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hypotenoos t1_j5czsi8 wrote

The “I’ve never been past Harrisburg” map


PADabber724 t1_j5f48kg wrote

Literally whoever made this really phoned in the western part of the state


PGHNeil t1_j5gpek9 wrote

They probably drive a rusted out heap that couldn't make it up the hill on the PA Turnpike to the Somerset tunnel. People from Maryland, Virginia and DC area more familiar with western PA than those from the eastern part of the state IME because they pit stop at Breezewood.


Canopenerdude t1_j5f2fta wrote

Somehow he knows apple country though? Dude must go to the festival.


SpectacledReprobate t1_j5d6s3q wrote

I dunno about dragons, but there’s definitely a few Grand Dragons in that part of the map


CraWLee t1_j5f1alc wrote

😂 👏👏👏 they're everywhere apparently. Specifically on the 81 corridor from what the white supremacists map says. You'd think if we had a map of them it'd be easier to call the exterminator and get it dealt with.


esperantisto256 t1_j5d418u wrote

“The corpse of Bethlehem Steel” is a good one ngl


trebordet t1_j5eiqq4 wrote

Lehigh and Northampton Counties are the new "NY Transplants" and land of giant warehauses. Bethlehem Steel is ancient history.


Chaz_Cheeto t1_j5g9sls wrote

Pretty much. I grew up hopping the border of PA and NJ and settled here in Lehigh County. I also worked for a warehouse at one point. Oh boy.


hyperpolaris t1_j5fx995 wrote

Warehouseville, Distrotown, Truckerville, and Supply, PA


KoboldAnxiety t1_j5dw8oi wrote

Could probably apply that to Lebanon too.

Edit: Well, someone beat me to it.


Yachtrocker717 t1_j5hvi03 wrote

Cambria County too, never the same since the big money blue collar jobs vanished.


jmarinara t1_j5d3r0c wrote

Tell me you haven’t been west of State College without telling me…

(I LOLed at “Here be dragons” though)


psychcaptain t1_j5d3iwh wrote

I don't mind being Apple Valley


IamSauerKraut t1_j5d26ed wrote

Lebanon County is also the corpse of Bethlehem Steel. More so than "Greater Harrisburg" which should include Cumberland County. All that dark green is pennsyltucky.


binary_snek t1_j5dhfbp wrote

*need a map designation for PENNSYLTUCKY, stat


IamSauerKraut t1_j5ew086 wrote

Just put together a map of the counties where Mastro received buckets of votes.


ell0bo t1_j5ejcyn wrote

There needs to be a map that has eastern, western, and central pa (Lebanon, Lancaster, York, Dauphin) and just set everyone off.

Lebanon is such a weird place to quantify. It's not coal country, it did have steel, but the north can get bumblefuckish quick. We also have Amish in the east. It's in a nexus position between everything and does it best not to take advantage of that.


danappropriate t1_j5fq2tl wrote

I grew up in Lebanon and can confirm. Culturally, it's primarily a part of PA Dutch Country, but it's a demographic slowly dying off. You do have the “bumblefuck” portions in Cold Spring, Union, and Swatara up north, but those are very sparsely populated regions covered in state game land.

I would definitely not think of Lebanon as “Greater Harrisburg.”


GodSpeedLightning t1_j5q0xwd wrote

Glad someone agrees. Dauphin county has more of a claim to coal country (hello, have you been to upper Dauphin?!) than Cumberland does to "here be dragons." Cumberland county is almost entirely represented by "the white west shore" and Carlisle.


bonnydelrico t1_j5d9qew wrote

Finally; someone who know wtf to do with Lackawanna County


drowninglily t1_j5dkkuw wrote

Only other appropriate name for it is the Heyna Valley (which would of course also include Luzerne County)


JustVern t1_j5dtek5 wrote

Laughed at "Here be Dragons" and the other map that showed my area to be Pennsyltucky.

Some nights a beautiful mist descends over the mountains and through the trees...then you go out on 30 and see confederate flags. WTF?


