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shillyshally t1_j4hbrez wrote

"The state party is conducting research and paying a big D.C. firm to help gather insights"

LOL. Here, I'll tell you for free. One candidate was an obvious extremist with no appeal to the middle grounders and the other candidate was an asshole who didn't live here and everyone knew he didn't live here. Not only did he not live here, he lived in fucking New Jersey!


HighEntropy420 t1_j4hey3y wrote

“We want the God’s honest truth.” Maybe try looking inward first. Cant believe they chose to run those candidates and are surprised they didn't win.


shillyshally t1_j4hf5fk wrote

Same here. If they don't know what went wrong, there is no hope for the PA Republican party and I find that gratifying.


HighEntropy420 t1_j4hfdbp wrote

Honestly, Im afraid for the entire Republican party.


kdeltar t1_j4hlzsc wrote



HighEntropy420 t1_j4hwvij wrote

This type of behavior benefits no one. They need to move on, try better next time.


SuperUltraHyperMega t1_j4jh8dh wrote

This is all they have. Republican politics only benefit the wealthy and those well off enough to not feel economic pinches. Their rich sponsors have gutted the middle class so the only people left are the religious militants and racists. Everyone else is filled with apathy.


Starboard_Pete t1_j4hsghc wrote

Seems PA voters told you the God’s honest truth already, and you couldn’t handle the truth. Why even waste money hoping for a different answer?


HighEntropy420 t1_j4hwbkw wrote

Article said about 100k, definitely better uses for it.


Grow_away_420 t1_j4i89fa wrote

Not much for a big DC firm consulting contract


Repo_co t1_j4j0pbx wrote

Honestly. I saw that figure and laughed at the premise of the article. If you're paying a DC consulting firm 100k to audit your processes, you're paying them to say that you paid for an audit. You'll maybe get a one-pager for that kind of money.


Hazel1928 t1_j4ojy0d wrote

I wonder who would have won the GOP primaries if the DNC didn’t pour money into unelectable Trump candidates.


MansourBahrami t1_j4hrnnj wrote

The whole party has jumped the god damned shark. Mastriano is a clown, and the other is an opportunist dick from out of state.

I’ve never really liked my fellow party members, shit I think I probably am imagining a principled Conservative Party that’s never really existed.

Reading about southern strategy recently, wanting reasonable taxation has just not been sufficient reason for me to vote for these clowns in about 8 years and I’m wondering if it even was before that.

Anyway, rant over, but seriously fuck these guys


shillyshally t1_j4ial47 wrote

That train left sometime in the Eisenhower admin. It's been nothing but veiled racism and protecting the rich and wannabe rich since then.


MansourBahrami t1_j4imelr wrote

I hate that you’re right and I just probably didn’t pay much attention for so long. The funny part is Trump outspent every president before him, and it all benefited cronies. Why it took that to get me to wonder if my party was really for fiscal conservatism is honestly kind of shameful.


SuperUltraHyperMega t1_j4ji33t wrote

Most have selfishly lived in a bubble as they weren’t affected by the financial shiftings. But now the middle class has been carved out and it’s quite obvious what others have been complaining about all along. Unfortunately most people don’t see a problem until it finally bites them.


invisiblearchives t1_j4li4rd wrote

Impressed by the self-awareness on display here.

I've been saying for years, as a conservative member of the far-left, that conservatives are great people with good priorities, unfortunately being taken advantage of by far-right and reactionary forces.


MansourBahrami t1_j4lmnw5 wrote

What’s really funny is in terms of my positions on labor, I’m pretty far left, same with gay marriage.

I’ve always been a “I think roe v wade is a nice middle ground” guy and some of the recent stuff where women have rotting fetus in them to comply with new rules about abortion is just like, you know what that’s ridiculous.

I figured gay marriage was settled. Nope, People are trying to take that back

I thought for sure we were done with talking about interracial marriage. Evidently that’s on the table?

What the fuck is been going on? You know, I don’t even want low taxes, just reasonable ones, and reasonable gun laws. Once Trump signed off on red flag laws I was like, man this guy is possibly the worst of all worlds.

Sorry to rant, I’m just, man like someone said I guess I didn’t watch news, I was maybe an Eisenhower Republican, which is weird I’m only 40.


invisiblearchives t1_j4lsaph wrote

>I was maybe an Eisenhower Republican

I feel you on this, since the party that was closest to my views was the radical reconstructionists. Only 150 years off on that one.

