Submitted by Yinzerman1992 t3_1028aaq in Pennsylvania

Over the past couple of the years I have simply stopped using the Turnpike system. That includes the extra toll roads like the Mon-Fayette Expressway, in addition to the Mainline turnpike. At first I didn't want to pay the tolls out of principal over the rising costs but then I discovered that I love driving through the Keystone state.

I have started using a combination of existing U.S. Highways like Route 22, Route 30. and smaller state roads, that meander through the mountains and small towns that dot the land.

I have driven alongside the Juniata River, seen the summit of the laurel mountains, stopped at picnic spots in Buchannan Forest. Gone antiquing at more towns then I can count.

None of this would have been possible If I was zooming along at 70MPH on the Turnpike.

I know its not feasible for everyone, nor does everyone want to be stuck at a traffic light in the middle of some town in some county they have never heard of, but I love it and I plan accordingly and I don't see myself ever driving on the Turnpike again.



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hypotenoos t1_j2rohp3 wrote

70…those are rookie numbers


BartlettMagic t1_j2rsb1v wrote

yeah i mean if my car isn't rattling on the verge of disintegration, what's the point


Kabloosh75 t1_j2s5bjj wrote

The last car I owned that struggled going over 70 mph was a 1991 Dodge Spirit. A true shit box of a car. My lawnmower is probably more powerful than that thing these days.

Any car made in the past 20 years can easily manage 80-100 mph. If it doesn't you or the previous owner have done a terrible job maintaining it.

That Dodge spirit on the other hand could only do 75 mph if it was going down hill and struggled to maintain 70 mph up hill.


hypotenoos t1_j2s5ohf wrote

I had a 90 Spirit with a factory CD player as a college car. Thing was sweet.


BartlettMagic t1_j2s6i23 wrote

>If it doesn't you or the previous owner have done a terrible job maintaining it.

or maybe i made a facetious comment that wasn't intended to be overthought or taken seriously


TiberiusCornelius t1_j2s9v69 wrote

The second car I owned was a 92 Ford Escort. The speedometer topped out at 85, and when you got to 70 you could feel the thing trying to rattle itself apart from under you. Going uphill? Forget it.


Iheartpoopjokes t1_j2tpzyy wrote

I had a '91 Escort, it was my first car. As i remember, everything on that car either fell off or came loose before I hit 100k miles. Also wrapped the 85mph speedo back to zero many times!


Aes_Should_Die t1_j2sl1f5 wrote

My 87 Isuzu Trooper could barely go over 65 without of feeling like it was gonna fall apart under me. And I used to have to drive it up and down I-99 from Bedford to Altoona daily (till it did essentially fall apart under me)


NoWarButMyWar t1_j2v3sdn wrote

I had a 94 with the 6 cylinder, it definitely had no problem going 70mph and out accelerated most of the little honda rice rockets of those days.


nardlz t1_j2sjgth wrote

The rattling is from the potholes and constant construction


BartlettMagic t1_j2sjxrj wrote

well that and the rusted out suspension from all of the road salt over the years


MaverickTopGun t1_j2rwkyl wrote

>70…those are rookie numbers

Yeah he must be on one of those 55mph stretches


hypotenoos t1_j2rwwdx wrote

I recently took the turnpike from Pittsburgh to Lancaster and there were a couple stretches where nearly everyone was going 85-100.

I’m a bit of a speeder myself, but once you tick over 90 it’s a different level.


Modestkilla t1_j2sr90p wrote

Depends on what kind of vehicle you are in . We use to have a rav4 and it didn’t feel very stable above 85. I’ve allegedly had all our current vehicles over 110 and they are super stable.


hypotenoos t1_j2ssa0s wrote

Oh I’m not worried about myself. I’ll gladly go fast. I get worried about people driving beyond their skills or cutting in and out around much slower moving cars.

