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Proper_Distribution1 t1_j2n38na wrote

Consider McKeesport. Look at Upper 10th ward or Christy Park. House prices are way below what the rest of the country are at but are moving upwards. There’s plenty of houses that are 4 bedrooms you can snag for $100-150k. Upper 10th ward is considered a hidden secret to McKeesport, there’s hardly any traffic, because it’s on a hill, no violence. Port vue is also nice, it’s a bordering township also on the hill, but it’s on the other side of the river so it’s also very safe.


marysuewashere t1_j2q2h96 wrote

Lifelong resident of Clairton and Elizabeth here, I won't even drive through McKeesport at night. My brother is in Christy Park and the houses are falling apart. I cannot agree with you less.