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WhiskeyandScars t1_j6ex7pe wrote

No. I've seen horrible parents at all income levels. Though at both ends of the income spectrum you start to see a parental disconnect. With both extremes parents are prioritizing something over the kids, where quality time is concerned. Lower income parents miss out from necessity to work multiple jobs to pay bills. The higher income families often went away and the kids had babysitters or they were also tied up in work because they value work more.

This is just my personal opinion and feeling from working in early childhood education.


drxdrg08 t1_j6f2kie wrote

> I've seen horrible parents at all income levels.

Equally distributed?


WhiskeyandScars t1_j6f8wxx wrote

I can't really say from a day care employee point of view. My experiences employed by a daycare were limited to one center in a predominately low income area. I covered at a center in a higher income area, but was not there long enough to get a feel for the families.

As an aside, I moonlight as a face painter. From working birthday parties and community events, yes, horrible parents are pretty equally distributed.

TBH, I see more honest family interaction when I'm face painting than I did as a daycare employee.

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