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Dredly t1_j6eq7dy wrote

so you want it to be cheaper, despite the vast majority being privately owned and setting their own prices, (which are typically way above what the gov't would pay)


Accessible but nobody wants to do the job for the same reason nobody wants to be a teacher (but for less money, more stress, less time off, limited benefits, and worse parents),

and you want it to be better quality, which means higher standards, which means more costs, which means less places offering the service


I'm curious how much do you believe 8+ hours of child care per day should cost?


my wife was a preschool teacher at 3 different locations, nanny, and public school teacher and we looked into opening our own. We absolutely need to address this issue, I'm just really curious what the solution is other then "Make it better, free, and everywhere"


Existing-Papaya-8643 OP t1_j6esdzq wrote

I want to make sure these questions are in good faith, and respond to the ones that are. Are you interested in organizing with others for, yes, affordable, accessible, and quality care? If so, you have the information you need from my original post and other answers.

I’m a full time working parent with limited time. I’m organizing in some of my spare time with hundreds of other people. I think childcare should be free to all. We pay taxes, significant taxes, and I’d like to see those taxes work for us.

Cheers! Hope to see you in an organizing call. It takes vision and optimism to work towards something new— come aboard if that’s you.


Dredly t1_j6et0iv wrote

they are in good faith as I've witnessed the industry first hand, we also got out of the industry specifically because the parents (almost always mothers) were terrible to deal with because they wanted exactly what you are demanding without any idea or plan or knowledge on how anything works.


Good luck, the industry needs to evolve, I look forward to your solutions!