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ThatWasTheJawn t1_j2zf98e wrote

“If I take one more step, I’ll be the farthest away from home I’ve ever been”


Dispatcher12 t1_j2zmrhi wrote

Funny, when I saw this my first thought was "The fires have been lit! Gondor calls for aid!"


breadwardthehiker t1_j2zgjmc wrote

That's an awesome photo. Bet it was a cool experience. I love me some cold foggy hikes.


effulgentelephant t1_j2zsi1i wrote

I grew up like 45 minutes from here and have never been. Putting it on the itinerary if I make it home this summer.


webauteur t1_j31vz50 wrote

I go there at least twice a year. Once in summer and once in the fall for the foliage. It can be very crowded during the peak of fall foliage. There will often be some mist in the gorge in the mornings.


PrizeTime2595 t1_j30mtev wrote

I love my home state so much. Grew up maybe an hour from here, been there quite abit. Its just as gorgeous every time.


SgtBaxter t1_j31kda5 wrote

I love the PA canyon. I bike tour it regularly, from Jersey Shore up to Wellsboro and camp halfway in between.

Then I'll ride up to the overlook, which is quite a haul on a loaded touring bike. Take one of the twisty service roads back down into the canyon and enjoy the waterfalls along the way.

The best part is the serenity. Cell phone stops working about 10 mi in.


NotNowDamo t1_j2zgohc wrote

The fog certainly makes the mountains of Northern PA almost magical.


BugMan717 t1_j2zlyes wrote

Which vista is this?


justuravgjoe762 t1_j2zxf0p wrote

Colton Point


AnalogWalkman t1_j31nnm5 wrote

The cross country team would do time trials up that at the beginning of the season. Start near the Burnin’ Barrel, end near the parking lot next to the coin-op viewers at the peak about 4.5 miles up. It was always a rough run, but I miss those days and my old teammates.


sutisuc t1_j2zrp3w wrote

Beautiful photo


Aircooled2088 t1_j3181rw wrote

The nefarious mist settles upon the innocence of the mountain range…..


MasterManufacturer72 t1_j31atlq wrote

I moved to lock haven last year (about an hour south of there) and ive never looked back i love it out here.


thisoldbroad t1_j2zugr4 wrote

Gorgeous. The green really pops against the mist.


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_j30dpi3 wrote

Absolutely stunning! Almost like a painting


Key_Text_169 t1_j30p8jp wrote

Tioga County “God’s Country”


AnalogWalkman t1_j31nrrg wrote

I believe that is Potter County’s tagline.


[deleted] t1_j31s7qu wrote

It is, but God only visits here on holiday weekends and opening days of deer and trout season, like the rest of the downstaters.


worstatit t1_j31q1kl wrote

The mountain and river fog was quite cool yesterday. Nice shot.


Espejo1753 t1_j31rwph wrote

Stunning... Great shot!


qtownbullitt t1_j33bvom wrote

If you take the Bohen Trail from Blackwell to West Rim it has some very cool features, and you get to a lookout sort of like this that overlooks the Piney and Blackwell from above. It was washed out in the beginning a few years back, not sure if they repaired it or not yet. But, with a little effort you can make the beginning of it then continue, not for the timid though. nice waterfalls along the way also. Pine Creek Outfitters has some books, maps and info on alot of the trails in the area.