…and the big bump in fines. PSP doesn’t bat an eye for 80 in a 70- even 85 doesn’t always get a response- but I think 90+ is close to a sure thing.


rhiannon1001 t1_j2tf7db wrote

That’s just another day on the Northeast Extension, especially once you hit the 3-lane section.


eaglewatch1945 t1_j2sycg9 wrote

I've never not been victim of neck and neck tractor trailers unable to pass each other below the speed limit.


IamSauerKraut t1_j2tb1d0 wrote

TT's drag racing uphill at 45 in the 70 zone is just about the worst. I-81 down around Roanoke is where I see this crap most often (despite signs that instruct TT's to stay in the right lane if going under 70).


Elouiseotter t1_j2rvtus wrote

I drove up to Maine from Pittsburgh on the “avoid highways” setting October 2021 and it was amazing. So many cool little towns. Definitely recommend trying this is you’re not in a rush.


IamSauerKraut t1_j2tafau wrote

Musta taken a few days to do that.


Elouiseotter t1_j2tc0mg wrote

Yes. I think it was about an 11 hour drive to Saratoga Springs on the first day. The second day was about a 7/ 8 hour drive with a detour through White Mountains in New Hampshire. Absolutely stunning fall foliage. I’m from Maine originally and make the drive up a couple of times a year, so it was very nice to take a detour for this trip.


danstecz t1_j2ti1gi wrote

Saratoga is absolutely one of my favorite little cities ever! I would love to do an avoid highways trip from Philly to Lake Placid but I know my other half would murder me an hour in.


Elouiseotter t1_j2tlz8z wrote

Saratoga is so cute. I’d love to go back and spend more time then a quick overnight stopover. Maybe you can compromise and do half the trip off highways. So much to see.


IamSauerKraut t1_j2teaor wrote



Elouiseotter t1_j2tguq7 wrote

No I went north of Mt. Washington. Here is a link to the route.


IamSauerKraut t1_j2wxa08 wrote

Have been on parts of that route. When I come out of NY, I often like to hit up the Rev War battlefields at Crown Point and Ticonderoga before catching Rt. 4 before Killington. A bit bouncy at points, tho.


Agent-Quinn t1_j2rpkuw wrote

Agreed. Boycott Turnpike until its made affordable.


courageous_liquid t1_j2s2hph wrote

...oh boy, wait till you learn how unaffordable the giant network of roads in PennDOT ROW are.

Roads are expensive as fuck but nobody knows/cares because it comes out of the gas tax.


Lawyerdogg t1_j2upbg7 wrote

It's all these welfare queens living out in the middle of nowhere. Us upstanding metropolitans have to foot the bill for all the 4 wheel drive dickheads who live on a 5 mile road with one house.

Roads aren't that expensive. The guys that bid on the work inflate their price by like 300%. They use shit quality materials and stretch everything out as much as they can. Then you have tolls, obviously not going towards roads or bridges. Taxes, wars for oil, emminent domain and subsidies all go towards keeping wages down, healthcare high and unions obsolete. There's just no more money after that to fix the roads.


courageous_liquid t1_j2urevb wrote

Just some very minor disagreements -

>They use shit quality materials and stretch everything out as much as they can.

Partially true, the aggregate mix is typically specced out in the RFP and can't really be deviated from but the contractor will do everything they can to bend on that.

>Then you have tolls, obviously not going towards roads or bridges.

Again, partially true, turnpike tolls go to a lot of things that aren't roads or bridges (ITS projects, SEPTA until the lawsuit) but the turnpike on average does a pretty decent job at road maintenance.

>It's all these welfare queens living out in the middle of nowhere. Us upstanding metropolitans have to foot the bill for all the 4 wheel drive dickheads who live on a 5 mile road with one house.

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not but unironically yes, a thousand times yes. AADT of like 35 and gets repaved every 4 years vs. 100k AADTs that are basically pothole centrals. Unreal.


MRG_1977 t1_j2uysm0 wrote

PA Turnpike is the most expensive single toll road (not crossing a bridge) in the world end to end and yes it is poorly paved compared to other toll roads in the Midwest and Northeast.

Portions of 95 that are tolled around NYC are in worse shape as well as several toll roads around Chicago. Not many others though.


