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bluestaples t1_j3ni7f6 wrote

I mean.... that's pretty close for a cartoon


Tyrone-Rugen t1_j3njp2k wrote

Especially compared to the rest of the map


brashendeavors t1_j3oto00 wrote

Poor NWPA :(


Blexcr0id t1_j3qkzit wrote

Lake Eerie got mad and ate everything until it hit Brookville.


godofleet t1_j3rer6c wrote

lol for real, Erie, PA seeing the impacts of climate change


DirtWizardDisciples t1_j3nj0e2 wrote

Dude, Annapolis is on the wrong side of the Chesapeake.


malkith313 t1_j3njouf wrote

iirc the song wakko also says MD has wonderful clam chowder

cause MD is known for its clams....


BeefGriller t1_j3n7s23 wrote

Not only the location of the capital, but the shape of the state!


malogan82 t1_j3nkl97 wrote

Oh my goodness, are we... penetrating New Jersey?


BeefGriller t1_j3nkrid wrote

Or is Jersey pinching our rear end?


TiberiusCornelius t1_j3z3fe0 wrote

Jersey stole Easton and we retaliated by annexing Trenton which is why their capital has relocated to Freehold. Jersey got the better end of the deal on that one tbh


xlosx t1_j3nez10 wrote

Lake Erie a thiccc boy in that map! And NJ looks like it’s chomping down on us. What a disgrace to PA lol


Feisty-Fish t1_j3npjob wrote

Who cares about Erie anyway?


BeefGriller t1_j3nqnvh wrote

Not Animaniacs, that’s for sure! Flooded it out with its eponymous Lake!


DanEricsson t1_j3nc7ib wrote

Imagine taking the time to get Maryland’s shape right, then just absolutely biffing it on PA and Jersey.


ianmunroe OP t1_j3nf744 wrote

Though Maryland is looking dummy thicc around Delaware


DanEricsson t1_j3nh8z8 wrote

I don’t think it’s that far off. The border pretty much bisects the peninsula. There is the annexation of that weird part of Virginia though.


[deleted] t1_j3pq30x wrote

VA is really off though, and that is not where Richmond is. Also, WTF is up with SC?

As for PA, I’m cool if they want to move the capitol to Philly! 😁


CharacterBrief9121 t1_j3nry76 wrote

There’s a bit more wrong about pa than Harrisburg, what happened to the whole northwest


Wuz314159 t1_j3prrcx wrote

>There’s a bit more wrong about pa than Harrisburg

so meta.


tempmike t1_j3sakx7 wrote

we just annexed half of ohio, nw pa is still there


luneTNS t1_j3nbbr7 wrote

New Jersey. The Seahorse of the United States


gggg500 t1_j3nji8q wrote

Looks more like where Reading is.


cbm984 t1_j3p7a7d wrote

I was gonna say, if they were aiming for Philly they got that wrong too.


No-Setting9690 t1_j3nwbzm wrote

Thats what you see? Not the big ass great lake beach??


Allemaengel t1_j3na69b wrote

Delaware's gonna be mad about their arc getting ripped off.


valregin t1_j3qma48 wrote

I mean, that’s the only worthwhile part, above the canal


Yarden_M3Z t1_j3pdqvy wrote

Dawg, they blew up everything in a 100 mile radius of Erie and Harrisburg is what your worried about?


silvera4quattro t1_j3n9jhz wrote

TIL Jamestown, NY is same longitude as Mansfield and Williamsport. Also Erie is now so close to Michigan!


Steelplate7 t1_j3ogtu0 wrote

It is a cartoon with cartoon state borders….meh


Luvs2spooge89 t1_j3oggz6 wrote

They probably were thinking the capital of PA was Philadelphia, and not Harrisburg.


A_Fartful_Dodger t1_j3omnsi wrote

They got the location of Harrisburg better than they got the shape of the whole state.


Asmul921 t1_j3p80eo wrote

Harrisburg got off easy compared to Erie.


TacoNomad t1_j3peuqd wrote

This is the second animaniacs reference I've seen on reddit today in completely unrelated subs.


Consistent-Car-285 t1_j3qox56 wrote

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Indianapolis, Indiana

And Columbus is the capital of Ohio

There's Montgomery, Alabama, south of Helena, Montana

Then there's Denver, Colorado, under Boise, Idaho

Texas has Austin, then we go north

To Massachusetts, Boston, and Albany, New York

Tallahassee, Florida, and Washington, D.C.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Nashville, Tennessee

Elvis used to hang out there a lot, ya know

Trenton's in New Jersey north of Jefferson, Missouri

You got Richmond in Virginia, South Dakota has Pierre

Harrisburg's in Pennsylvania and Augusta's up in Maine

And here is Providence, Rhode Island, next to Dover, Delaware

Concord, New Hampshire, just a quick jaunt

To Montpelier, which is up in Vermont

Hartford's in Connecticut, so pretty in the fall

And Kansas has Topeka, Minnesota has St. Paul

Juneau's in Alaska and there's Lincoln in Nebraska

And it's Raleigh out in North Carolina and then

There's Madison, Wisconsin and Olympia in Washington

Phoenix, Arizona, and Lansing, Michigan

Here's Honolulu, Hawaii's a joy

Jackson, Mississippi, and Springfield, Illinois

South Carolina with Columbia down the way

And Annapolis in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay

They have wonderful clam chowder

Cheyenne is in Wyomin' and perhaps you make your home in

Salt Lake City out in Utah, where the Buffalo roam

Atlanta's down in Georgia, and there's Bismarck, North Dakota

And you can live in Frankfort in your old Kentucky home

Salem in Oregon, from there we join

Little Rock in Arkansas, Iowa's got Des Moines

Sacramento, California, Oklahoma, and its city

Charleston, West Virginia, and Nevada, Carson City


Ghstfce t1_j3qresr wrote

I'm less worried about the location of the position they placed Harrisburg and more worried about the shape of Pennsylvania. No NW chimney? The east side is also two points. My county doesn't jut into NJ that much


dc912 t1_j3r43ay wrote

The entire shape of Pennsylvania and other states is wrong, but you’re focusing on the fact that the star is in the wrong place?


ianmunroe OP t1_j3r48x8 wrote

I can deal with the shape cause animation be like. But the location of the capital? C’mon. At least recognize that Harrisburg is in pennsyltucky.


Grumpicake t1_j3nhmbz wrote

Everyone forgets about us :(


Powah2018 t1_j3o43n6 wrote

They also seem to think Annapolis is in Kent County


Treestyles t1_j3ozg02 wrote

Surprising, they nailed the shape of NJ


AtBat3 t1_j3p7web wrote

I used to frantically point this out to my parents every time this came on and they definitely didn’t care but dammit I was on it


Radient-Astronaut779 t1_j3pd82l wrote

Most non-pennsylvanians think Philly is the capital anyways so 🤷‍♀️


TeeKrauty t1_j3r3vmj wrote

They got the shape of New Jersey wrong too 😂 its generally right…thats good enough


smitty981 t1_j3rfss3 wrote

great, now the song is in my head.. must think of something else.. now Yakkos World is in my head


OneHumanPeOple t1_j3s0ysy wrote

It’s East of the mountains so there is that.


ttv_chuck52007 t1_j3s4xws wrote

That location looks more like Philadelphia.


Wuz314159 t1_j3prl70 wrote

They NAILED Erie though.


Cuzzy158 t1_j3qhaaj wrote

Jesus man your life is a lie your lied to and poisoned daily by your government who is keeping you trapped in a system of slavery who the fuck cares cuz animaniacs got it wrong