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shillyshally t1_j4hbrez wrote

"The state party is conducting research and paying a big D.C. firm to help gather insights"

LOL. Here, I'll tell you for free. One candidate was an obvious extremist with no appeal to the middle grounders and the other candidate was an asshole who didn't live here and everyone knew he didn't live here. Not only did he not live here, he lived in fucking New Jersey!


HighEntropy420 t1_j4hey3y wrote

“We want the God’s honest truth.” Maybe try looking inward first. Cant believe they chose to run those candidates and are surprised they didn't win.


shillyshally t1_j4hf5fk wrote

Same here. If they don't know what went wrong, there is no hope for the PA Republican party and I find that gratifying.


HighEntropy420 t1_j4hfdbp wrote

Honestly, Im afraid for the entire Republican party.


kdeltar t1_j4hlzsc wrote



HighEntropy420 t1_j4hwvij wrote

This type of behavior benefits no one. They need to move on, try better next time.


SuperUltraHyperMega t1_j4jh8dh wrote

This is all they have. Republican politics only benefit the wealthy and those well off enough to not feel economic pinches. Their rich sponsors have gutted the middle class so the only people left are the religious militants and racists. Everyone else is filled with apathy.


Starboard_Pete t1_j4hsghc wrote

Seems PA voters told you the God’s honest truth already, and you couldn’t handle the truth. Why even waste money hoping for a different answer?


HighEntropy420 t1_j4hwbkw wrote

Article said about 100k, definitely better uses for it.


Grow_away_420 t1_j4i89fa wrote

Not much for a big DC firm consulting contract


Repo_co t1_j4j0pbx wrote

Honestly. I saw that figure and laughed at the premise of the article. If you're paying a DC consulting firm 100k to audit your processes, you're paying them to say that you paid for an audit. You'll maybe get a one-pager for that kind of money.


Hazel1928 t1_j4ojy0d wrote

I wonder who would have won the GOP primaries if the DNC didn’t pour money into unelectable Trump candidates.


MansourBahrami t1_j4hrnnj wrote

The whole party has jumped the god damned shark. Mastriano is a clown, and the other is an opportunist dick from out of state.

I’ve never really liked my fellow party members, shit I think I probably am imagining a principled Conservative Party that’s never really existed.

Reading about southern strategy recently, wanting reasonable taxation has just not been sufficient reason for me to vote for these clowns in about 8 years and I’m wondering if it even was before that.

Anyway, rant over, but seriously fuck these guys


shillyshally t1_j4ial47 wrote

That train left sometime in the Eisenhower admin. It's been nothing but veiled racism and protecting the rich and wannabe rich since then.


MansourBahrami t1_j4imelr wrote

I hate that you’re right and I just probably didn’t pay much attention for so long. The funny part is Trump outspent every president before him, and it all benefited cronies. Why it took that to get me to wonder if my party was really for fiscal conservatism is honestly kind of shameful.


SuperUltraHyperMega t1_j4ji33t wrote

Most have selfishly lived in a bubble as they weren’t affected by the financial shiftings. But now the middle class has been carved out and it’s quite obvious what others have been complaining about all along. Unfortunately most people don’t see a problem until it finally bites them.


invisiblearchives t1_j4li4rd wrote

Impressed by the self-awareness on display here.

I've been saying for years, as a conservative member of the far-left, that conservatives are great people with good priorities, unfortunately being taken advantage of by far-right and reactionary forces.


MansourBahrami t1_j4lmnw5 wrote

What’s really funny is in terms of my positions on labor, I’m pretty far left, same with gay marriage.

I’ve always been a “I think roe v wade is a nice middle ground” guy and some of the recent stuff where women have rotting fetus in them to comply with new rules about abortion is just like, you know what that’s ridiculous.

I figured gay marriage was settled. Nope, People are trying to take that back

I thought for sure we were done with talking about interracial marriage. Evidently that’s on the table?

What the fuck is been going on? You know, I don’t even want low taxes, just reasonable ones, and reasonable gun laws. Once Trump signed off on red flag laws I was like, man this guy is possibly the worst of all worlds.

Sorry to rant, I’m just, man like someone said I guess I didn’t watch news, I was maybe an Eisenhower Republican, which is weird I’m only 40.


invisiblearchives t1_j4lsaph wrote

>I was maybe an Eisenhower Republican

I feel you on this, since the party that was closest to my views was the radical reconstructionists. Only 150 years off on that one.

>What the fuck is been going on?

The actual answer is fascism. For the last 100 years, monarchical and corporate forces have been manipulating popular bigotry and class divisions to ensure that the levers of societal power aren't lost to people who would dismantle the existing power structures and actually fix or address issues (which exist because it assists the powerful)


Guntcher1423 t1_j4hdk34 wrote

You forgot to tell them to quit sucking up to the money while fucking the voters.


RotateTombUnduly t1_j4ja01z wrote

And Mastriano made noneffort to reach out beyond his right wing media bubble.


IamSauerKraut t1_j4lsh8o wrote

"We hate the people in Washington,, D.C., but let's pay big money to a big Washington, D.C. firm to tell us we hate the people in Washington, D.C."

Glen Bolger: "Prior to co‑founding Public Opinion Strategies, Glen was the Director of Survey Research & Analysis for the National Republican Congressional Committee, the political arm of the House Republican Conference."

Glen will tell them exactly the lie they want to hear: that they did not fuck up the PA executive row elections.

btw, Public Opinion Strategies is not a "big D.C. firm." Maybe 25 employees?