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-js23 t1_j6eur5e wrote

IKR, all the poor should die in a ditch from treatable diseases if they can’t pay, no free lunches in the gReAtIsT cOuNtRy iN tEh wOrlD!

Obvious /s


obsolete-man t1_j6f87zp wrote

You're putting words in my mouth.


-js23 t1_j6fcrco wrote

Am I though? If it isn’t “society’s responsibility” to provide assistance, then what else is going to happen?

Besides, what I said is based in reality, Americans are literally dying RIGHT NOW because they can’t afford to go to the doctor because of the mind numbingly stupid joke that is our healthcare system is.


obsolete-man t1_j6i4esa wrote

I would hardly put universal daycare in the same category as universal healthcare, which is something that I do support.