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Mago_Barcas t1_j47ezft wrote

Not only is it fucked up but it’s also very strange because legally this is considered destruction of property. US law views pets as objects with dollar values like a car or chair… which I know is also fucked up.

The thing is the pictures appears to be pure breed which is typically atleast 1000$$. If it has a documented lineage could easily be more then quadruple that.

If a hunter shot my tire they’d be expect to pay for replacement. If it was on purpose they could also be punished in a secondary fashion. Based on the article it looks like certain legal avenues were not considered… The only action here appears to be reaching out to the licensing authority to prevent them from hunting. The owner could still file a police report and pursue damages in small claims court. I’m not sure if the fact that the dog is adopted will impact how the court values the dog… As cases I’ve seen look at both replacement value(potential 1-5k) and last sale value(adoption… could be less then $100)


annoyed_w_the_world t1_j48vz3f wrote

If lurking on the legal advice subreddit has taught me anything, suing for the value of a dog isn't worth the court costs. From what I understand, dogs are valued similarly to cars in that their value goes down as they age. Dog was 2k as a puppy and lives 10 years on average? You'd be lucky to get $200 for an 8 year old dog


Minimum-Cheetah t1_j490l8q wrote

FYI lawyers don’t go on there. The advice is terrible


Krystian3 t1_j49ocu0 wrote

Hahaha. I can't imagine a lawyer coming home from work and wanting to give free legal advice on reddit. My wife doesn't even like doing that for friends because she says that to answer a question completely you almost always end up having to do a bunch of research on one thing or another.


Diarygirl t1_j4buidg wrote

I've learned from r/BestOfLegalAdvice that the advice givers are mostly cops.


Minimum-Cheetah t1_j4chhxf wrote

That is my impression of looking at that sub.


Diarygirl t1_j4ci56q wrote

I've seen advice like "If the police want to speak to you, they probably already have evidence against you and you should talk to them to clear everything up, easy peasy."