>What the fuck is been going on?

The actual answer is fascism. For the last 100 years, monarchical and corporate forces have been manipulating popular bigotry and class divisions to ensure that the levers of societal power aren't lost to people who would dismantle the existing power structures and actually fix or address issues (which exist because it assists the powerful)


Guntcher1423 t1_j4hdk34 wrote

You forgot to tell them to quit sucking up to the money while fucking the voters.


RotateTombUnduly t1_j4ja01z wrote

And Mastriano made noneffort to reach out beyond his right wing media bubble.


IamSauerKraut t1_j4lsh8o wrote

"We hate the people in Washington,, D.C., but let's pay big money to a big Washington, D.C. firm to tell us we hate the people in Washington, D.C."

Glen Bolger: "Prior to co‑founding Public Opinion Strategies, Glen was the Director of Survey Research & Analysis for the National Republican Congressional Committee, the political arm of the House Republican Conference."

Glen will tell them exactly the lie they want to hear: that they did not fuck up the PA executive row elections.

btw, Public Opinion Strategies is not a "big D.C. firm." Maybe 25 employees?


Annahsbananas t1_j4i8tuc wrote

Lemme help....(this is free and don't need a firm)

  1. Oz. A midnight infomercial snake piss salesman who lives in New Jersey; his name is synonymous with commericalized scam health and weightloss products. PA GOP thought this guy was a good choice.

  2. Dougie Mastriano. An ultra right wing moron who was part of the January 6 insurrection group. Also gave money and traffic to a white supremacist website in Pennsylvania. PA GOP thought this guy was a good choice.

You don't need to pay anyone to gain insight on why you lost. Running a platform on hate and emotion is always stupid


Der_Missionar t1_j4jd954 wrote

Generally vote republican. OZ, especially, was simply unelectable. Zero charisma. Snake oil salesman, same league as George Santos, in my opinion. GOP has completely gone freaking insane. I went independent because of Trump and other Trump supporting elected officials. Liz Cheny, Adam Kinzinger were fine individuals who lost their jobs standing up for what's right.


Steven_Snippert t1_j4jhr8r wrote

I miss the Tom Ridge Republicans.


IamSauerKraut t1_j4ls8vs wrote

The only good republicans are the ones who do not have their heads stuck high and hard up benedict donald's backside. Unfortunately, too few and far between.


SunstruckMorning t1_j4jlyt2 wrote

Doug mastriano also wrote a white supremacist manifesto in college.


IamSauerKraut t1_j4lry1q wrote

Did he get a real degree?


OhioJeeper t1_j4qdw9t wrote

Yeah a P.Hd from university in New Brunswick in Canada.

It's not without controversy, there are some allegations of academic misconduct and his thesis hasn't exactly faired well with holding up to peer review.


JBupp t1_j4q3ose wrote

Don't forget

  1. GOP in office who tried to overturn the 2020 election results.

Hazel1928 t1_j4ojgkz wrote

Is that why the Democrats campaigned for Oz and Mastriano during the primaries?


Annahsbananas t1_j4q2alj wrote

Anyone with any political intelligence would root for the guy you know you'll beat at election night.


OhioJeeper t1_j4qe4yk wrote

>Anyone with any political intelligence would root for the guy you know you'll beat at election night.

Voting for the guy you think you can beat instead of the guy you think would be the most qualified person for the position because you want "your side" to win is the opposite of intelligence.


Hazel1928 t1_j4qh93i wrote

The Democrats didn’t just root for the Trump/bad candidates, they paid for ads for them. Both Oz and Mastriano got financial help from the Democrats.,Barletta, McSwain, and White all would have been better candidates for governor. McCormick would have been a better candidate for senator and probably a could have beat Fetterman. Oz was especially terrible, and the commercial he made about crudite was terrible. For one thing, he tried to hold too many things in his hands; he needed a basket. He revealed that he probably doesn’t go to the grocery store; he has “people” who handle all errands for him.


pekepeeps t1_j4hx6m1 wrote

The issues the new GOP are running on are not what the population wants.

