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Kabloosh75 t1_j2s5bjj wrote

The last car I owned that struggled going over 70 mph was a 1991 Dodge Spirit. A true shit box of a car. My lawnmower is probably more powerful than that thing these days.

Any car made in the past 20 years can easily manage 80-100 mph. If it doesn't you or the previous owner have done a terrible job maintaining it.

That Dodge spirit on the other hand could only do 75 mph if it was going down hill and struggled to maintain 70 mph up hill.


hypotenoos t1_j2s5ohf wrote

I had a 90 Spirit with a factory CD player as a college car. Thing was sweet.


BartlettMagic t1_j2s6i23 wrote

>If it doesn't you or the previous owner have done a terrible job maintaining it.

or maybe i made a facetious comment that wasn't intended to be overthought or taken seriously


TiberiusCornelius t1_j2s9v69 wrote

The second car I owned was a 92 Ford Escort. The speedometer topped out at 85, and when you got to 70 you could feel the thing trying to rattle itself apart from under you. Going uphill? Forget it.


Iheartpoopjokes t1_j2tpzyy wrote

I had a '91 Escort, it was my first car. As i remember, everything on that car either fell off or came loose before I hit 100k miles. Also wrapped the 85mph speedo back to zero many times!


Aes_Should_Die t1_j2sl1f5 wrote

My 87 Isuzu Trooper could barely go over 65 without of feeling like it was gonna fall apart under me. And I used to have to drive it up and down I-99 from Bedford to Altoona daily (till it did essentially fall apart under me)


NoWarButMyWar t1_j2v3sdn wrote

I had a 94 with the 6 cylinder, it definitely had no problem going 70mph and out accelerated most of the little honda rice rockets of those days.