NEBook_Worm t1_j3cuzmw wrote

Because the state extorts money from the turnpike and gives it to PENNDOT.


NEBook_Worm t1_j3cuulz wrote

Yeah, totally no one on welfare in the cities. Sure buddy.

In reality, it's the city transit systems taking money from PENNDOT and the state extorting the turnpike to get it back.


Lawyerdogg t1_j3ddzu2 wrote

No, it's mostly republican rednecks using up all the taxes and encouraging people to be morons. Stupid people like to pay taxes.


NEBook_Worm t1_j3ecjqj wrote

Yeah, big cities totally don't have huge welfare districts.



TheUltimateSalesman t1_j2s0fk0 wrote

Why don't they just raise the taxes/tolls on trucks, or better yet, trucks whose destination isn't PA.


Agent-Quinn t1_j2s0udc wrote

That would target large businesses, corporations and the wealthy whom are sending these trucks around Better have a regressive tax on the working class. Remember these large trucks and trailers destroy roads quickly due to weight. They should be paying 90% of the operational costs.


TheUltimateSalesman t1_j2s2q08 wrote

>Remember these large trucks and trailers destroy roads quickly due to weight



Finrodsrod t1_j2sg3dc wrote

> That would target large businesses, corporations and the wealthy whom are sending these trucks

Can't have that! I am a temporarily embarrassed millionaire. How dare you suggest my future taxes to go up!?


IamSauerKraut t1_j2tbbgd wrote

Why? Beccause of a law passed by the legis which requires to PTC to do things in a certain way, including handing large chunks of the proceeds of tolls to PA north of I-80 for road projects.


NEBook_Worm t1_j3cv6cl wrote


No one talks about the state extorting the turnpike commission.


jralll234 t1_j2sbjjn wrote

How would you implement taxing vehicles that aren’t destined for PA?


31spiders t1_j2sodl1 wrote

Semi’s you mean? Their log book has destinations for all deliveries.


jralll234 t1_j2suoad wrote

So you’re going to demand to see every log book? I don’t know seems cumbersome as hell. Plus the feds aren’t going to like that for vehicles traveling on federally funded interstates, and someone could make constitutional arguments against it as well.


31spiders t1_j2sw50i wrote

Well they’re also going to file the toll roads on their taxes. You COULD just inspect the ones getting off certain exits that are expected to be interstate travel 1st, last and whatever is closest to MD/DE. There’s multiple avenues to this, don’t act like it’s impossible.


jralll234 t1_j2t6zb8 wrote

I’m pretty sure the constitution guarantees interstate travel, so it would get shot-down on that, but also, if PA were to start this, surrounding states would do the same as retribution. It’s a horrible idea.


whomp1970 t1_j2xn396 wrote

> So you’re going to demand to see every log book?

This already happens with fuel taxes, and has been this way for 20+ years.

If you buy 200 gallons in New York, and drive all the way to, say, Illinois, the fuel tax is divvied up between all the states you pass through.



WikiSummarizerBot t1_j2xn513 wrote

International Fuel Tax Agreement

>The International Fuel Tax Agreement (or IFTA) is an agreement between the lower 48 states of the United States and the Canadian provinces, to simplify the reporting of fuel use by motor carriers that operate in more than one jurisdiction. Alaska, Hawaii, and the Canadian territories are not required to participate, however all of Canada and Alaska do. An operating carrier with IFTA receives an IFTA license and two decals for each qualifying vehicle it operates. The carrier files a quarterly fuel tax report.

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IamSauerKraut t1_j2tbhus wrote

Cripes... they cant even keep the weight stations open on a regular basis. And TT's go by them without stopping all the time.


31spiders t1_j2tq8k9 wrote

I have one by my house that ALWAYS has a state patrolman stationed at (it’s not a weight station it’s a grade warning/runaway truck ramp deal but required to stop and they enforce that). Weigh stations might be different idk believe me though if Pennsylvania taxes it….they WILL get that money.