WeeklyDividend t1_j5eh5j6 wrote

All those people know Gettsyburg happened, in Pennsylvania, but never really paid attention to who was who or how it ended


ColdCoffee31 t1_j5fmvk7 wrote

A history professor in college explained how most of the people of southern pa welcomed the confederate army when they marched in before Gettysburg lol


throwaway224 t1_j5g61pc wrote

I live outside of Breezewood and "30" is the hard road that connects to my "turn off the paved road" driveway. I might be a redneck but I DO NOT understand the passion here for flying what is literally the loser flag of losers.

In my part of "Dragons" territory, most folks can name at least one person who has died in an ATV-related incident and another gone to unexpected fentanyl. If you live here, your school district has days off for deer season purposes. Countryside is gorgeous AF in all seasons, tho, and we have covered bridges, which are neat.


JustVern t1_j5gcpsp wrote

Oh, yeah. First day of Deer season is a holiday.


HerculePoirot1 t1_j5cwbdf wrote

A lot of coal country out west too


JMPship t1_j5cwjqa wrote

Seems like the Map maker doesn’t leave the eastern side of the state much. I thought the same thing.


NotNowDamo t1_j5db29x wrote

And he didn't even do the east very well.

The names were funny, though.


PGHNeil t1_j5gqw1w wrote

Nope. Racism wasn't as big a thing up in NEPA because 100 years ago it was all immigrants who were looking for work and got roped into working in the coal mines. Everybody came out the same color.


NotNowDamo t1_j5gru8r wrote



PGHNeil t1_j5l64fb wrote

Sorry, I thought "dragon" was a KKK reference.

If anything, the mountains in NEPA aren't all that misty. Centralia is still burning.


upghr5187 t1_j5g085e wrote

The coal region of pa is an already defined thing. It’s specific to the anthracite mining areas in the northeast.


Pink_Slyvie t1_j5d7a72 wrote

Amish are much more spread out then this would lead you to believe.


Grand_Eber t1_j5fdhvg wrote

Yes but Lancaster is like one big Amish themepark


hiding-identity23 t1_j5ftple wrote

Don’t know why you were downvoted. They literally have Dutch Wonderland. 🤣


Grand_Eber t1_j5fusjk wrote

Ironically, though, it is a medeival-fantasy themed kids' park... nothing to do with Amish. And situated right next to the only Cartoon Network hotel in the world. Weird place


tribal_native t1_j5ljt3t wrote

Umm... No. As a multicultural person raised in Lancaster, I assure you it is not. Lancaster is incredibly diverse and has been one of the most successful counties in the state and has one of the highest immigration rates in the nation.

It is a pretty amazing and vibrant place.


Grand_Eber t1_j5lm9lc wrote

Lancaster county has the highest population of Amish among any county anywhere, that's all I was saying. I never claimed that it wasn't diverse, so I'm not sure why you are trying to argue that.

Although, the funny part is, it's not. Lancaster City sure is diverse, but the county is 80% white whereas the US is only 60% white. This is reflected in the fact that we almost always show up red on voting maps. That's right, I said "we"... I've lived in Lancaster all my life. I love the place but I'm not blind to its shortcomings.


tribal_native t1_j5lw5md wrote

I'm not arguing, homie. I apologize for not specifying, but I was speaking about the city.

Did you think I would be surprised that you said "we" and that I am not all alone in Lancaster? LOl.

Have a good night. Maybe we'll see each other in passing.


PGHNeil t1_j5grwg8 wrote

Can confirm. I grew up outside of Wilkes-Barre and went to Penn State. I-80 was all trucks so we cut went down the Selinsgrove and cut west toward State College. There were lots of Amish there.

PS: there are lots of Amish in Ohio too.


Pink_Slyvie t1_j5h6u7m wrote

I traveled up 15 quite often. There is a section where it's either Amish or adult stores.


PGHNeil t1_j5l5lwd wrote

That's pretty much all of the red areas of PA where they hold family values in such high regard.


NotNowDamo t1_j5ldci2 wrote

That's because you were driving Rte 15.

In PA, you can't not allow a land use when zoning, so adult stores and strip clubs are often zoned in as far from residential area as possible.


