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artificialavocado t1_j2mel2u wrote

We do care and we appreciate the compliment thank you. I’ve been saying for years that this state is a little bit of a hidden gem even if you aren’t the outdoors type. I grew up in the Appalachian Mountain. It’s obviously not some economic powerhouse but it’s not super poor like the rest of Appalachia.

Btw the roads thing is a common complaint almost a meme at this point.


Mor_Tearach t1_j2mk30d wrote

We have awful roads on purpose, like those rumble strips only backwards.

Keeps you awake ( KA thump ) AND playing Avoid the Pothole , both scientific methods of raising driver awareness.

That's my explanation anyway. It's better than the other one. Where tax dollars never seem to make it to infrastructure.


Proper_Distribution1 t1_j2mzgxk wrote

I remember seeing a comic that showed a neighborhood road covered in potholes, and it had an average speed of 20 mph. Then they repaved the road and the average speed went up to 40 mph. Then people complained cars were going to fast so they installed speed bumps that brought the average speed back down to 20 mph.

Better to just keep the roads at a constant level of bad but not car destroying bad and it keeps roads at safe speed.

Our roads out here by Pittsburgh are pretty bad by the hills to the east. You just get used to it lol


ell0bo t1_j2n6jiz wrote

Back in the 60s we paved a lot of roads, many of which should have been left as dirt. We've let a good few go, but still maintain more than we should. That's our problem.

Our economic centers are Philly and Pittsburgh, with some in the middle, but we spend a lot to maintain infrastructure in between.


artificialavocado t1_j2neby6 wrote

I get that at some point you have to say “is this really worth it” but that’s part of the problem. Public services shouldn’t be exclusive to whether you live somewhere that makes enough money or not. The road were supposed to be addressed years ago with such a high gasoline tax which everyone pays. They spent it on the state police instead. Almost $500 million IIRC. That’s a lot of new road.


ell0bo t1_j2neou4 wrote

Oh, well that fact that rural pa has outsourced policing to the state police, and thus their costs, is also a big problem


artificialavocado t1_j2nf996 wrote

That should be addressed a different way.


MRG_1977 t1_j2q115j wrote

County wide police force that is funded by those counties and either a severe reduction/no reliance on state police to provide routine local coverage.


artificialavocado t1_j2q4irr wrote

That’s what they were supposed to do here a few years back. I don’t follow local news all that well but they ended up just making a drug task force. Seems like too many egos got in the way.


MRG_1977 t1_j2tz04g wrote

PA is a backwards ass state in that regard. PA residents complain about high property taxes yet refuse to merge their small dinky municipalities together to consolidate them and run them more efficiently.


Dr_Noonian_Soong t1_j2n0hv6 wrote

Speaking of hidden gems, Shickshinny is a diamond waiting to be discovered. The river, all the hiking, rock climbing, and a great little brewery and no one even knows!!! Except the few who know. It could be better than Jim Thorpe


ItsAlwaysSmokyInReno t1_j2oecw0 wrote

Technically the Appalachian part of the state is just as poor as the rest of Appalachia. But the economic powerhouses in the Delaware River Valley and Ohio River Valley make it overall an economically significant state