IamSauerKraut t1_j2wv6se wrote

Based on what I saw during a recent road trip, PSP needs to do more enforcement as to TT's.


NEBook_Worm t1_j3cv2ok wrote

Sure, let's pass more costs on to consumers. They can afford it.


TheUltimateSalesman t1_j3cx5tt wrote

So you think it makes more sense to make non-commercial users of the turnpike pay? And not the trucks that cause the roadway to fall apart?


NEBook_Worm t1_j3czd71 wrote

It makes sense to stop the state extorting money from the turnpike commission. Then take away the tolls completely, because the damn road is finished.


[deleted] t1_j2s8f14 wrote

It never will be. The maintenance costs are massive, it's been plagued by induced demand from the start, and the most frequent travelers will keep using it because time is money for truckers and business travelers.


Modestkilla t1_j2srygl wrote

I might, it is up to $12.60 a day for me to get to work and back. It’s not like I’m driving into freaking New York City, it’s really insane.


NEBook_Worm t1_j3cunge wrote

Blame the state for extorting money from the turnpike.


Dispatcher12 t1_j2rposi wrote

Come on up to Route 6 in better weather! We've got a lumber museum!


tactical_turtlenex t1_j2rzojr wrote

I go camping in Potter county once a year and have still never been to the Lumber Museum lol. I finally just made the trip over to Kinzua bridge while I was up there back in November.


cowboyjosh2010 t1_j2y7a7y wrote

What I wish Route 6 would get is a DC Fast charging station (preferably Electrify America) somewhere around Coudersport, or at least somewhere along the Coudersport to Mansfield stretch. I'm sure it'd be a loss leader for EA if they ever put one in, but it'd be nice to have. Even a cheaper 65 kW system from Chargepoint would be great to have up along there. To the best of my knowledge (and though I love the area, I don't live up there, so I could be out of the loop on this), there is no DC station anywhere along that route. The closest you get is an EA in the Wal Mart parking lot just outside of St Marys. That's not nothing, but it's hardly convenient to Route 6.


tempestveil t1_j2rvoi7 wrote

when our family goes to the beach, we all love taking 422 east to i99 south down to 220south from western pa. So much more Pennsylvania majesty to see that way and, me personally, likes to spend his would-be toll money on a nice lunch for everyone during the trip there any day.


ryeley323 t1_j2rlp83 wrote

Rt 30 is a great road to bypass the TP.


TacoNomad t1_j2rwczd wrote

Unless you want to get somewhere quickly. I don't mind taking 30 sometimes. But when I'm traveling a distance, in rush hour times, taking 30 can add a lot of drive time.


christok21 t1_j2ry3h6 wrote

My dream has always been to take Route 30 across the country. It’s starts/ends in my home state of New Jersey and meanders across the country to Washington. (If my memory serves) we used to take it from jersey to York, pa to see cousins.


TransporterOffline t1_j2sjk3q wrote

I started this trip a couple years ago with my RV and didn't make it very far. Once you get into the western half of Ohio, the route is ROUGH. I had to weigh whether I could risk damage from all the potholes, shit paving jobs, and above-grade railroad crossings. At that point I just switched to the Interstate. I would highly recommend it though with an ordinary passenger vehicle. I will give it another attempt with just the truck some time in the next year or two.


TacoNomad t1_j2s119o wrote

Yep. I also dream of that as maybe a retirement trip. I'm in York, 30 is a staple of my travels east and west. And often more convenient than turnpike. But for longer trips, turnpike beats it for convenience.


forsbergisgod t1_j2skisx wrote

To get to Harrisburg from Philly i take 76>202>30>10>340>283


The 10>340 shortcut will get you around most of the stoplights you'd otherwise get on 30. Nice shoulder lane for buggies on that road too


Cactusfroge t1_j2srea0 wrote

I commute from Lancaster to outside of Philly for work, and the route you described (although I get off 30 to PA-23) is somehow only 10 mins longer than the turnpike, yet feels like I've added an hour to my drive.


