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poopshipdestroyer34 t1_j61tz66 wrote

Please plant more oaks!!! We need to find natural resistance!!! Let seedlings grow on your property. This is a keystone species. Please please pleaseeee plant an oak if you can!!


GoodKingMomo t1_j6256q1 wrote

Love your local Blue Jays. They spread more acorns than any other species.


IamSauerKraut t1_j61k8fh wrote

2 years ago, my back yard had a dozen chestnut oaks that were over 80' tall. Today, every one of them are dead. Fungus rot.


negativewishingwell t1_j61tr51 wrote

My next door neighbor and I both had to have dead oaks cut down in front of our houses in the last year. I’m looking to replace with a DED resistant elm cultivar.


Ihaveaboot t1_j626hlz wrote

There's been so much news about EAB (estimated 6 billion dead Ashes in NA), I didn't even realize there was an Oak problem.

Guess I know what I'll be planting seedlings of to replace the fallen ashes on the open parts of my property.


Strongbow85 OP t1_j627hk7 wrote

You can get Northern Red Oak seedlings for cheap from the PA Game Commission (25 for $12.50). I just checked their index, most species are already sold out, but not Northern Red Oak. They have Sawtooth Oak too, but that's non-native/invasive, they shouldn't even be selling it. I wish more people would only purchase/plant PA natives.


Ihaveaboot t1_j62h6xm wrote

I've noticed conifer saplings have taken over here and are growing like weeds (at least for the past 2 springs). Hemlock, spruce and fir.

Not so much for hardwoods.


Strongbow85 OP t1_j62lwse wrote

It's good that hemlocks are growing, they're being hit hard by the Hemlock woolly adelgid.


meinkreuz89 t1_j636lcz wrote

I live in the Northern Poconos on the Wayne/Pike border and live against the Delaware State Forest. I have cut a lot of trees down in my yard and seen a lot that have died or have fallen behind the house on my walk to the tree stand and have noticed a steady decline of the Oaks, but of only one species. All the ones that had died and had to be cut down were White Oaks. Red Oaks are hardy trees and seem to be doing fine. Just my observation


dj_swearengen t1_j64vdbh wrote

I’ve had two large white oaks die quickly in the last two years. I’m in S. Chester County. I also had a full herd of deer on my property this morning. I wonder if they were eating any oak sprouts?


Allemaengel t1_j66n8j9 wrote

I live in the Poconos but work in Bucks County and red oaks are dying in the Lehigh Valley and Philly metro areas in addition to white and chestnut oaks.

I think that the higher elevations and generally cooler, somewhat less humid climate is delaying red oak decline in the Poconos but who knows for how much longer.


Key_Text_169 t1_j62mr61 wrote

Sad sad sad. Humans suck. I used to live on a street called Oak Ave, I think there is only 2 left.


[deleted] t1_j63uu3n wrote

Species don’t last forever. That’s why there are so many different ones.