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Ihaveaboot t1_j626hlz wrote

There's been so much news about EAB (estimated 6 billion dead Ashes in NA), I didn't even realize there was an Oak problem.

Guess I know what I'll be planting seedlings of to replace the fallen ashes on the open parts of my property.


Strongbow85 OP t1_j627hk7 wrote

You can get Northern Red Oak seedlings for cheap from the PA Game Commission (25 for $12.50). I just checked their index, most species are already sold out, but not Northern Red Oak. They have Sawtooth Oak too, but that's non-native/invasive, they shouldn't even be selling it. I wish more people would only purchase/plant PA natives.


Ihaveaboot t1_j62h6xm wrote

I've noticed conifer saplings have taken over here and are growing like weeds (at least for the past 2 springs). Hemlock, spruce and fir.

Not so much for hardwoods.


Strongbow85 OP t1_j62lwse wrote

It's good that hemlocks are growing, they're being hit hard by the Hemlock woolly adelgid.