barely into PA. He was up near the Grand Canyon of PA. Down near MD they are confused and identify with the Confederacy.


Ct-5736-Bladez t1_j2mrxtn wrote

There’s a house right outside the Monterey pass battlefield (the battle where union troops and the confederates had a skrirmish while the rebels retreated from Gettysburg) in blue ridge summit that flies a confederate battle flag. Ironic


PGHNeil t1_j2muxop wrote

Irony is lost on them. People these days take themselves WAY too seriously and are always worried about being laughed at, so they dial up the crazy so that other people fear them instead.


_freeheeler_ t1_j2ngp2c wrote

Unfortunately there is morons everywhere. There is plenty of people in Maine that fly the traitor flag, despite producing men like Thomas Chamberlain.


freshoilandstone t1_j2ncr4w wrote

Nowhere near the Grand Canyon. From Long Island likely either 80/380 or 84 to 81. Poconos, Scranton, Susquehanna County. I live in NEPA, and while it's pretty up here it's not as beautiful as most of the rest of the state.


TacoNomad t1_j2mtunu wrote

Which is funny for a group of people so opposed to identity politics.


PGHNeil t1_j2mufbb wrote

To be honest, their experience with the outside world is typically from either military service from before they were financially independent or TV dramas. For them, Myrtle Beach SC is an exotic location to vacation.


Financial_Lime_252 t1_j2natw8 wrote

There are plenty of trumpers (confederate flags too) up where OP was as well, they probably just saw fewer trump flags than around Buffalo since the overall population is way lower.


[deleted] t1_j2nfbmh wrote

They were like 2.5 hours from the PA Grand Canyon.


[deleted] t1_j2n4bnl wrote

If you love forested beauty, PA is top tier. Just as beautiful as New Hampshire. I’m not born and raised here though, but every time I drive somewhere I’m just floored at how green and pretty everything is.


GruffWaffle835 t1_j2n9b1q wrote

I'm also someone who moved to PA in adulthood and am never looking back. Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state with unparalleled scenery and cities/towns and I fall more in love with it here every year. Plus we have the longest fall foliage season of any other state!


lmcco85 t1_j2nikae wrote

What area did you move to? Husband and I are thinking of moving to PA from Hawaii. We have two kids in middle school.


MothWingAngel t1_j2nkuk3 wrote

So long as you're at least in the periphery of a major town and do a small bit of homework, most of PA is fine


lmcco85 t1_j2nohl5 wrote

We've been looking at the pocono area


MothWingAngel t1_j2np01u wrote

I'm on the other end of the state, but as I understand it, a lot of folks are moving there from NYC which may be impacting home prices and rent.


lmcco85 t1_j2nsjn1 wrote

Ah... It's been really hard to find a place that checks all the boxes. We are just so far away we can't really come check out all the spots and then decide


MothWingAngel t1_j2nzzvb wrote

Some of the smaller cities like Lancaster, Erie, etc are underrated. Maybe look around into areas like that


lmcco85 t1_j2plksk wrote

Really appreciate this, thank you!!


Slatherass t1_j2olyle wrote

There’s some very nice smaller towns right outside of Erie,Pa. You got the lake right there and a couple decent sized cities in Erie and Buffalo,NY a short drive away.


sassysmurfed t1_j2pt9wc wrote

We discovered the Poconos, and absolutely love the area. No children in school here though so so can’t speak for the education system. Beautiful year round and we get all 4 seasons


lmcco85 t1_j2puwn8 wrote

Mahalo! The Poconos really look pretty great. It's going to be quite an adjustment coming from Hawaii, but the cost of living out here is just unsustainable.


sassysmurfed t1_j2ry1dn wrote

Yeah. We visited Kauai a few years ago. It made our souls sing. Was expensive but still not much more than NYC


lmcco85 t1_j2sm8v6 wrote

Everything has basically doubled in the last 5 years. We are now paying $8 for a gallon on milk. Gas prices are low again though, back down to $4.50. My monthly 475 for HOA is going up to $500, and electrify that used to be about $300/mo is now $450


sassysmurfed t1_j2ucqrn wrote

Our annual HOA fees are $2600 now. Gas was $3.63/gal today, and my gallon of milk was $6.49 on sale


lmcco85 t1_j2ufzid wrote

That HOA fee is a lot easier to swallow. What about the electricity bills? And wifi? I know milk is a little higher in PA just because of the laws around it and the money that goes back to the farmers, I'm ok with that.


