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AFD_0 t1_j2lng3n wrote

> The only complaint is that the roads are a little rough but I'm completely used to it.

It is a beautiful state, but every time I'm coming home from a road trip in any direction, that's always my first thought - "How in the hell are our roads this bad compared to everyone else's?"

Whether coming from NY, OH, NJ, MD or WV, I always have the same immediate impression, which usually detracts from appreciating the otherwise beautiful scenery.

And having less political signs/flags cluttering up the landscape than Buffalo isn't exactly a compliment, but thanks? ;)


--jawnday-- t1_j2m78dv wrote

You forgot Delaware. Roads are typically the complete opposite here rather than there.


AFD_0 t1_j2mb42j wrote

I didn't forget, I've just never been to Delaware ;D


--jawnday-- t1_j2mfwg1 wrote

Everyone crowds the beaches during the summer and somehow convince themselves that hanging out at a crowded beach is a good time, so you’re not really missing out on too much :)


Luvs2spooge89 t1_j2nythj wrote

I love the MD and DE beaches.


--jawnday-- t1_j2nzpvv wrote

Too many people. Way overcrowded. Same with Jersey.

Went up to Maine and found a beach that wasn’t overcrowded and it was an amazing experience.


jralll234 t1_j2mi4um wrote

I was in Ohio a few months ago and was blown away by how much worse their roads were than ours.


nardlz t1_j2mnf1g wrote

I travel to the Midwest often and find Iowa/Indiana/Illinois to be the worst! It depends what route you take. I find central and western PA roads to be fine compared to eastern too.