Submitted by WWDB t3_10guo8r in Pennsylvania

I would love to book a hotel room, and do a pub crawl of a small PA town and hit a few dive bars, and not have to worry about driving.

I live in Allentown, so not interested in a “city” deal or a college town or some tourist trap. Guessing something North Central or Western PA?

Any suggestions



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LegitimateStar7034 t1_j57i69z wrote

Bridge Street in Phoenixville. Tons of restaurants, at least 5 craft breweries, an adorable wine bar and Blue Bird Distillery.
Root Down is a Wu Tang inspired craft brewery and it’s got a cool vibe. There’s a hotel over the Italian restaurant in town.


No_Athlete1959 t1_j54smz6 wrote

Try downtown Hanover PA. It has several breweries and dives all within a couple of blocks


Congenital0ptimist t1_j554gw2 wrote

No city, no college, no tourism?


You're going to get a Walmart and broken sidewalks.


Try Franklin PA. It has tourism, but it's quaint, beautiful, and pretty busy for its size.

Sharon, PA has a couple nice brewpubs but it's not super walkable. Doable though.


egJohn t1_j55vqwa wrote

consider Franklin when they have the ice festival.


Groan_Of_Wind t1_j571xul wrote

This is the best answer in the state, at least for winter. I've driven through Franklin for years to get to our cabin but only encountered the ice festival just last winter. It was amazing. There is the brewpub (Trails to Ales) and a number of other nice bars and restaurants. The Quality Inn is right there on the main street. They have a heart shaped whirlpool suite!


[deleted] t1_j555qfa wrote

Gettysburg isn’t bad. Some breweries, bars, hotels. Not too obnoxious at night time particularly. Daytime is a riot. Also, ridesharing available if you don’t want to hoof it everywhere.


EAS_Agrippa t1_j555jfy wrote

Try Marietta, PA. Half dozen places to drink including the Railroad House which has rooms.


Langshire515 t1_j5che87 wrote

Didn’t see your post until I already commented. Seconding this anyway haha


Several-Push6195 t1_j54sws4 wrote

West Chester or media.


ThinkySushi t1_j562otw wrote

While West chester is technically a college town if you do it in the summer it really really doesn't feel like it. And the pub and restaurant seem there is fantastic! And it doesn't take too long to walk to a wide variety of beautiful b&bs or you could do a hotel downtown. It's quite lovely.


heeroguy t1_j54r9ou wrote

pottsville has some a few times a year


artificialavocado t1_j54t1sf wrote

You said no college town but State College has a great bar scene


IsNowReallyTheTime t1_j54qzs2 wrote

The whole Wyoming Valley and then Route 6 through Honesdale and Hawley. Honesdale may be what you want.


idiotdetector70 t1_j54v98j wrote

Athens, Sayre area. Plenty of hotels, even more bars. Added bonus, right on the New York State border so you can go up and get some legal weed while you go to the casino 10 minutes away.


TheWorldInMySilence t1_j54xtfl wrote

Are police cruising the pa. roads around there looking for ny weed brought into pa. illegally? I recently read some town in pa. has starting to use thc breathalyzers. Seems pa. Wants in on the legal NY action.


idiotdetector70 t1_j54y0ue wrote

Not that I've seen, read or heard about. We are right on the border so it's too fluid for that. You'll want to search for sticker stores in NY.


AtBat3 t1_j582i0n wrote

Phoenixville, bridge street


CltAltAcctDel t1_j59n0yw wrote

Warren might work. It’s 2 miles north of the middle of nowhere but it’s a neat town. Not sure how many bars it has.


No_Suggestion1524 t1_j5b85h3 wrote

Jim Thorpe


ADUBROCKSKI t1_j5htrf2 wrote

seconding this. fiance and i took a anniversary night up in jim thorpe and had a ball bar hopping.... until all the bars closed at 10. lol


PGHNeil t1_j5577zl wrote

Pittsburgh, Washington (about a half hour south) or Oil City (western PA but closer to Erie.)


YinzerHippo t1_j5d8jej wrote

Oil City certainly has the dive bars with a few hidden gems, but no longer has a hotel in walking distance. Uber is pretty much non-existent in the area as well.

Edit: Got curious and looked - there are a few Airbnbs in the area though!


dc_iceman t1_j55j273 wrote

West Newton. Fun time


Groan_Of_Wind t1_j5723an wrote

Also recommending Franklin PA. Tunkhannock was cool too when I had to travel out there every couple months at my old employer.


Langshire515 t1_j5cha5p wrote

Marietta, PA Spring Bar Crawl. It’s a deep cut. Right off of Route 30 by Columbia, in Lancaster PA.

Off the beaten path, cool railroad town by the Susquehanna, but gets a good turn out.


Mrstucco t1_j5deacy wrote

West Chester, Kennett Square, Media, Conshohocken, Lafayette Hill, Jim Thorpe. Idk, if you can’t put together a bar crawl in a small Pa town, your standards are too high.


jmbitzer t1_j5ho5ab wrote

West Reading. Can start at the hotel in Wyo and go down one side of Penn Ave down and back up the other.


Signal-Maize309 t1_j57eqqi wrote

Lmao…Allentown isn’t a “city”


WWDB OP t1_j57uwxv wrote

Yes it is.


Signal-Maize309 t1_j580746 wrote

Not even close.


WWDB OP t1_j5856wo wrote

What is your definition of a “city”?


CltAltAcctDel t1_j59mx3o wrote

It’s third largest in PA


Signal-Maize309 t1_j5a0qk3 wrote

Yeah, that’s not saying much. It’s less than half of Pitt and not even a 1/10th of Philly.


ycpa68 t1_j5bwptq wrote

It's literally incorporated as a city.


Signal-Maize309 t1_j5c36p9 wrote

Yeah. So is Erie. Being incorporated as a “city” means absolutely nothing. The Vatican is a city…800 people.