sassysmurfed t1_j2umekz wrote

14.612 cents per kwh Wi-Fi is actually not too bad. Like $125/month for a Gbps


GruffWaffle835 t1_j2npcdr wrote

I've lived in Lancaster and Philly (which is where I am currently). I adore both. Lancaster is an amazing small city (feels more like a big town) with beautiful buildings, artsy feel, unparalleled food market, and proximity to parks. I'd still be living there if there were enough job prospects for me (I do something relatively niche so don't let that deter you). That being said, I'm incredibly happy in Philly as well, and my partner and I bought a home here so we're settling in for the long haul. The greater Philly area has a lot to offer as far as variability depending on what you're looking for- you can obviously have a very urban feel if that's what you're after by living closer to center city, but there are some amazing suburbs with easy access downtown too if you want the best of both worlds. We absolutely love our neighborhood. We don't have kids yet though, so I can't give you too much advice there. Some of the public schools in Philly are top notch, and there's many charter and private options, if you prefer that and can afford it.


lmcco85 t1_j2nq48x wrote

Really appreciate this, thank you! We've been looking in the Pocono area. We haven't been to the mainland US since 2018 so thinking of leaving the islands for good has been hard


GruffWaffle835 t1_j2nuo93 wrote

I can imagine! It's obviously like comparing apples to oranges, PA to Hawaii, but the Poconos are a stunning area. A member of my extended family had a cabin there when I was a kid that we'd get to go to from time to time and those are my favorite childhood memories, running around in the forest. I haven't gone back yet as an adult so I don't know what the schools/local resources/culture is like there (though I do think it tends to lean more Republican there, if that's a pro or con for you) but it's a beautiful neck of the Pennsylvania woods.


lmcco85 t1_j2nvvaj wrote

I would really prefer to live in a left leaning area honestly, but all I have to go by is the county elections map.


GruffWaffle835 t1_j2nykbb wrote

It's worth looking into! Maybe the area is swinging more blue these days. Otherwise, if you want a left area that (I think) is close to the Poconos/wooded areas, check out Jim Thorpe (the name of a town) and thereabouts!


oldoysterhouse t1_j2pyldp wrote

Noticed all the lancaster love after posting my comment. One thing to add - lancaster city is left leaning, lancaster county is historically right.


IrisOpen t1_j2oxyzf wrote

If you can find pictures, look at some of the towns in Wyoming, Wayne and Lackawanna counties. Wyoming and Wayne are more rural. Lackawanna has “stuff” and the areas outside Scranton are pretty beautiful. I used to drive through the town of Ransom and my jaw would hit my lap in the summer. Good luck.


Golden4Pres t1_j2pcyl8 wrote

The Wyoming valley is a great place. I live there and almost all of my family does too. 20 min drive to Wilkes barre and a 35-40 min drive (depending on traffic on 81) to Scranton. Home prices aren’t too bad since the Nee Yorkers and New Jersey folk haven’t flicked here yet. About a 2 hour drive to either border


prof_cunninglinguist t1_j2njtga wrote

I actually moved to NH from SE PA in my early 20s. Every bit of free time was spent up north in the White Mountains and the Great North Woods. But eventually I really came to miss the rolling hills and friendly people of Pennsylvania.


[deleted] t1_j2oq2u6 wrote

White Mountain area is so beautiful, lucky you.


Ok_Cantaloupe6189 t1_j2n2qe6 wrote

I annually drive from Ohio to NYC and back and I totally agree. Entering Ohio from PA is a helluva harsh contrast.


downsly46 t1_j2notrt wrote

Agreed. I grew up in Ohio so I’ll always love the state but it’s mostly farmland interrupted by cities. PA’s natural forests are second to none in comparison


mexicocitibluez t1_j2n6aj5 wrote

> . It made me realize how flat and naturally boring most of NY and Southern Ontario were.

