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ryeley323 t1_j2u76v6 wrote

That's awesome especially in today's world. I'm personally an independent that leans conservative but will always give a hand to those in need. We're all human and having different opinions makes us who we are. The world would be boring if we all had the same views. My apologies if I came off hostel earlier. I am just a big teddy bear in real life.


discogeek t1_j2u8nme wrote

It's Reddit and easy to feel like you're going overboard sometimes. I'm sure if I ever had the privilege of meeting you and yours in person I'd be buying the first round of beers.

Bet you and the husband would have a long discussion about hunting.


ryeley323 t1_j2u9mb5 wrote

First, it would be my privilege. Second I'm sure we could play paper, rock scissor to see who buys the first round.