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Mijbr090490 t1_j60yuzy wrote

Wellsboro PA. Could probably find a cabin or something on the outskirts of town. Some good restaurants in town. Pa Grand Canyon is nearby also. We stayed at the Wellsboro Garden Cottages years ago and got one with the hot tub. It was pretty dated and rustic though. Cheap and clean.


pinkpolo t1_j61km4e wrote

Love Wellsboro! Been there several times.


moravian t1_j60y3i9 wrote


AddendumOutrageous t1_j61d6lk wrote

Yeah I live a town over from JT and it’s crawling with leafers every weekend 😂


tophercer t1_j625jug wrote

Yeah, there's a couple of cozy bed & breakfasts there too


observant302 t1_j61aw0b wrote

Chalk Hill. Near Pittsburgh.

Falling water (frank Lloyd wright design) is nearby, and the summit inn is pretty nice.


trguiff t1_j612men wrote

Cabins at Cooks Forest or Erie


k2j2 t1_j6185lr wrote

Spent an anniversary at Gateway Lodge in the Cook Forest- was so nice!


huweetay t1_j61jmxe wrote

Pricey but hershey hotel


rosesforthemonsters t1_j61ddzu wrote

The Penn Stroud Hotel in East Stroudsburg is a beautiful, recently renovated hotel. It's a nice small town, with eateries and shops within walking distance of the hotel. They do live shows at the Sherman Theater in that area -- you could check out their website to see if they have anything going on that you might be interested in.


through_the_keyhole t1_j63vnta wrote

Just a slight correction...the Penn Stroud is in Stroudsburg. Nicer than East Stroudsburg for the most part and more stores/restaurants/bars to enjoy.


Dispatcher12 t1_j610t75 wrote

Seconding Wellsboro. The Garden Cottages are closed but we do have this place , which is beautiful.


Vince_pgh t1_j61idjk wrote

You could try the summit inn near Jumonville/Uniontown. I always drive by it and imagine how awesome a weekend there would be.


mcvoid1 t1_j61w474 wrote

For our anniversary my wife and I rented a cabin by Ohiopyle and it was great.


Status_Set_9594 t1_j61rc16 wrote

The City Hall Grand Hotel in Williamsport is so cool. It's the old city hall building that was converted into a hotel. It's a beautiful old building right downtown so you can walk to every restaurant. There is a great coffee shop nextdoor. Some suites have great claw foot jacuzzi tubs. My wife spent a night there for a little getaway anniversary and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. But everyone here has been suggesting great places. Wellsboro, Eagles Mere, the Poconos. These are all wonderful places to spend a weekend.


1989throwa t1_j61t2m0 wrote

The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle

Kane, PA is a cute town

There are cool places around State College with a lot of places to stay for (relatively) reasonable pricing

Ohiopyle is great

Ligonier, PA

Erie, if you can stand the cold, is pretty

Carlisle, PA is also cute


30686 t1_j63pf5o wrote

Sounds like an old school, luxurious hotel might fit the bill. Depending on where you are, Hotel Bethlehem, the William Penn in Pittsburgh, Seven Springs (a full blown resort), Hotel Hershey, the Rittenhouse in Philadelphia.


No_Long_8250 t1_j63sghg wrote

Poconos are always a good option…. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Strasburg and the Red Caboose motel in Ranks. Went there for my honeymoon in the 90’s converted rail cars turned into motel rooms , most don’t have tv or phone… next to the Casey Jones restaurant and right in the middle of Amish country… shopping at outlets and local Amish shops, good food and scenery, quiet and romantic!💜 Also…. Inn of the Dove is always an option🤷🏻‍♀️☺️


ConsistentTime3053 t1_j669eed wrote

Hershey PA....need not be the Hotel. Lots of other nice places; Lancaster area, Gettysburg, Pittsburgh is an easy city to navigate, Peddlers Village/Newtown area


chb66 t1_j623cqc wrote

The Hygrade Inn in Emporium...Charming little B&B with a good winery down the block. Not too many options in terms of food (a neighborhood pizza place that is pretty good and a Sheetz), but otherwise it's a lovely getaway (also FWIW the Inn is kid-free).


justmyusername47 t1_j656uhq wrote

There are a lot of nice B&Bs in Lancaster. You can sight see, do a brewery tour or just chill out in a cozy cabin.


Free-Cherry-4254 t1_j68zuyd wrote

Inn and Spa at Intercourse is a great little place. Highly recommend


pleecl t1_j6m78ik wrote

Lititz PA


TCyClone61 t1_j61ulu8 wrote

Cove Haven near lake walenpalpak


ZaftigFeline t1_j63c03n wrote

Probably sold out but in the future check out the Grand Estonian Estates in Easton or Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster. And Jim Thorpe is pretty much always good.

Grand Estonian is a huge condo / hotel and they have some really great rooms. We rented one of the suites once - 2 bed rooms, jacuzzi plus glassed in shower, multiple bathrooms, living room, dining room, full kitchen. They even have one that has a balcony looking over the river. There's a bunch of great restaurants in the area - Stoke Pizza, plus the "farmers market" type place with a ton of restaurants in it plus things like bakeries, chocolate shops etc. Think mini Reading Terminal Market or Lancaster Market.

Kitchen Kettle Village is exactly as you'd expect - but they have gorgeous rooms and suites tucked in and above the shops. We stayed one weeked in a room over some shops, you'd use a special key to go in a side door off a walkway then take a private elevator up to your room. The windows overlooked the road and you could hear buggies at night. They also have regular hotel rooms, full suites etc. The cottage offers rooms with patio space outside, others have gazebos.

No hotel suggestion for Jim Thorpe. I've stayed in town at Airbnb's and outside town and chain hotels but there are lovely BnB's and hotels in the historic section, some haunted.


k2j2 t1_j6189i1 wrote

Easton MD is a cute, colonial town with cozy vibes, good restaurants and an excellent wine/scotch bar.


BrowniesAndMilk1 t1_j62j253 wrote

Just get a nice stained bed. Nothing better than being on a bed that you know has seen alot of action. Makes it feel like they are with you. Try it. Be it. Love it.