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EasilyLuredWithCandy t1_j42ggq5 wrote

Good. We need to help these people. These laws don't stop abortions. They stop safe abortions. The rich will always have access to safe abortions.


minecraft_lover_18 t1_j44mpr8 wrote

“Good” would be these people having access to abortion care in their own states but I agree with your overall point!


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_j41z9oo wrote

“The data shows ... that about 8,500 additional patients from out-of-state will be coming to Pennsylvania [in 2023], and so that’s what we are anticipating,” said Planned Parenthood Keystone CEO Melissa Reed. “But I mean, frankly, we shouldn’t have to worry about that. People should not have to be banned from seeking access to vital health care in their own states.”


CltAltAcctDel t1_j44dox0 wrote

But those are projections and not actual numbers. The only actual number quoted was 195


minecraft_lover_18 t1_j44oswk wrote

195 is the number of abortions performed for people traveling from out of state since July. 8,500 is the projection of abortion related visits in 2023 based on them having 4,300 actual abortion related visits since July. Abortion related visits counts things like virtual health visits where a patient receives abortion counseling from a Pennsylvania doctor because the doctors in their states legally are not allowed to give them any counseling/recommendations whatsoever.

Of course the number of abortion procedures performed on out of state patients is much lower, which is also compounded by the fact that even though Pennsylvania has better abortion access than a lot of its neighboring states to the west and south, PA still has draconian abortion laws like the doctor being required to read you some long winded bullshit from the state that discourages you having an abortion, and a required 24 hour waiting period between the visit and the procedure (a lot of people can’t afford to take the time off). States to the east of us don’t have these restrictions so a lot of people who have the means to travel are able to go the extra mile to avoid all that.


persechino218 t1_j45ewks wrote

Maybe they should go the extra mile to be a responsible human being by choosing life?


Nyurena t1_j45s25e wrote

Your fucking people actively degrade the quality of life in any society you infect, but nag to bring more people into it. Less and less are buying your bad faith tactics.


Benanov t1_j48qkls wrote

Fewer and fewer. People are countable.


persechino218 t1_j468ypi wrote

As enticing as it sounds to argue back and forth regarding the sanctity of life with you, I believe you will only bring forth vitriolic emotion as already stated by your choice of language. Please, start your day off right by thanking your mother for her choice in you.


Nyurena t1_j46pxnl wrote

If your people also supported sex education, wasn't attacking ALL birth control, on top of attacking school lunches, making up crt bullshit to ban all manner of books, and siding with theocratic fascist, then people might even believe you're pro life and not just pro fetus. You gqp voters unasked yourselves years ago and deserve to be powerless at minimum.


steelceasar t1_j46zjah wrote

>vitriolic emotion

Says the person with the opinion unsupported by any modern science or medical knowledge.


chiupacabra t1_j462rms wrote

It's only an extra millimeter to advocate respect and dignity for all humans and their choices.


SamShephardsMustache t1_j420muq wrote

I'll happily help an out of stater go camping.


_jeremybearimy_ t1_j42budf wrote

/r/auntienetwork, can help people through that community.


EasilyLuredWithCandy t1_j42gufb wrote

Looking into it now, thanks.


dellie44 t1_j46zivu wrote

If being an auntie doesn’t work for you, donate to your local abortion fund:


EasilyLuredWithCandy t1_j470oo4 wrote

I donate every time I see the protestors. My plan is to be an auntie soon, but if I'm ever asked for help, I won't hesitate.


dellie44 t1_j4710fq wrote

Oh awesome! I’ve been an auntie since summer and have helped three women so far. It’s very rewarding!

Edit: To our downvoters: Go ahead, let’s debate. Tell me I’m a shitty person, don’t hide behind your screen.


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_j43jaxh wrote

And soon, an influx of gynecologists who do not want to be harassed by misogynist cretins.


postsgiven t1_j44l14w wrote

This feels a bit like the underground railroad of our time. Giving safe passage to people that need abortions.. also no I'm not relating slaves to abortion but the way that it is hidden from the government and stuff kinda feels like that. Having to go across state lines secretly to get an abortion and all that.. i hate that we have to do that. USA is going towards a 3rd world country.


artful_todger_502 t1_j43qgba wrote

Good idea for a B&B ... House them in a nice place, get them to their appointments, and then, back to the airport.


ShatterZero t1_j44zoaa wrote

Pennsylvania, particularly Philadelphia, has always had poverty tourism because we are better at providing for those of us with little than our neighbors. The poor come to live with us because we treat them better than their homes do.

It makes me proud that Pennsylvania cares about her citizens and that the citizens of other states can come to us in their times of trouble.

We can do better, and their states should sure as hell do better, but you fight with what you've got on hand.


DoulUnleashed t1_j44y3t6 wrote

anyone aware of any way of supporting those organizations? Monetary assistance aside?


ShatterZero t1_j4504cv wrote

Counter protesting and pro-abortion canvassing when the time comes for it.

Right wingers have a long history of attacking, harassing, and bombing clinics: because they feel safe and supported while doing so. Not to mention straight up murdering abortion docs. Making sure people know when it happens -and that it is unacceptable and barbaric- and supporting/creating local groups to prevent it is integral.


discogeek t1_j46bzrn wrote

Be the vocal yet not-obnoxious friend / aunt / uncle / neighbor that reminds your network of contacts this is the case. 99% of them won't care or think you're a little obsessed and nuts, they'll never come to PA for an abortion. That one 16 year old desperate for help and no support network for this will appreciate remembering you saying something.

Do what you can when asked to help "go camping" as well. A huge number of women getting abortions are desperate, mentally fatigued, emotionally spent. We owe it to them as equal members of society to do what we can to help.

Remember the resources available through Planned Parenthood and other organizations. When you help someone "go camping" remember there are networks out there that will do the lifting with appointments, travel and hotel if you're not able.

Donate when you have the means. Support politically when you feel that's all you have - it's a huge benefit too. Tell your elected officials this is your red line, and bring swarms of like-minded supporters to the meetings too, to make it impossible for the official to say "oh it's just one person" (even though the most zealous will stay in their bubble and ignore reality).