MRG_1977 t1_j2uziz5 wrote

Yea except in bad weather especially sleet/snow. Turnpike is generally better plowed and will have at least one lane that isn’t in terrible condition.

It also has a ton of traffic in and around Lancaster it didn’t have even 15-20 years ago as the suburbs/over 55 communities continue to sprout up in Lancaster County.


cawkstrangla t1_j2s1dpa wrote

When I went to college in Bethlehem, the drive from home in Pittsburgh cost $12 each way on the turnpike. By the time I was finished with college it was $20. I would pay $12 to save the 30-45 min. At $20 I stopped using it. It wasn’t worth it and with the amount of cops on the road, it is even less worth it.

The Turnpike might be sort of worth it at today’s price if you could go 90-100 mph legally. Otherwise, I will spend the extra 30-45 minutes to visit my friends in Eastern PA and NJ by driving through Maryland and save myself over $100 on my trip in unnecessary costs.


Sybertron t1_j2s3vi8 wrote

the little jaunt up 322 up to State College and back down 99 is so damn pretty and avoids tolls.


the_dorf t1_j2ubmox wrote

Is the stretch between PA 144 and Boalsburg finished yet? That's what is holding me back to/from Pittsburgh.


cowboyjosh2010 t1_j2y6ot0 wrote

I'm not sure when you last drove on that stretch, but I have taken it a few times in the past couple of years and it does seem to be finished. Especially the bit at the PA 144 end.


the_dorf t1_j34h45z wrote

Went to State College for a marathon in 2015, so I haven't been on US 322 past Duncannon since then. I knew the PA 144 interchange was going to snarl traffic, but glad its done now. I believe the rest of US 322 between PA 144 and Boalsburg was going to be 4-lane, instead the rolly 3-lane (center lane) road.


ddauenbaugh t1_j2roq32 wrote

Love this! Make road trips great again! 😝


Numerous_Pie t1_j2s770k wrote

Agreed! I attempted this on a recent trip from Pittsburgh to Gettysburg, however, half way through the trip in sleet and snow, I switched back to the Turnpike because the secondary roads were getting dicey. Earlier this year, going to Harrisburg I stumbled across that weird Statue of Liberty in the middle of a river.


31spiders t1_j2sq0ox wrote

Right outside Duncannon! I’m near PSU and MUST pass it on the way to Harrisburg area. We look for it every single time. It was originally a prank, got damaged beyond repair and they removed it. People went CRAZY about it being missing…..they made a new one to put up lol. That’s how we roll here.


Extreme_Qwerty t1_j2sj7qp wrote

"I have started using a combination of existing U.S. Highways like Route 22, Route 30. and smaller state roads, that meander through the mountains and small towns that dot the land."

It's not the win you think it is.

This is why I have to move. I live 500 feet from US 22, which was widened from 2 lanes to 4 about a decade ago, and as more and more motorists and tractor-trailer drivers avoid the Turnpike, the increased traffic and much higher levels of pollution where I live is literally making me sick.


justuravgjoe762 t1_j2rr605 wrote

Just try not to hit the hay wagon as I sneak across 22 when you pass through. Other than that enjoy your time on the back roads exploring life off the expressway.


GamblerShinobi t1_j2s3ctn wrote

As a driving instructor and a guy who used to deliver medical supplies around western Pennsylvania, I have to agree with OP. PA is fun to explore. Love stopping in little cafes in small cities and towns. And looking at the parks and rivers.

Only thing I hated was getting tailgated by semis in the right lane. Happened a lot more than I imagined it would.


skippermarie86 t1_j2snpye wrote

I love this post. I avoid the highways at all cost mostly because I have an anxiety disorder and it's 10 times worse when driving on highways. So I choose more enjoyable and pretty roads to get places. Sometimes it makes the trip longer but the payoff of not having anxiety and road rage is worth it.


runner_4_runner t1_j2rtdba wrote

Always travel this way when time permits ! It's the best way to see the country and how the people live.


gerzzy t1_j2rxalk wrote

I’d like to not use the turnpike but it would take me 2-3 times longer to get to and from work. I’d kill for a parallel public transportation option.


