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Alone-Lobster-7405 t1_j4ml4j1 wrote

I know it means our collective impending doom but my utility bills could use the break.


CoachPop121 t1_j4o2wc0 wrote

I’m with you- oil is done compared to earlier this year but it’s still steep.


vicfirthplayer t1_j4otzv1 wrote

I'm a cold lover and literally no heat running all season long. I can't tell you how much I save.


itsstevedave t1_j4op34w wrote

Same. I'm so damn jaded that I'll just consider it good news.


pts1354 t1_j4nho73 wrote

This sucks. At this rate, I’ll be mowing the lawn in February.


DavidLieberMintz t1_j4ob985 wrote

At least you won't have to mow it in July, because it'll be on fire.


Jeffd187 t1_j4nvrq2 wrote

Can’t lie. I thought about going out today and give it a buzz.


lank81 t1_j4qaeyz wrote

Same. I walked my in-laws outside and said "Shit, guess I gotta cut the grass."


RightfulChaos t1_j4ncj98 wrote

I hate it. I like my winters cold and snowy, and not as a sign of humanity's failure to take care of its world.


catdeuce t1_j4o9cz0 wrote

I literally moved here from AZ to have cold, snowy winters :/


TiberiusCornelius t1_j4ofy10 wrote

I remember seeing a graphic a few years ago that in 2050 the climate in Philly would be roughly equivalent to Norfolk today. And basically everywhere else across the country sees similar migration. Cold snowy winters are over.


Impressive_Bus11 t1_j4qxm8k wrote

Literally the only good thing about climate change. That and Florida.

Ugh, I hate that we have to save Florida. Can we fix climate change and still get rid of Florida? Is that an option?


penchick t1_j4ocoxx wrote

Well we still have water at least... Arizona seems to be struggling, so it's still a net positive? (I'm from California so every day my house isn't on fire it's a win!)


Beef5030 t1_j4osl44 wrote

Having fresh water is huge. CA and the SW isn't the only region drying out.


enemy_of_your_enema t1_j4qhtqw wrote

Yeah, plentiful fresh water and a lack of serious natural disasters (aside from a few localized landslides) means we're probably getting a lot of climate refugees from the sun belt in the coming decades.


penchick t1_j4ruwvs wrote

I keep trying to tell the people who ask me "why on earth did you move here?!"


mtv2002 t1_j4q93r2 wrote

I want the cold to kill all the bugs. Now when spring comes there will be ticks and skeeters everywhere!


wheresaldopa t1_j4most2 wrote

Can't say it's been my ideal winter, but, then again, my ideal winter would always feature a two foot snowstorm in November and not a single day above freezing afterwards until the middle of March, so ...


TacoNomad t1_j4mvxgh wrote

And then a noreaster in march dumping about 3' of snow. Followed by spring.


IamChantus t1_j4n8xv1 wrote

Then another middle finger to Phil storm of at least 8" taking false spring into spring.


surrrah t1_j4n7wik wrote

I love it but concerned for the planet


stuuked t1_j4nx4xi wrote

But there were 4 other winters that were more mild dating back nearly 90 years ago. I wouldn't worry too much. The weather is and always has been cyclic and unpredictable but I'm ready for some snow.


surrrah t1_j4nxdkb wrote

I mean that may be the case for PA, but there’s still some plenty to worry about in terms of the environment


Pink_Slyvie t1_j4p2k0h wrote

Global temps are on average rising. We are looking at long term trends.

We are fucked. We had a chance to fix this. It was over 50 years ago when the oil companies hid it for profit. Now? It's damage control.


thekush t1_j4mmtsk wrote

I'm not mad. I'll shovel sunshine all day too.


SammieCat50 t1_j4o35kd wrote

I’m still not over the -14 windchill we had the weeks between Christmas & New Years


Pink_Slyvie t1_j4p2lxk wrote

As expected with climate change models. More mild, but when we get cold, it gets really fucking cold.


ManfredsJuicedBalls t1_j4nt6rx wrote

And you know someone will point to 1932 and go “see, it was warm then too”


Pink_Slyvie t1_j4p2oxr wrote

I'm so tired. It's basic long term trends it's not hard to understand. One off outliers arent what we look for when studying climate.


[deleted] t1_j4orxdi wrote

It was warm then too!

What does it all mean, Basil?


106473 t1_j4qes5y wrote

The average temperature is going down on that chart.


Von_Moistus t1_j4o2bts wrote

Only 5th? We can do better than that!

(sets pile of coal on fire, lets huge lifted truck idle 24/7)


dcowboy t1_j4oppdp wrote

I think 2007 was the year I only had to put on the outer shell of my jacket for a 2.5 day period in early February.


James19991 t1_j4q9mfk wrote

The winter of 2006-2007 was quite mild for December and most of January, but was actually well below normal for February. At least here in Pittsburgh it was.


Popular-Rooster9133 t1_j4qtx5y wrote

global warming is terrible, i miss the cold days, like, it only snowed THREE DAYS all winter.


ktappe t1_j4p8gvf wrote

Funny, it hasn't seemed that warm to me. Yes, the first two days of the year were warm, but after that it got pretty cold.


James19991 t1_j4q9q0z wrote

I'm only surprised it's not #1.


106473 t1_j4qeikr wrote

I'd say recorded history


106473 t1_j4qfch7 wrote

Reading the comments it looks like people can't read charts. If you would graph that the average highest temperature in that time point is falling not rising. It's getting colder.


billstrash t1_j4mkxww wrote

Thank goodness. This is great. I'm no happy for those in the ski business but I could do this type of winter every year.


starglitter t1_j4nlpul wrote

I keep having to remind myself it's winter. I am not complaining.


Rustybolts_ t1_j4p2tan wrote

So January has been cooling down since 1932. Guess global warming is out the door.


[deleted] t1_j4osyld wrote

Hell yeah.

If PA could stay between 35 and 85 degrees year round, that would be fine.


Pink_Slyvie t1_j4p2tyw wrote

That would be really, really bad. Our local ecosystem relies on winters.


furnace1766 t1_j4n5y7i wrote

How was it the week prior haha?


Pink_Slyvie t1_j4p2s7p wrote

It was following climate change models, just as predicted. Why?


pm_your_masterpiece t1_j4n02a1 wrote

I can't wait for warming allows us to grows more plants. It's going to be sick


QuillVance t1_j4o9s4r wrote

Or you will just have wicked cold snaps later in the season wiping out any perceived gains. There will be a couple decades or more of the poles throwing off crazy cold spikes as they melt at unpredictable rates. It's already happening.


[deleted] t1_j4p52so wrote



pm_your_masterpiece t1_j4pqcl4 wrote

To each their own. I believe we've already sailed past the tipping point and we're fucked. So I'm embracing the change, having no children, and flying out of this life, whenever it takes me, with as much dopamine extracted as possible.


kormer t1_j4oebzi wrote

Thanks goodness for global warming. We need all the break we can get to help Europe and Ukraine right now.


crispydukes t1_j4muoc4 wrote

This is like highly-specific sports stats