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SuggestAPhotoProject t1_j6ox8re wrote

Why do these assholes keep harassing teenagers? Just leave them the fuck alone and let them live their lives.


realhighstonerguy t1_j6p8278 wrote

These folk are completely incapable of accepting the fact that LGBT kids exist. They believe it's a choice, that kids are "turned" into it. Despite the fact that even straight people do not choose their attraction, they refuse to accept this for people who aren't straight.

These folk are dangerous right wing extremist who live in a completed twisted, delusional reality from our own. We need to start pushing back on these folk at every opportunity.


yeags86 t1_j6p4iw5 wrote

Besides feelings of bigots, who did this hurt?


Dredly t1_j6pellu wrote

It made Jesus cry... can't have Jesus crying now can we!


Asleep_Heron2179 t1_j6oyrqa wrote

Those that holler the loudest usually are themselves.