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30686 t1_j59w4zo wrote

When Willie Nelson owed a few million in back taxes, he put out an album called "The IRS Tapes" to pay them off. Maybe something similar? It would need a catchy title.


couchpotatoinpa56 t1_j59xb8o wrote

For what they charge people to see a performance,why is it tough for them to pay the rent? Where is all the money going?


lbusterbrown t1_j5ah4ip wrote

Makes me chuckle they won't be locked out of a bldg., just a bunch of legal documentation on paper, BUT, do that with your mortgage or rent - well we all know what happens. Where's all the orchestra benefactors, let them bail them out.


billstrash t1_j56bs8k wrote

Evictions don't work that way, lol. The event of default (loose interpretation, as decided by the "aggrieved landlord" here) is at noon today.


ChUNkyTheKitty t1_j58lnwy wrote

It is a sensational title but they’re not renters in that sense. They rent it for performances not in a sense like they live there. It s a catch 22 like the article says, they can’t raise money to pay it off unless they sell tickets. They can’t sell tickets because they’re no longer permitted to play there. They knew it was coming. It’s sad.