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PGHNeil t1_j2mf5yu wrote

Yeah, the OP was barely into PA. He was up near the Grand Canyon of PA. Down near MD they are confused and identify with the Confederacy.


Ct-5736-Bladez t1_j2mrxtn wrote

There’s a house right outside the Monterey pass battlefield (the battle where union troops and the confederates had a skrirmish while the rebels retreated from Gettysburg) in blue ridge summit that flies a confederate battle flag. Ironic


PGHNeil t1_j2muxop wrote

Irony is lost on them. People these days take themselves WAY too seriously and are always worried about being laughed at, so they dial up the crazy so that other people fear them instead.


_freeheeler_ t1_j2ngp2c wrote

Unfortunately there is morons everywhere. There is plenty of people in Maine that fly the traitor flag, despite producing men like Thomas Chamberlain.


freshoilandstone t1_j2ncr4w wrote

Nowhere near the Grand Canyon. From Long Island likely either 80/380 or 84 to 81. Poconos, Scranton, Susquehanna County. I live in NEPA, and while it's pretty up here it's not as beautiful as most of the rest of the state.


TacoNomad t1_j2mtunu wrote

Which is funny for a group of people so opposed to identity politics.


PGHNeil t1_j2mufbb wrote

To be honest, their experience with the outside world is typically from either military service from before they were financially independent or TV dramas. For them, Myrtle Beach SC is an exotic location to vacation.


Financial_Lime_252 t1_j2natw8 wrote

There are plenty of trumpers (confederate flags too) up where OP was as well, they probably just saw fewer trump flags than around Buffalo since the overall population is way lower.


[deleted] t1_j2nfbmh wrote

They were like 2.5 hours from the PA Grand Canyon.