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Annahsbananas t1_j5a29ok wrote

Shes "on leave" for dismembering her parents.


AdriftAtLast t1_j5dzdqq wrote

Innocent until proven guilty, though this is both horrific and pretty cut and dry.


dive_girl OP t1_j59xp35 wrote


art-man_2018 t1_j5aod5d wrote

I was going to warn others to that article, it goes into very horrible details.


susinpgh t1_j5abnhb wrote

Yeah, the story is nuts. This woman really flipped out.


LadyNorbert t1_j5ahior wrote

My heart aches for the son. What a horrible thing to find when you just go to visit your family.


Homer69 t1_j5b3yfw wrote

The mother was my high school nurse. She was super nice. The son started working at the school when I was there and he is the high school football coach now.


CPA_Man_ t1_j5ciin8 wrote

The murderer also worked at the same school as the mother / son when I was there. She was an aid for the special need kids

The mother and Mr. Beck we’re loved by everyone. From the few interactions I had with the murderer she seemed just as friendly. Crazy to see this


Homer69 t1_j5ck0ib wrote

Mrs Beck always used to let me take a nap in the nurses office during lunch if I needed it. I didn't get much sleep in highschool. I was very much an insomniac, still am. One day a teacher accused me of being high and sent me to Mrs Beck to do a sobriety test. She said he is perfectly fine, she must be on drugs.


FastNBulbous- t1_j5ehkpm wrote

Yeah I read that she was working at Upper Moreland, does anybody know if she previously worked at Abington? There’s was a Mrs. Beck she worked in the learning center at Abington Junior High when I was there, I’ve been wondering if it’s her


Homer69 t1_j5ewkb4 wrote

The mother and son worked at lower Moreland


ImperialIIClass t1_j5aymai wrote

Seriously. Talk about everything crumbling around you. Truly hope he has a good support system, still somehow.

I mean, can you imagine your sister telling you she still "needs more time" after discovering her dismembering and trying to hide your own parents' bodies? Ugh.


IrresponsibleScience t1_j5ai198 wrote

I usually try to find some empathy in these things but… that’s really fucked up.


MF3DOOM t1_j5a9td0 wrote

Reminds me of that one Eminem lyric “The last time I dismembered a family member…”


MaMakossa t1_j5bludu wrote

Makes me wonder what her parents did…


MF3DOOM t1_j5blzk8 wrote

“wrapped him in Christmas lights, pushed him into the stinking tub, cut him up into pieces and just when I went to drink his blood, I thought I oughta drink his bathwater that oughta be fun”


FarmersHusband t1_j5cfcgw wrote

Did chatgpt write this article? I don’t want to take anything away from the situation, but it seems as if the editor took a break today.


MaMakossa t1_j5bm0tm wrote

Shoutout to anyone else whose first thought was:

>! “But What Did the Parents Do?” !<


Fabulousness13 t1_j5c4nsf wrote

How bout her job is still secure ( for now). She was place on Administrative Leave


Rmlady12152 t1_j5cn1u6 wrote

Absolutely fucking abhorrent. What a deranged person.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_j5dvksw wrote

She “dismembered their bodies with a chainsaw.” I guess there was no wood-chipper available.

Black comedy aside, how does a human being do that? That’s next-level evil.


amykhar t1_j5bkn65 wrote

I really wanted her name to be Lizzy, or at least Elizabeth.


Hanginon t1_j5dh8uq wrote

"Authorities allege Beck shot and killed her parents in their Jenkintown home on or after Jan. 7 and dismembered their bodies with a chainsaw."

Well that's enough news for me for a while. 0_0


WunkyFinkerbean t1_j5g7rfx wrote

As a Jenkintownian, I'd just like to say that she's from Rydal, which is Abington Township. We of the borough are remarkably less murderous. Rydal just happens to share the zip code.