Living here and traveling this is one of the first things I'm acutely aware of. Everywhere else is just so flat. Like "you can watch your dog run away for 2 weeks" feeling.


Diarygirl t1_j2nipff wrote

I never really thought about how hilly PA is until I visited Iowa. I was blown away how I could see for miles.


Professional_Dog5574 t1_j2mtsqr wrote

Central pa born and raised and thanks. Been alot of places this my favorite as far as outdoors and nature goes.


oodja t1_j2na5jt wrote

I grew up across the river from PA but never fully appreciated how beautiful it was until we moved here. With the rolling hills, rambling brooks, and ancient cottages dotting the landscape sometimes I feel like I'm driving through the Shire.


hypotenoos t1_j2lznot wrote

Don’t worry you were in a much more deeply red place than Buffalo even if you couldn’t see the signs.


spicynuggies t1_j2mddo5 wrote

not Lackawanna County, Susquehanna on the other hand...


dr_shark t1_j2mv56u wrote

Drive through the Rockies. This shit is wack.


starstar420 t1_j2oh3ca wrote

I mean … yeah it’s not the west. Drive through New Zealand or Patagonia. The Rockies are wack


AlbrechtSchoenheiser t1_j2nlxup wrote

I agree with you, driving through Pennsylvania's mountains is very beautiful especially border to border on route 80. Having said that, I disagree with you about upstate new york. The Hudson River Valley is a very beautiful drive as are several other parts of New York with rolling Hills. I'm glad you enjoyed the drive and had a safe trip through our beautiful state.


whiskeyworshiper t1_j2p5pb3 wrote

Yeah the Adirondacks of Upstate NY are amongst the highest mountains in the Northeast. And they are actually not part of the Appalachians, but part of the Laurentians of Canada.


DisplayNo146 t1_j2n8gxx wrote

I lived in Canada and now in NE Pa Thanks for saying this as the state gets a bad rap online by those who have never lived here


Manchu4-9INF t1_j2npgf3 wrote

I grew up mostly in Lycoming county. The state is very pretty. However the weather and majority of the towns are depressing. I moved away to wa and now nc. Every time I go back to visit I hate it. I get overwhelming depression. Great place to grow up but not stay. Just my opinion.


trebordet t1_j2mzm9p wrote

If you have extra time Route 6 across the top of PA is worth the trip.


tmaenadw t1_j2njdlj wrote

I agree. I moved here from Washington state, and we have a lot of amazing scenery, but we decided to move here after dropping my daughter off for med school and seeing how pretty it was. We took a leap and retired here, enjoying it so far.


Blu_Skies_In_My_Head t1_j2mun86 wrote

And the beauty you saw is just a taste of what’s there. There’s so much more that’s off-road, hidden on the tops of mountains and within the forests.


james97go t1_j2nmzth wrote

If you ever get a chance to drive the east / west route 6 during the autumn when the fall colors abound you will experience one of the world's most beautiful drives.


heeroguy t1_j2ml6kv wrote

i am assuming you have a nice comfy suv or something if you enjoyed driving on our roads lol, the sights are great. the roads are shit


worstatit t1_j2mrdhs wrote

Glad you liked it. Like anywhere, it is what you make of it. I enjoy my visits to Ontario, too.


theyeoftheiris t1_j2mrwup wrote

If you wanna see bad roads, go to Arkansas or Louisiana. Pennsylvania roads are pretty nice in comparison


random071970 t1_j2n41e8 wrote

I go camping in Tioga every year and take US 15N to get there. Great scenic drive and I highly recommend it.


Luvs2spooge89 t1_j2nzb0u wrote

My families hunting camp is on that road. The mountains on 15 are awesome.


