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badpeaches t1_j60sae4 wrote

That's weird cause they're not even supposed to contribute to political campaigns. This is their work around.

> #Who can’t contribute > A political committee is prohibited from knowingly accepting a contribution that violates the prohibitions on contributions.

>##Corporations and labor organizations >The Federal Election Campaign Act prohibits corporations and labor organizations from making contributions in connection with federal elections. (A corporation or labor organization may pay the expenses of setting up, administering and soliciting contributions for its own political committee, called a separate segregated fund (SSF or PAC). A party committee may accept contributions from a corporate or labor PAC registered with the FEC.) This prohibition applies to all types of incorporated organizations, except political committees that incorporate only for liability purposes. National banks and federally chartered corporations, such as federal savings and loan associations, are prohibited from making contributions in connection with state and local as well as federal elections.


Generic_Mustard t1_j60tphd wrote

Yeah it sucks.

And if you work for a large corporation, there is usually a time in the year where they pass the hat around and ask all employees to contribute to the PAC and to assume that whatever the PAC supports is in the best interest of the company, and therefore in yours as well as an employee.


badpeaches t1_j645yj8 wrote

Are you serious


Generic_Mustard t1_j64dlwd wrote

I am but in my 12 years working there I never gave them a dime and never felt like by not giving, they were going to fire me or retaliate against me.