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pm_your_masterpiece t1_j6i3kc5 wrote

the horror of having to work an all year like the rest of us


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j6i7dhv wrote

Teachers get paid garbage in this state and have to put up with the worst people constantly yelling at them.


spaideyv t1_j6i6awg wrote

Do you think teaching is the only seasonal job? Construction, landscaping, pool stores, etc just don't exist to you??


Zenith2017 t1_j6i56y2 wrote

Did you miss the "one perk" part? It's not like your ass is paying out of pocket to provide supplies to other people's kids


Kidgen t1_j6ieylb wrote

More like the horror of having to raise 30 of someone else's children year round. As someone who would love to teach, but also does not want children of my own, I can see why this would be terrible.