1–Even republicans are pro choice 2-The constant fake moral outrage is getting old and PA residents are educated. Though you took over a few school boards, that will be temporary. Your hostile takeover attempts and attitude drive more and more people away. 3-Tax cuts for the wealthy class. Again, people in PA are educated and see through your “hype”. We like our unions. We like to be paid fairly and we deserve the same healthcare the politicians have.

The list is just too long. Money please.



Far-Implement-8694 t1_j4k6kj4 wrote

Actually most republicans are pro union but aren’t allied to discuss it due to back lash from their Hall or delegates. We think they do stabilize middle class Americans and no Republicans want lower taxes for the working class. We the people under Biden suffered due to his policies. I made more money under Trumps administration. Face the facts.


love0_0all t1_j4hjsch wrote

Doug Mastriano (who bussed to Jan 6th) was absolute poison to women, he lost to Shapiro, and that top of the ticket pulled down Oz who was a mediocre carpetbagger of a candidate endorsed by Trump. John Fetterman had a stroke and still won. Run more moderate homegrown candidates or lose again.


BurghPuppies t1_j4ht6mc wrote

Yup. And maybe find someone who is conservative but not misogynistic and xenophobic. Although a lot of them have them the GOP in the last six years.


PencilTucky t1_j4hxg9t wrote

Isn’t misogyny and xenophobia part of the party platform now though? You can only yell horrible things about the “others” for so long before the base begins to believe in it.


delcodick t1_j4he6ko wrote

I am willing to tell them for $2.8 m consultancy fee plus unaudited expenses.


orangesfwr t1_j4hp896 wrote

Just who do you think you're dealing with here, the Central Bucks School Board?


delcodick t1_j4hpfxu wrote

Fair point. Revised to $263.75 m in used notes plus unaudited expenses and a copy of the pee pee tapes


GraffitiTavern t1_j4hp11j wrote

  1. You took away reproductive rights

  2. The state GOP has blocked literally everything that would help people at the state government level, today we have a low minimum wage than WV

  3. Your candidates were just bad, Mastriano never tried to convince anyone and Oz was a NJ tv carbetbagger, by contrast Shapiro was broadly appealing and Fetterman overcame his stroke with a very impressive strategy(and he was well-liked in PA before the election)

If they genuinely need some fancy beltway consulting firm to tell them the obvious then they have completely lost


Drewcifer81 t1_j4hru6v wrote

>If they genuinely need some fancy beltway consulting firm to tell them the obvious then they have completely lost

They don't; it just makes for an awfully convenient and legal way to funnel money from party coffers, collected from the average Joe Bumfuck Potter County racist, to their friends, business associates, and big-money donors.

And those folks will see nothing wrong with it and keep on donating.


Viperlite t1_j4i9cii wrote

$7.25 minimum wage is a goddamn embarrassment in the times. No increase since 2009, really? I’ve told my teenage kids if they get offers to start at minimum wage,they can just work for me around the house. No way I want them out there in an economy like that working for peanuts.


actuallyaustin6 t1_j4ivkga wrote

Especially these first two. Don’t think you can just re-message the same garbage policies and obstructionism with a nicer candidate and win. Your beliefs are fundamentally out of step with 21st century Pennsylvanians.


pAul2437 t1_j4iqd5v wrote

What exactly was fettermans winning strategy?


matt_1060 t1_j4iwhcm wrote

Don’t be racist, don’t be a bigot , and don’t be a sexist. Fairly elementary stuff


Airbornequalified t1_j4jly8p wrote

He also comes off as central pa, with his reluctance to dress up. Hoodies and shorts is extremely common dress. His defending his wife against insults against her feels good ole boy, which is central pa


justasque t1_j4j1dez wrote

> What exactly was fettermans winning strategy?

He campaigned in every county in the state, knowing that he wouldn’t have more votes than his opponent in the red counties, but if he picked up enough dem votes there, then with those combined with the blue city votes, he could win. Which is exactly what happened. Because he put in the actual work to talk to (and listen to) Pennsylvanians all across the state.


Ok-Library247 t1_j4hcct7 wrote

Try finding candidates who aren't complete garbage or who are trying to buy a Senate seat.


whjoyjr t1_j4i9j7z wrote

A couple of thoughts:

  1. $100k isn’t near enough to do what they stated. Not even close. I’m not even sure that the updated voter information (as in who voted / who didn’t / location demographics) is available yet.

