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jshaf007 t1_j6gpzlx wrote

I still have no idea why there isn’t an option for that. The facility and staff are already there, even noneducational daycare would be fairly easy to implement, and be worth the money


Fragrant-Round-9853 t1_j6hb36k wrote

Expect teachers to leave in droves. Summer break is our one perk.


jshaf007 t1_j6i9mnv wrote

yeah, but most teachers have to work a second summer job anyway till they get to the higher end of the pay scale.


pm_your_masterpiece t1_j6i3kc5 wrote

the horror of having to work an all year like the rest of us


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j6i7dhv wrote

Teachers get paid garbage in this state and have to put up with the worst people constantly yelling at them.


spaideyv t1_j6i6awg wrote

Do you think teaching is the only seasonal job? Construction, landscaping, pool stores, etc just don't exist to you??


Zenith2017 t1_j6i56y2 wrote

Did you miss the "one perk" part? It's not like your ass is paying out of pocket to provide supplies to other people's kids


Kidgen t1_j6ieylb wrote

More like the horror of having to raise 30 of someone else's children year round. As someone who would love to teach, but also does not want children of my own, I can see why this would be terrible.


RememberCitadel t1_j6gvtmu wrote

Vastly depends on the school, many do offer some extended year programs for students that need it.

From a more practical perspective it is because teachers contracts specify they get that time off, and because the summer is used for the majority of school renovations, upgrades, and repair.

The last one is a big thing, majority of non emergency projects cannot be done when students are in the building bothe because it distracts students and becuase it may be dangerous. For instance taking the school's power offline to replace a transformer or water offline to replace pipes.

Every summer schools absolutely cram everything they can into those months to get the building ready to go for the next year.