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GruffWaffle835 t1_j2nuo93 wrote

I can imagine! It's obviously like comparing apples to oranges, PA to Hawaii, but the Poconos are a stunning area. A member of my extended family had a cabin there when I was a kid that we'd get to go to from time to time and those are my favorite childhood memories, running around in the forest. I haven't gone back yet as an adult so I don't know what the schools/local resources/culture is like there (though I do think it tends to lean more Republican there, if that's a pro or con for you) but it's a beautiful neck of the Pennsylvania woods.


lmcco85 t1_j2nvvaj wrote

I would really prefer to live in a left leaning area honestly, but all I have to go by is the county elections map.


GruffWaffle835 t1_j2nykbb wrote

It's worth looking into! Maybe the area is swinging more blue these days. Otherwise, if you want a left area that (I think) is close to the Poconos/wooded areas, check out Jim Thorpe (the name of a town) and thereabouts!


oldoysterhouse t1_j2pyldp wrote

Noticed all the lancaster love after posting my comment. One thing to add - lancaster city is left leaning, lancaster county is historically right.