I lived in Valley Forge for 18 months in the early 1990’s, and lived in Hatboro for a year in the late 2000’s.

  1. The fish rots from the head. Very bad candidates affected downstream races. And the behavior of Republican operatives after Fetterman’s stroke were just disgusting.

  2. Abortion was the biggest albatross around the neck of the party, and calls for more restrictive laws drove the stake into the party.

  3. The reputation of the Republicans isn’t helped by antics outside of the state. Guilt by association.


ChrisTheHurricane t1_j4ikzwf wrote

>And the behavior of Republican operatives after Fetterman’s stroke were just disgusting.

This point is underappreciated. Trying to run a campaign based around bullying a stroke victim in the state that's behind only Florida in average resident age is ill-advised, at best.


SunstruckMorning t1_j4jm46z wrote

They literally thought trying to appeal ableism would make them look better, it didn’t.


Patiod t1_j4j2w28 wrote

The abortion thing might play well with evangelicals, but it runs contrary to the "leave me the fuck alone" core approach of the 2A, anti tax, anti regulation old timey Republicans I know


whjoyjr t1_j4lhk4x wrote

But that is not who they are playing to. They count on those votes as a given. The Party sold their soul to the religious bigots during the era of St. Ronnie.

And before anyone comes at me, I was a Republican back in that day. Only after getting out of the suburban DC bubble did I start to see that things were not as what was being sold by the Republicans.


woodcuttersDaughter t1_j4ikxfp wrote

Maybe fascist, misogynistic, bigoted, anti-democratic lunatics aren’t widely appealing?


Trout-Population t1_j4hid1b wrote

Aside from the obvious, Democrats outspend the GOP on "positive ads". Perhaps next cycle they should try not defining themselves by not being Democrats.


divacphys t1_j4hqdbx wrote

Republicans don't stand for anything anymore. Our rather if they ran on what they were for, they would lose by even bigger margins. Republicans don't even try anymore. Where's the republican infrastructure bill? Where's the replacement for Obamacare that they hate so much? They've tried nothing and are all out of ideas.


Viperlite t1_j4i9pwg wrote

They’d rather try refusing to raise the debt ceiling, government shutdowns, fake outrage, suspending ethics investigations, tax cuts for the wealthy, threats to cut social security and Medicare, fighting electric cars, fighting for polluters rights and denying climate change, etc.


yeags86 t1_j4hz1sw wrote

They’ll let us know in two weeks.


Yelloeisok t1_j4io3q9 wrote

They see the 6 year old Trump flags and think they have a majority. They do not realize that the real majority have become disgusted with the liar and all of his fake wannabes. They think that there are no consequences to coming up with the mail in voting laws and suing and wasting taxpayer money to change them. They also don’t like the shenanigans of their midnight hour amendments. They don’t see that their covid ‘freedom’ fights have actually killed their own base! They are clueless - but go ahead and waste more money to find out just how wrong they are.


byndrsn t1_j4hkz8g wrote

What went wrong? They put up that pos for governor, that's what.


pnvrgnnltUdwn t1_j4hskys wrote

Your candidates were a nazi and Dr. Fucking Oz


Extreme_Length7668 t1_j4hqefu wrote

They elected to run garbage candidates and tried to run on the be scared message. Unfortunately many Pennsylvanians liked are the candidates and said Fuck No, and those that didn't do that, asked, what are your policies to help me?


TS_SI_TK_ORCON t1_j4iwz37 wrote

Just for starters, Republicans, some of these you did, some of these you want to do, collectively and/or individually