AFirefighter11 t1_j2nfwb2 wrote

Thanks for the kind words on our State. That part of PA is pretty nice with all the different elevation changes if you like that sort of thing (I do). I also felt the same way you did when I was driving through Quebec heading to Mont Tremblant. Really beautiful area up that way.


greenshirt21 t1_j2nshcb wrote

Northern California and Oregon and Washington is amazing. Think redwoods and rainforest


Combatvidjunkie t1_j2o536i wrote

PA roads are literally known for their poor quality asphalt. What's sorta interesting is that in some places, the asphalt has an almost off-plum coloration to it, and it kind of blends nicely with the plum colored shale on the side of mountains.


Purple-Cow1607 t1_j2ohx2i wrote

Pennsylvanis is beautiful with abundant trees The grasses from household look clean and organized. People are generally be nicer than other states. There is mountains you can hike and air is fresh.


DriveOff t1_j2oq6w8 wrote

I met my wife while happily living in another state. The first time I brought her to PA she was in awe and couldn't fathom why I would want to live anywhere else. A couple years later we moved back to PA for good. It has its issues, but it sure is pretty.


Donotaskmedontellme t1_j2mxduj wrote

Oh I know it's beautiful. Just forget to road shaking your molars out.


mason021 t1_j2n26kh wrote

Pa is incredibly beautiful, I also enjoy the northern/mid part of west Virginia going through the mountains. If you haven't gotten the chance, you owe it to yourself to check it out


Manchu4-9INF t1_j2npnjq wrote

Pa does have bad roads. However after living in a he south. I must say SC has some of the worst roads I’ve ever experienced.


DebThornberry t1_j2nu0z9 wrote

Thank you! That's so nice I'm gonna give you my home in pennsylvania and I'll take yours. See ya later yinzers...I'm outta here!


Disarray215 t1_j2o7b8k wrote

It really is. I would always drive back and forth for school and get to enjoy the fall foliage. It’s the best in like October.


vicodin_ice_cream t1_j2oj5bt wrote

Bland, run of the mill? They lied to you. That is Ohio.


Pink_Slyvie t1_j2onk9g wrote

You never know what you are getting with these posts. You took a nice route, the posts about rt15 and all the adult stores get old.


lager81 t1_j2otpyf wrote

What route did you take? Rt 80 while kinda nice to look at scenery is a miserably boring road lol


ajmkv t1_j2oyboz wrote

PA is indeed gorgeous. I have family there and was just there last week, and the winter landscapes were beautiful (before the snow melted). However, I will say that Bradford county, where I went, though mostly naturally beautiful, is kind of a depressing place. Run-down and dying towns everywhere, Trump signs all along the roads, beautiful old houses falling apart, rusting tractors and mobile homes all over the place, and fracking locations everywhere. It kinda soured the experience for me, sadly.


reganmcneal t1_j2pb13i wrote

“I could feel a real difference when I crossed the border lines”.

That’s our famous potholes lol


rogimonster t1_j2qauum wrote

I’m from pa and I appreciate the diversity of landscape and beauty but have you been to the west??


Illustrious_Air_1438 t1_j2qfon8 wrote

I agree that PA is beautiful, but NY is far from flat, and has significantly bigger mountains than PA (the Catskills and Adirondacks).

Also you need to visit the states out west. They are truly stunning.


lmcco85 t1_j2uscl0 wrote

That's almost exactly half for electricity- that makes a big difference


whomp1970 t1_j2xoxtn wrote

I'm about to drive from PA to Toronto, maybe through Buffalo, this weekend.

What route did you take that lets you avoid Buffalo? I'd like to plan an alternate if there's weather problems.


BengaliFloatzel OP t1_j2yfovm wrote

Oh you can't avoid Buffalo if you're wanting to make it through the Niagara Falls border. What I meant was during the aftermath of the blizzard with I-190 near the actual city of Buffalo being closed, we had to drive through rural Erie and surrounding counties local routes on the trip down. But since the weather isn't an issue right now you'll likely take I-380, 86, 390, and 190.

If you really are keen on avoiding it for whatever reason then you'd have to enter the border through Kingston, ON which is a 3 hour drive from Toronto instead of the usual hour and 20 from Niagara Falls as well as having to trek up the northern portion of upstate NY