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discogeek t1_j2tv2fo wrote

Honestly, it's a fascinating topic and I'm happy to answer any questions you'd have - Wikipedia has some basic info. I've debated doing a YouTube channel with stuff like this for years too but I'm no good at video editing.

The paper compared the 1934 / 1964 / 1994 elections and analyzed them as realignment years. (My conclusion was these were massive "wave" elections like 2010 and 2018 but realignments are generational and not able to pinpoint to one specific event.)

I'm happy to discuss the academics behind it with you or anyone interested. Don't ask me to dig up the old statistical regressions or plot charts though, I'd have to go to the attic to find the original paper.


ryeley323 t1_j2txahw wrote

Awesome. I'm greatly appreciative. Just a FYI I'm not anti democrat or pro Republican. I just absolutely hate political posts on this sub.


underwear11 t1_j2u2pit wrote

Ignoring the politics is exactly how bad things happen.


ryeley323 t1_j2u49b2 wrote


Problem solved.


underwear11 t1_j2u73p7 wrote

I'll expand my statement. Ignoring basic rights violations because you don't like "politics" is how bad things happen.


ryeley323 t1_j2u7z1n wrote

Who's rights are being violated? Never said I don't like politics. Just feel there's a better place to discuss them than this sub. Such as...... You guessed it. r/pennsylvaniapolitics


underwear11 t1_j2u84b6 wrote

Is the ability to vote for your representatives not a right?


ryeley323 t1_j2u90xs wrote

Umm. Yea. Are we on the same page?


underwear11 t1_j2ua74l wrote

Great! We're on the same page so far. Would you say that obstructing the ability to vote or perform an election would be a violation to that right?


ryeley323 t1_j2ub802 wrote

Listen, if you're telling me that someone thats registered, has a valid ID and a polling place is somehow being prevented from voting. I'm not hearing it.


underwear11 t1_j2ujm8r wrote

Worse! They are actively trying to stall the entire election so they maintain majority.


discogeek t1_j2u5mgt wrote

No worries at all. I don't hide it, I'm a Democrat and very politically active. Husband is a big MAGA Trump Republican, so I don't put political positions and good social interaction on the same side of the equation.


ryeley323 t1_j2u76v6 wrote

That's awesome especially in today's world. I'm personally an independent that leans conservative but will always give a hand to those in need. We're all human and having different opinions makes us who we are. The world would be boring if we all had the same views. My apologies if I came off hostel earlier. I am just a big teddy bear in real life.


discogeek t1_j2u8nme wrote

It's Reddit and easy to feel like you're going overboard sometimes. I'm sure if I ever had the privilege of meeting you and yours in person I'd be buying the first round of beers.

Bet you and the husband would have a long discussion about hunting.


ryeley323 t1_j2u9mb5 wrote

First, it would be my privilege. Second I'm sure we could play paper, rock scissor to see who buys the first round.