  • Christian Domestic Terrorism
  • No official party platform, just what Donald Trump says, like a cult
  • Congressman tried to take a loaded gun on a commercial airliner TWICE (and he wasn't arrested)
  • Half of Congress violating the Stock Act without consequence
  • A domestic terror attack planned over 4 years in advance by a presidential candidate biologically incapable of accepting facts
  • Bleach and lightbulbs to kill COVID
  • Congressman Jorje Alejandro Mountain Dew Santos
  • Continuing to criminalize medications
  • Cutting Social Security
  • Cutting the IRS
  • Fucking up the Postal Service to benefit private competitors
  • Attacking mail-in ballots used by military families
  • Gerrymandering
  • The Electoral College
  • Members of Congress giving Comfort and aid to Christian Domestic Terrorist
  • Tax cuts for the wealthy
  • Pollution-causing medical disorders
  • Electricity mismanagement and corruption
  • Insider trading
  • Self-dealing
  • Eliminating polling stations and cutting hours of operation
  • Convicted of Campaign Finance Fraud Dinesh D'Souza's "2000 Mules" Goebbels-esque propaganda film
  • COVID mismanagement
  • Vaccine Profiteering
  • TWICE refusing to convict a domestic terrorist 'leader'/president
  • Misappropriation of federal funds
  • Campaign finance violations
  • Dark money and 'Super Pacs'
  • Never-ending Donald Trump news cycle
  • Cutting NATO
  • Embracing fascist dictators
  • Alienating Democratic Allies
  • No consequences for butchering a green-card American journalist inside a Turkish Embassies by a Saudi hit squad listening to music while dismembering him like they're Patrick fucking Bateman
  • Tax increases on the middle class
  • Increasing child poverty
  • NOT A WORD about Trump stockpiling top secret documents he "declassified with [his] mind" after spies have been caught at Mar-a-Lago
  • Overturning Roe v. Wade
  • A GOP Supreme Court Justice ruling in a case involving his wife with NOT A WORD from the GOP Chief Justice
  • Justice 'I like beer' Kavanaugh partying with GOP Congressman Matt Gates, being investigated for sex with a minor in exchange for money
  • Anti-worker
  • Failure to even acknowledge climate change
  • Illegally Human Trafficking migrants from Texas and Florida to the Naval Observatory
  • Corporate Media hiring half the Trump Administration as "contributors"
  • A deluge of misinformation and conspiracy theories
  • 1.11 MILLION COVID deaths
  • ZERO actual infrastructure despite like, 30 "Infrastructure Week[s]"
  • Using their office for personal profit
  • Denying constituents access to their elected officials
  • Congress isn't subject to FOIA requests
  • Crumbling infrastructure
  • Shitty pubic transit
  • "Socialism! Communism! Socialism! Communism! Socialism! Communism! Socialist! Communist!"

pekepeeps t1_j4kufq0 wrote

Good list. Please add

Act like adults and work across the aisles of parties to get things done.

It’s like all the new GOP wants to do is how to find a new message to make all the stuff they do tolerable to the folks in PA and I have news for them—-We are not Florida. We want results to benefit ALL OF US


blueteamk087 t1_j4jcnrm wrote

i’ll save you the money:

  • Doug: a extremist conservative, who despite being from New Jersey, of Italian inmigrant descent and a fucking former Army officer, wore a confederate uniform at Gettysburg for an Army function. Sane Pennsylvanians (a Union state) don’t like the Confederates or their apologists. Not to mention that there are pro-choice Republicans, and running a “I will go after doctors and women” talking point is not popular in a purple state (shocker I know)
  • Oz: he’s from NJ, and only ran in PA because the GOP thought the seat was easy and that Pennsylvanians were stupid enough to vote for an out of stater.

MontanaJoev t1_j4hnp5z wrote

I think the answer is really easy if they are willing to look (and I sincerely hope they don’t). When you are a purple state, running extremists who say crazy things are unlikely to win, especially statewide. If they had run that other guy instead of a fraud like Oz, they may have won that senate seat. A less extreme gubernatorial candidate might have beat Shapiro. I doubt it, I think Shapiro ran a crazy good race, but they would’ve been in it.

The bottom line, unless you’re in a deep red state, STOP BEING CRAZY.


Curdledgoatsmilk t1_j4if8mz wrote

Maybe it has something to do with voting for a candidate who wants to turn Pennsylvania into fucking Gilead, or voting for a candidate who is a wannabe Trump, another celebrity who's probably only in it for the kickbacks and whatnot.

We voted a man in who looks like uncle fester and had a stroke, over the gop selection. I voted for Fetterman, and im proud of it too. Come at me.


polgara_buttercup t1_j4ijnnf wrote

You had shitty candidates. You could at least try to pick ones that live in the state.


SunstruckMorning t1_j4jm9ln wrote

Preferably Pennsylvanians that haven’t written white supremacist manifestos and tried to overthrow our gov on Jan 6. I know it’s a tall order for them. 🙄


NisensonDeeannahqF t1_j4iks56 wrote

You ran a lunatic who promised, if elected, to rig all future elections... Also, abortion


Secsidar t1_j4htrg5 wrote

The GOP always run terrible candidates. Mystery solved.


