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bushwhack227 t1_j2tscaq wrote

Why stop at drunk driving? How about anyone found liable in a car accident that leads to death of a parent? Maybe it will convince people to finally put their phones down when they're behind the wheel


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bushwhack227 t1_j2u6r8a wrote

Study after study has shown that distracted driving is tantamount to driving while impaired. Just because public perception hasn't caught on to that doesn't mean the legal system can't


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Joe_Jeep t1_j2uctf5 wrote

Well it leads to them very often


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bushwhack227 t1_j2uhch8 wrote

There are crashes where neither driver is at fault. A collision caused by a distracted driver is not one of them


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FawltyPython t1_j2udc3a wrote

Or how about corporations or government agencies whose policies result in deaths?


UnableAudience7332 t1_j2u44e7 wrote

And why just deaths from driving? What about straight-up murder of a parent?


gslavik t1_j2v125d wrote

The issue is that straight up murder (actual intent) comes with a lengthy prison term and a poor employment prospects.

And on the more macabre side, this could lead to people killing children along with parents just to escape the child support.


demonicego93 t1_j2vcwy3 wrote

Ah yes. All the ramifications of murdering someone with my car didn't matter before but now that there's a slim chance I'll have to pay child support I guess I better put my phone down.


bushwhack227 t1_j2wkk6p wrote

The issue is that all too often, there are no consequences at all for distracted driving, even when it results in a fatal accident. This used to be the case with DUIs as well until the legal system started testing it like the serious crime it is


demonicego93 t1_j2wxepa wrote

Totally true. It's just also true that this form of justice doesn't work and government needs to be taking a preventative approach ie. regulating industry/creating safer roads rather than a reactive approach. One approach only hurts the average person, the other hurts power and big money.