Slagothor t1_j2ry6a9 wrote

If you’re ever passing around state college not on the turnpike, make sure to hit up Tait Farms! One of my favorite places to stop on that route


InevitablePersimmon6 t1_j2sdp1m wrote

I love just driving the back roads. I’ll take the turnpike if I need to be somewhere quickly, but otherwise it’s nice just to see how beautiful our state is. Especially driving through the Laurel Mountains or through the small towns over on the east side of the state.


TwitterTapeParade t1_j2sjhaf wrote

Not a fan of the turnpike...I would rather take the back roads.


BoopBoop20 t1_j2ru3qx wrote

I said this to my wife the other day; you notice so much more when you slow down. People on the turnpike only see sound barriers and headlights. It’s a terrible way to start and end your day. Take the extra 10 mins and drive on backroads and enjoy the life surrounding you. There’s so much more to see.


TheUltimateSalesman t1_j2s0b87 wrote

Sometimes I use waze and turn off toll roads, when I'm not in a rush. It's nice on a sunny day.


minionoperation t1_j2s2y6m wrote

Ive done the same, but don’t drive that often. So it’s nice when I need to, I avoid the turnpike and see places instead.


introspeck t1_j2s4e79 wrote

Glad to see you out there! My friends and I have toured PA on our motorcycles for decades. We've mostly been on the 3-digit state roads, where the fun and beauty are. 30 and 6 are OK in some places but traffic hell in others.


just_start_doing_it t1_j2s6e2x wrote

What are your top 3 must see for people who have lived in PA all their life?


31spiders t1_j2spg2u wrote

Ever take 11/15 to NY? The Tioga Reservoir is off to the left and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I know people kayak/fish on it but the shade of blue is just amazing enough for me. Plus it’s all mountains up there.


[deleted] t1_j2t4s7j wrote

Acid mine drainage is beautiful isn’t it.


IamSauerKraut t1_j2tcal2 wrote

The drainage I sometimes deal with is a rusty color, not blue.


IamSauerKraut t1_j2wzdao wrote

Yeah, see, when the water sits as it does at that dam, other chemical reactions come into play. But as noted, in the upper parts, the water tends to be orange due to the acid dissolving iron compounds in the rocks. That color is present in many small streams in the Skook area, mitigated in one place along the Rausch Creek by limestone cairns. Maybe your local Trout Unlimited org can install a few of those along the waterways to mitigate the AMD.


[deleted] t1_j2x2cjh wrote

It’s still caused by acid mine drainage. It’s not like the tooth fairly goes down there and changes the water pretty colors. The water is blue long before it enters the impoundment as clean feeder streams enter. The same thing happens to beech creek in Clinton and Centre county.


mrgreenjeans25 t1_j2sap98 wrote

The cost aline is prohibitive. 22. 322, 522, 30 are all mire enjoyable anyway, PA has some very beautiful and scenic drives


passthegrass4201 t1_j2sfhj5 wrote

Same here. The last time I drove from the Harrisburg exit to the Butler valley exit it cost $52 dollars one way. So $104 total for the trip. That was the last time I used the turn pike. Seeing as how they plan to continue increasing the cost through 2035, I will continue to not use the turn pike.


jodwilso t1_j2sfmp0 wrote

Hey what % time does this add to your trips, would you guess? Would love to try it.


Finrodsrod t1_j2sfv3z wrote

Isn't this the theme of the Pixar movie "Cars" lol?


Mijbr090490 t1_j2siejj wrote

Unless I'm on a mission somewhere and need to be there ASAP, I try not to hit the highways. We've seen so many places in PA and other states that way. You get a skewed perception of a place when all you see is crusty truck stops and warehouses.


copnonymous t1_j2tf930 wrote

Pennsylvania route 6 up north is always a great cruise. Also the road from Dubois up through Elk county towards Renovo is simply beautiful as well.


