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artificialavocado t1_j2neby6 wrote

I get that at some point you have to say “is this really worth it” but that’s part of the problem. Public services shouldn’t be exclusive to whether you live somewhere that makes enough money or not. The road were supposed to be addressed years ago with such a high gasoline tax which everyone pays. They spent it on the state police instead. Almost $500 million IIRC. That’s a lot of new road.


ell0bo t1_j2neou4 wrote

Oh, well that fact that rural pa has outsourced policing to the state police, and thus their costs, is also a big problem


artificialavocado t1_j2nf996 wrote

That should be addressed a different way.


MRG_1977 t1_j2q115j wrote

County wide police force that is funded by those counties and either a severe reduction/no reliance on state police to provide routine local coverage.


artificialavocado t1_j2q4irr wrote

That’s what they were supposed to do here a few years back. I don’t follow local news all that well but they ended up just making a drug task force. Seems like too many egos got in the way.


MRG_1977 t1_j2tz04g wrote

PA is a backwards ass state in that regard. PA residents complain about high property taxes yet refuse to merge their small dinky municipalities together to consolidate them and run them more efficiently.