Electrical-Wish-519 t1_j4i454w wrote

Yeah , but in the state and federal congress races they win. Look at Scott Perry


Secsidar t1_j4i4omf wrote

Poor candidates are an effective deterrent against smart, informed voters. The rest of them have to go somewhere.


BeltfedOne t1_j4q72ww wrote

I would like to look at a picture of him behind bars.


gslavik t1_j4j0qo6 wrote

If GOP wants to stand a chance of surviving the progressive future, they need to go back to 50 years ago and choose Rockefeller instead of Nixon.


ljflintstone t1_j4j4jbi wrote

A grifter from New Jersey was their nominee. (I’m talking both about their senate and governor candidates.)


ThankMrBernke t1_j4je242 wrote

>What went so wrong in Pennsylvania?

You nominated a lunatic that alienated even Republican voters (My GOP-voting grandfather who stuck through Trump and has voted Republican in every election since at least 1968 refused to vote for Doug), didn't make this up by picking up votes anywhere else in the electorate, and decided the optimal campaign strategy was to hide from world and pray for victory instead of running ads for the last three weeks of the campaign.

Oh, and he attended Jan 6 and submitted coup fanfiction as his thesis at the Army War College. Maybe try running a better candidate, next time.


ThankMrBernke t1_j4jg4w0 wrote

>Another major goal of the postmortem, Asher said, is to figure out how to win back the suburban areas in the state that have trended away from Republicans in recent years, chief among them Philadelphia’s vote-rich collar counties.


You made this bed in 2016 when you traded upscale, college educated white voters for downscale, low-voting propensity culture warriors in dying towns. Chester, Montgomery, and Delaware counties provided more Democratic margin in raw votes last year than Philadelphia did, for the first time ever. The suburbs don't want the shit you're selling. Bye bye.


Allemaengel t1_j4hgqmv wrote

You know that infamous train wreck with the old-timey steam locomotive out the French railroad station?

This be like that.


Zestyclose_Minute_69 t1_j4jtu56 wrote

Here’s some free advice:

Stop using your political position to make yourselves richer at the expense of your constituents.

The 1950s are over, coal isn’t coming back nor is the production era because in your short-sided way of thinking, you sent all the jobs overseas so you could pay less in wages and taxes.

Women are humans too and deserve all the same rights as men.

Same with gay and trans people; they have always existed and they are human. Leave them alone.

People of color are people, people who have different beliefs are people. Basically just respect all humans.


And the last thing we need more of are old rich white men ruining shit. When the hell are you dinosaurs going to die already?


artful_todger_502 t1_j4hy3fi wrote

They are immune to critical thinking, although it doesn't take critical thinking to understand the majority doesn't want violence-crazed fascists, pedos and Sharia-law zealots determining their legislative matters.


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_j4i1kai wrote

Listening to a grifty loser to pick fascist insurrectionist candidates and doubling down on this crazy misogynistic anti-women’s health stance.


BasvoyD t1_j4iecrl wrote

What went wrong, they are asking, they must be stupid beyond anything. Before they used to be just liers and well that was just fine. But now republican are delusional chasing buggy men and bullshit and they ask what happened. Everyone has been telling them. So yeah delusional! Bunch of dumbass 😂😂😂😂


Maryclare_solum_1990 t1_j4j9cvt wrote

Because you picked the two worst candidates to run. Dr Oz has the worst political instincts possibly in history. The gov pick was an extremist who ran as an extremist.


Hazel1928 t1_j4qkhdy wrote

We did pivk the two worst candidates to run; Barletta and McWhirter would have been better candidates. But the Democrats spent money to run ads for Mastriano and Oz, knowing they would be wesk candidates in the general election.. And it worked; the Democrats won the open senate seat and the governor’s race.


StyreneAddict1965 t1_j4htrpv wrote

MAGAT and TV shill; together in one person, they're Trump. Separately, nothing but what they are, two jokers.


EvetsYenoham t1_j4hx7mb wrote

What went wrong? Candidates aren’t the best and this a blue state due to the fact the major cities are blue. Not rocket science.