Impressive_Bus11 t1_j2to6bl wrote

I stopped using the turnpike at the start of the pandemic when they implemented the "new" job killing technology that saves the commonwealth potentially millions in labour costs by automating the entire process, and then charged MORE if you don't have an EZ pass because of "increased processing costs" of a fully automated system that eliminated thousands of decent paying jobs.

Instead of getting rid of the antiquated, unnecessary EZ pass.

I'll use the toll road again when they tell me which officials have money invested in the company that makes the EZ pass transponders.

The state ha so far dodged 2 FOIA requests regarding the turnpike, each claiming the other department is responsible for responding to the request. If any lawyers wanna sue the state for answers, hit me up.

I'd love for them to provide evidence that this automatic system costs them more than thousands of workings manually taking toll payments.


kittenmittons3 t1_j2uro60 wrote

I’m about to drive out to Utah tomorrow and it’s only like 30 more mins to avoid the $28 of tolls in the turnpike. Funny thing is there’s literally no more tolls once you get past PA


TransporterOffline t1_j2sj5e5 wrote

I know different people have different definitions, but this is my method of "slow travel". I love taking the state/US highways like this. As long as I'm not in a hurry, I do stay in these little towns overnight, visit sights, and exit through the gift shop. 30 and 22 are the only two I've really done this with in PA, but this spring I plan to visit as much of the northern and half and north-central of the state as I can. I'm glad you enjoyed it and shared your experience.


yo2sense t1_j2sk35r wrote

Finding new places is great but I just avoid the Penna Turnpike because it's not worth the prices. When coming back to Pittsburgh from Ohio I've learned to get off the Ohio Turnpike at I-80E then run 11S to the Ohio River at East Liverpool. It's only half an hour on Route 30 before it merges with 22 and you are back on the freeway.

Leaving the state for Ohio I do take the turnpike because it's free from I-79 to the state line. Westbound only. I don't remember what the price is eastbound but I do remember it was more than I wanted to pay. Maybe $12 by now?


Aes_Should_Die t1_j2skqni wrote

Get your kicks on Route 66. I mean Route 30 aka Lincoln Highway.


011011010110110 t1_j2sl5e6 wrote

as someone whose hometown is graced by a constant background drone from the Turnpike, this is a movement i can get behind


Purple-Cow1607 t1_j2slolx wrote

You can find good scenery on the road especially with green grasses.


size_queen10 t1_j2slxlq wrote

I drive everyday from Exton to the Main Line. But I refuse to use 76. The backroads are so much better. And it gives me time alone.


BurghPuppies t1_j2so7lu wrote

I’ve taken Rt 30 from Pittsburgh to Philly or at least Lancaster a couple times. It adds at least an hour, but is much more interesting if you’re not in a hurry. Plus the gas & food options are better & cheaper.


uraniumstingray t1_j2sobi8 wrote

When I went to Bloomsburg, I started out using the TP but I hated it. So I went to using back roads and it was such a lovely drive. I miss it.


31spiders t1_j2sqwus wrote

Similar, I avoid the turnpike just cause it’s expensive. I try to take highways that don’t make me pay.


thisoldbroad t1_j2t723l wrote

Route 30 made a lovely day trip for us. Very scenic.


musicbean t1_j2tb1jj wrote

i did a similar thing last year going up to Lake George, NY. We could’ve been there in 3 hours, but took the towns and backroads making the trip a little closer to 5 but we had the time to kill before the festival we were going to, a whole day before it, so why not take the long drive right? so many cool things to see, town names to laugh at or admire. turnpike is boring, makes the trip dull imo. also highly recommend Lake George


OneHumanPeOple t1_j2tf94c wrote

Driving Rt. 30 ya say? Careful driving through West Whiteland. Probably about 90% of their budget is traffic stops and court fees. Failed to stop for 3 seconds at that stop sign? “That’s an automatic 3 points on your license. By the way this is a drug free school zone that I forced you to be pulled over in and I noticed you have medicated chap stick in your cup holder. If you cooperate with me, I can make this easy on you mmmmkay?”


