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Woodyee101 t1_j5yvrmt wrote

Exactly. Like Nancy Pelosi making millions on Google stock right before DOJ announces an investigation. And Joe Biden, look at him, worth 10โ€™s of millions because his shell companies run by crack head Hunter.


Joe_Jeep t1_j5ywr5j wrote

Mm m yes nothing like hating the rich by only getting mad at one party


Woodyee101 t1_j5ywum1 wrote

Keep it fair Joe


Joe_Jeep t1_j5zm7dg wrote

Ah yes "fair and balanced" I believe is the tagline


GTholla t1_j64z9xi wrote

I also am a mouthpiece for information someone else told me


tempestveil t1_j5z0vlq wrote

yup and then people like Donald Trump get to create, establish, and then go defunct on scams like "Trump Universities"

Its really just rich people vs everyone else. They dont care about your creed, race, sex, all they care is that were poor and theyre rich and that it stays that way because they want the control&power. Insane.


Woodyee101 t1_j5z1dwd wrote

I donโ€™t contest this


Yen-sama t1_j62vlyp wrote

Then maybe use him in your argument so you don't come off as a partisan Republican hack just tryin to own the libs or whatever. Hold them ALL accountable.


GTholla t1_j64z5lv wrote

man is simultaneously a useless crackhead and a diabolical business genius huh ๐Ÿ™„


Atrocious_1 t1_j68qc3m wrote

Pretty dumb how much this got downvoted. Pelosi might be the most corrupt legislator imaginable