Tasty_Definition_663 t1_j4ilv2g wrote

Easy, equal parts racist, and power hungry. That one was for free!


mainelinerzzzzz t1_j4j09rm wrote

The GOP ran a bunch of dicks and the voters knew it.


Atrocious_1 t1_j4jaqt0 wrote

No you're all wrong. Doug and Oz were excellent candidates, the GOP should definitely run them again or better yet, run even greater candidates that can go more bigly. They just didn't go hard enough. Trust me


Archpa84 t1_j4jjskm wrote

I believe not knowing the answer to ‘why the GOP doesn’t understand why they lost PA’ is the reason the GOP lost PA.


Electr_O_Purist t1_j4jx6cn wrote

They ran an open racist for governor and an elitist tv huckster for senate. Why are they confused these clowns lost?


kellyb1985 t1_j4i475h wrote

Here's the problem... Too many lunatics in the GOP. Republicans who can win a general election have no chance of winning a primary.


Revolutionary-Swim28 t1_j4jdy46 wrote

Well when the right wing fully embraced Talibanism, taking away women’s rights and trying to force them back into the kitchen when most of us won’t go back, it’s clear to see what failed.


jlando40 t1_j4jpjym wrote

Let’s see Mastriano belongs in prison (took buses to Jan 6th) is documented in a confederate uniform is extremely far right IS FROM NEW JERSEY!!!!! Oz is a quack tv doctor that IS FROM TURKEY! There’s your issue


BigJimmyStyle t1_j4kk4tq wrote

The bottom feeder party still looking for the bottom. Glad to have voted 🔵🟦 - Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman will be a big step away from the sad Pennslytucky voters. I am attending a Zoom today in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day that explains how to run for school boards. The journey begins.


PickleOk2682 t1_j4ko2is wrote

Beyond sick of GOP hypocrisy. A group of people who refer to themselves as “conservatives” and “Christians” and then get behind Donald “Lack-of-Morality” Trump like he’s Messiah 2.0 will never ever get my vote. Democrats have done very little to sell me, but Republicans have done many many things that make the choice clear to me: if you believe in Democracy, the only choice is Democrat. If you want a King who’s issue of the day is which porn star to fuck… Republican all day… act like a pig Monday through Saturday, ask for forgiveness on Sunday. If God blesses THIS America, I need a new religion.


orangesfwr t1_j4hoztg wrote

The image needs a spoiler alert.


five_eight t1_j4i52n2 wrote

Republican primary voters had alternatives, but couldn't bring themselves past the initial "own the libs, nyuk nyuk". Shortsightedness is a governing variable.


Sasebo_Girl_757 t1_j4icom3 wrote

Mastriano? Scott Perry? Dr.Oz? Give us candidates we can respect and support. Remember Bill Goodling? Todd Platts?


TrashaCarlstein2605 t1_j4ivxn4 wrote

I can tell them for free. Do something, anything positive, to help all the American people


queenoftheidiots t1_j4jccr6 wrote

Too many candidates in primary for GOP that lead to a concentrated group of “patriots” to pull votes for Doug. To many republicans found him over the top. He relied on a grass roots effort of extremists. Oz wasn’t the favorite he barely won the primary. Had he not gone after Kathy Barnette, she’d have won the primary. Again too many people in one race. And the republicans really didn’t like either guy so they just left things blank.


BitchyWitchy68 t1_j4ljnnt wrote

The Republicans just self righteous bigoted aholes. No other explanation needed.


ktappe t1_j4m3lvw wrote

I will also help: GOP lives in a bubble, so they think everybody is as right wing as they are. And then they ran headlong into reality.


tinymonesters t1_j4m5s4e wrote

"Republicans said it is expected to cost $100,000."

I could have saved you a bunch of money, and if you needed a firm to think this through you're hopeless.


oneppurp t1_j4hpbq1 wrote

Bad candidates plus you idiots expanded, unconstitutionally by the way, mail in ballots. What did you think was going to happen?


RotateTombUnduly t1_j4jahu9 wrote

From the article: “I’m saying to myself, ‘I don’t think we have the right poop … I don’t think we have the right story,’” he said. “I want the truth about what the issues are in Pennsylvania and how we can look forward to trying to take the Supreme Court seat in ’23.”



