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Grashopha t1_j5500er wrote

I mean, this response sounds kinda entitled. Propane routes are set so that they are as fuel efficient and just plane efficient as possible. Asking them to deliver at your own personal request is kind of a dick move, just saying. Imagine if everyone demanded they be refueled as they see fit. It would be chaos for the propane company and extremely wasteful overall having to dart all over the place. I say this as someone who is also on propane.

Edit: To clarify, this oil company was definitely wrong, not saying that at all.


CharacterBrief9121 t1_j55085o wrote

They can add and remove people from routes you know. Same as trash people that do weekly or bi monthly are on the same routes. Entitled because I’m a paying customer, the hell is wrong with that?


Grashopha t1_j550gcy wrote

Yeah, but you’re asking them to bend to your whim instead of just letting them set their routes. You’re making their job harder because you feel entitled to be served as you demand. Get over yourself lol.


CharacterBrief9121 t1_j550nrk wrote

No I’m not? I get two delivered a year my tank is 330 gal and I don’t use more than 3/4 a winter. They constantly want to top it off. On top of changing rates that’s a cash grab. You can get scammed but I’m good.


worstatit t1_j567it8 wrote

My propane company charges a delivery surcharge when the tank isn't "sufficiently" empty (less than a certain amount purchased). Also, it's nice to plan for a bill that will run from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. I don't have a contract, as I own the tank, so your experience may differ.