CraWLee t1_j5f29m6 wrote

Cumberland here... 2 houses down is an Amish/Mennonite school house...


all4whatnot t1_j5d2fcn wrote

Yellow - us

Rest - them


CraWLee t1_j5f26f7 wrote

I'm yellow living in the green... Besides the racism and trump signs everywhere, it's actually pretty splendid and home is only a drive down the pike...


openwheelr t1_j5d4dv0 wrote

Cumberland is spot on lol. Lots of dragons in York too.

The map needs to have the Northern Tier fleshed out, definitely its own world there.


Unusual-Regular3742 t1_j5g57pr wrote

as someone currently trapped here in the Northern Tier can you explain this map to me sir? lol


yossarians t1_j5d6lvf wrote

I've seen them fucking dragons!


willclerkforfood t1_j5daaox wrote

I haven’t seen anyone fucking dragons, but I have seen r/dragonsfuckingcars


Shadedblood t1_j5fi4vf wrote

Well sir. I explored, and I must say, That is enough internet for today.


dogmomdrinkstea t1_j5dqfsu wrote

Idk what the dragons part is supposed to mean 😂🫣 Without looking at the post I assumed it'd be a map like this but of Philly, and that part was Drexel (their mascot's a dragon).


youngluksusowa t1_j5da9m5 wrote

Best map I've seen so far. Maybe that's because I'm from Harrisburg and it seems everybody else is saying this is a very philly/burg map


WellThisIsFun26 t1_j5diay1 wrote

Franklin County here. Grew up in Baltimore, been here for 18 years. This is the next Glen Burnie, MD.


FacE3ater t1_j5d98oo wrote

I bet there are more NY transplants in Lancaster county than Amish at this point.


ycpa68 t1_j5d0s07 wrote

While the Cumberland county one is definitely accurate, it's also the greater Harrisburg area


Marionboy t1_j5enlum wrote

Dragon hunting sounds fun!


Powersurge82 t1_j5dofyz wrote

I may or may have not been eating an apple while I stumbled on to my county's title.


glipglop106 t1_j5en774 wrote

The other one was better on the western half of this fair Commonwealth, this one’s better on the eastern half. Combine the two and they are perfect.


tribal_native t1_j5f1iem wrote

Have you ever been to Lancaster because...

We are a sanctuary city and one of the most diverse in the entire country. The city and the county reflect that.


NotNowDamo t1_j5leo7t wrote

Yeah, I have heard Lancaster city described as Little Brooklyn. So many transplants in the suburbs. The Amish of Lancaster are also pretty progressive as far as Amish go.

Pretty hard to use one word to describe Lancaster.


BakedBeanWhore t1_j5feml5 wrote

Why do you jabronis keep leaving Beaver and Butler out of Pittsburgh?


Cheesehacker t1_j5cv1tk wrote

Pretty good! Here be dragons got a little much though. I did stripped areas for a lot of the border counties.


Marcy595 t1_j5eolbh wrote

What's funny is my school mascot in Warren county is the dragons


CraWLee t1_j5f0tw7 wrote

Umm... "Amish country" is majority of central PA... did you even take the drive to check these places out or just Google and use paint bucket?


JimD724 t1_j5f7gka wrote

As long as you guys keep putting Westmoreland County with Pittsburgh, so I can keep telling people I’m from Pittsburgh, I’m fine with all of these.


CanootershootMcGivns t1_j5fjh8x wrote

"Corpse of Bethlehem Steel" and "Last Highway Exit to Civilization" had me rolling. This is awesome.


PAzoo42 t1_j5dukdj wrote

Man I'll accept Penn State as long as it's not that barf inducing "happy valley".


worstatit t1_j5efh6o wrote

Hmm. You are of the school that Harrisburg is "Central Pennsylvania", I see.


Poseur52 t1_j5ej6wh wrote

This is the best one of these I've seen so far. My quibbles are that Somerset County is definitely also coal country (other commenters have also pointed this out) and that the counties surrounding Allegheny can't quite be considered Pittsburgh anymore. Over the past twenty years, those counties have become pretty dragonish.


AtBat3 t1_j5enqh5 wrote

Many Berks countians would be upset just being known as Reading


[deleted] t1_j5ey8wh wrote

Good old Berks, referred to as "Reading" is about as good as it gets IMO. What else do we have? There's no notable culture.