MRG_1977 t1_j4jnmd5 wrote

Mastriano and Oz are largely irrelevant. Bad candidates in statewide races who ran bad campaigns.

Mastriano was going to lose as soon as he got the nomination. He is still crying about the lack of national GOP support and claiming it is the reason he got so badly outspent & lost.

It is a minor reason but it was telling Yass and any of the big GOP money donors in the state didn’t meaningfully contribute or endorse him either. They knew a dud when they saw it.

Mastriano will be locked in that Senate 33rd district though as long as he like unless there is a radical redrawn district map. GOP held since 1941. It’s overwhelmingly white (86%), rural, and Christian.

I am much more interested to understand how the Democrats outperformed in the House races and won so many swing/even slightly GOP favored races. Exact opposite of 2018 elections where the Democrats in state races underperformed expectations and federal elections.

Mail ballots are a big reason and since the GOP can’t radically change the rules of the game like in GA for the next 4 years, they’ll figure out how to better focus on them and getting voters to use them.


1989throwa t1_j4lek7u wrote

'The question, he added, is, “What’s the way you can say it without being offensive? … To me, there’s definitely a reasonable way of maintaining my pro-life position without being offensive to others.”'

Don't want to be offensive, eh? Hmmmmmm..... Maybe if you let people be pro-choice? You kinda made it a zero-sum game there pal. Your "pro-life" stance IS what is offensive. If you are personally "pro-life" but allow others to make their own decisions, you are now "pro-choice."

Also, like, if you simultaneously take away the right to abortion while also killing child tax credits, prevent parental leave from being required by law, undercut the affordability of healthcare, you ain't "pro-life" you are "pro-birth" and "pro-suffering."

For all of our advancement, giving birth still has its dangers. Men who are looking to have kids with their wives are pretty well knowledgeable about this and when it comes to choosing between whether you want a certain party to be in office for the next several years or being sure that your life-partner stays alive, most men will choose their partner.

Edit to add: women also are aware of the dangers. That should go unsaid, but if they have a choice between taxes for the next several years and staying alive, they kinda have a vested interest in that whole "living" thing"

(Reason I separated the sexes was to point out that it isn't just a "women's issue." Anti-choice is repugnant to many folks.)

How can you say "outlaw abortion" "without being offensive?" HA, that's a good joke 😂


Bella_Lunatic t1_j4lr1af wrote

And yet the same kind of idiocy works just fine in Ohio.


FuzzyBadfeet724 t1_j4ls8i9 wrote

a few things happened, most of which are already discussed in the comments. One of the bigger ones is that the PA GOP didn’t muscle candidates out in the primary. So when you had multiple candidates who were splitting the vote from the same niche of their voting base, it allows an outlier to emerge. This is what basically happened in the governs race. No one was splitting Doug’s votes, but the other candidates were to each other. Which allowed him to emerge. Once that happened, it was basically over for them in the general election.


Valenzaodiny3c t1_j4ixq2k wrote

Which is the dc firm conducting research


HairFlipBye t1_j4kxqd2 wrote

Oh, NOW voting by mail is a big thing for them


Beautiful_Fee_655 t1_j4r1p7b wrote

Well for starters, run candidates who actually live in Pennsylvania.


Holiday-Quit-5673 t1_j4xrisy wrote

They won’t learn shit because they need the moderates and suburbs back but instead of moderating and doing basic Econ stuff, they will keep kissing the chud bases ass and nutjobs will win the primaries and pushing hard right social stuff. All because they think qanon assholes like my one relative are the “silent majority” and not moderates like my parents.


ActionShackamaxon t1_j53758v wrote

We need Ranked Choice Voting. Would eliminate these extremist weirdos.


RemorsefulFaith1125 t1_j4jqkz0 wrote

If Doug Mastriano claimed his Jew-ish heritage (while wink wink his ture supporters) he would have won.


realhighstonerguy t1_j4qmq8b wrote

The guy lost by double digits. The only way this traitorous POS could have won Is if he went back in time and told himself not to be a traitorous POS.


Bicycle-Seat t1_j4j5ke5 wrote

Both Rep candidates achieved their objective, lose to the wealthy lawyer from Philly and the Potato brain former Mayor of a town with 300 people. By no means am I defending the republicans, but if their objective was to lose they couldn’t have picked better candidates to run.