ho_merjpimpson t1_j2tgb2g wrote

similar sentiment....

covid had us going to/from our cabin a lot more. there is only so many times you can do the same 4 hour drive over the course of a few months till you start switching it up. adding 30 minutes makes the drive seem so much quicker because you are seeing something different.


big-D-ronnie t1_j2tnner wrote

Different but similar is to drive route 6 instead of 80 if heading east/west

611/209 if heading north on Eastern part of state

And 15 is gorgeous north and south in the middle(ish) part of the state.


brokehandy00 t1_j2uhjtb wrote

Ah, The Lincoln Highway. I've marked a few bars along that route that I'd like to stop at sometime. Just recently took 522 coming down from Buffalo and I rode the mountains like waves. A 4 mile push uphill and then you get to the top and you can just coast down. What a relaxing way to drive, ya know?


IrrumaboMalum t1_j2uu173 wrote

I had to drive from Pittsburgh to Scranton many times for work (including a couple months where the bean counters in my company figured it was cheaper to make us drive to Scranton on Monday, work Tuesday through Thursday and drive back to Pittsburgh on Friday and pay us for all five days instead of paying for the hotel and per diem over the weekend). I-80 straight across the state was a pretty nice drive, no complaints there.


MRG_1977 t1_j2uyans wrote

True in any state but especially on the PA Turnpike. It’s just a very highly priced and poorly paid toll road that is often congested.


Sourmouse419 t1_j2v1r2k wrote

Stopped taking the turnpike years ago. We just plan on the extra time. Pa is so amazing!!!


whyverne1 t1_j2rv6yn wrote

Not only that but Google maps seems to work for the turnpike. One has to check the directions to find out that you are paying tolls just to save a few minutes.


tactical_turtlenex t1_j2s081t wrote

There's a setting under "Route Options" that says "No Toll Roads" to skip all the turnpikes. I usually have that box checked when I'm driving anywhere in PA or Jersey.


Pseudo_Idol t1_j2s4smd wrote

When navigating in Google Maps, there is an icon that is displayed if you are on a route that has tolls. You can swipe up to go into the Settings and select "Avoid Tolls" and your route will be updated to avoid toll roads. If you use Google Assistant, you can say "OK, Google. Avoid Tolls" or "OK, Google. Allow Tolls" when navigating and it will update your route accordingly.


Eyelidmoviesxxx t1_j2s4u6u wrote

Sometimes it’s nice not to dodge an insane amount of potholes that are on every road except the turnpike


BorisTheMansplainer t1_j2s7vwg wrote

I always do this on my motorcycle. The turnpike sucks on two wheels. Traffic is crazy bad in the eastern half of the state, though.


DonBoy30 t1_j2sl3i1 wrote

I drive locally in central/eastern PA as a truck driver. My coworkers hate it, but I get excited when I have to go to a receiver where I don’t have to be on the interstate for the majority of it. I love the back highways and trucker friendly roads in the mountains, unless it’s snowy of course.


Wuz314159 t1_j2t4px3 wrote

It's illegal for me to use any highway... Could have told you that.


OIK2 t1_j2uv0fv wrote

The only time it is worth using the Turnpike is when you are crossing the entire state.


Zepplitty t1_j2wn8wp wrote

This is my absolute favorite way to travel. I have three little ones now, so extra time in the car isn’t really an option all the time. I do miss it though. So many cool little sights.


pinkpolo t1_j325s22 wrote

I love doing this when I'm not in a rush. It may end up costing more for gas, but its really worth the more pleasant and scenic drive.


ashleyfoju t1_j38gocg wrote

It cost me over 90 dollars to drive from Harrisburg area to Pittsburgh both ways. I almost cried when I got the bill lol, never again. I’d rather take a horse and buggy. See ya in a few days! ✌🏻


eross7777777 t1_j3tb7j6 wrote

Is this safe for black people or a greenbook fir this? Unfortunately I’ve gotten off the turnpike a few times and the local authorities made it seem like it was mistake.