AtBat3 t1_j5eywua wrote

It is funny though because many of Berks residents just say we’re “from Reading” if we’re talking to out-of-state folks. But if anyone local says we’re from Reading and we don’t live in the city, they get corrected quick haha.


[deleted] t1_j5f7m5a wrote

I said that for a long time, I made the mistake of saying it too close to home and ever since "Reading area" has been my go-to.


Redlar t1_j5fxljb wrote

I've lived here close to twenty years but grew up in MD so there's local stuff I still don't get.

My husband used to get a tiny bit testy with me if I told someone relatively local he was from Norristown (Montgomery Co), the correct answer was East Norriton.


AtBat3 t1_j5g3oer wrote

Yeah I work with a lot of people from Lehigh Valley and a lot of them say I’m from Reading and act like I’m some city dweller hoodrat. Like damn I’m from the suburbs, it ain’t like that outside of the city haha.


Hixiicochii t1_j5ht4gt wrote

I once told a lady that I was from Reading, even tho I’m from Hamburg and she said, Oh I’m so sorry.


brashendeavors t1_j5f2p40 wrote

Ooooh I live in 'Here be Dragons' land :D a lone lefty in a sea of red ...


bowlegged_barbarian t1_j5f8po0 wrote

Boring to leave Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as just that. The 2 most biggest/most cultural places…That’s all you got?


Shadedblood t1_j5fhkdn wrote

Lol I like that I live on the T of dragons, coal, and out of staters...makes sense.


Hidekinomask t1_j5fux3d wrote

Most based and accurate version of the map as someone from berks


PGHNeil t1_j5gs810 wrote

I continue to LOL at the idea that ALL of Center County is Penn State. People in Bellefonte would take issue with that. PSU is pretty much isolated to the Happy Valley.


teaandsnark t1_j5gze8j wrote

“The Corpse of Bethlehem Steel” LMAO


MPotato23 t1_j5hci78 wrote

Wtf does dragon mean?


SunstruckMorning t1_j5hfjsf wrote

I feel like the PA dutch region is an actual region more than apples are. I’ve not seen apples in York.


Allemaengel t1_j5cu6x8 wrote

Pretty solid work in the eastern part for sure. I live in the Poconos, work in the Philly metro area and grew up in the Lehigh Valley.

I agree with all three though an argument could be made to shift Carbon County into the Poconos as more of it's more that than true Coal Region.


pineapplevega t1_j5d6yty wrote

What are you guys using to make these?


chartreuse6 t1_j5d8k4y wrote

Why no coal in SW pa? It’s famous for coal


dogmomdrinkstea t1_j5dq84e wrote

Wondering why Cumberland isn't considered part of greater Harrisburg but only Lancaster is. I grew up in Harrisburg and I'd much quicker associate one over the other, personally.


StagLee1 t1_j5dzolj wrote

If you are not including Beaver County as Yinzer country you have never been there.


lynny_lynn t1_j5e2dzl wrote

Behold! Pennsyltucky, land of dragons!


livinginillusion t1_j5etx27 wrote

Philadelphia from down by Rivers Casino all the way up through Bucks the stars and they say ?


KindKill267 t1_j5ey67j wrote

Franklin county is hardly dragons Territory. Outside of Cumberland valley it can get rural quick but it's population has grown a lot in the last 15 years.


as1161 t1_j5gxv6c wrote

I can't believe you didn't put Susquehanna county in coal country, there are so many coal mine tours there it isn't even funny


SnooRevelations9889 t1_j5jfok3 wrote

Maybe divide the yellow into "Philly" and "Suburbs'co." (There’s are an insane number of people who don't cross the city line.)

"Transshipment-burg" could work for the lower I-81 area.


greasemonkeyswife t1_j5jstyd wrote

Agree with all but the Amish country. Add Jefferson and Indiana county. Cant throw a stick without hitting one of those smelly hypocritical bastards.


hyperpolaris t1_j5fwu3m wrote

This is accurate to all NEPA people

But the extreme western PA counties (Including Pittsburg) should be labeled “Ohio”