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HerculePoirot1 t1_j5cwbdf wrote

A lot of coal country out west too


JMPship t1_j5cwjqa wrote

Seems like the Map maker doesn’t leave the eastern side of the state much. I thought the same thing.


NotNowDamo t1_j5db29x wrote

And he didn't even do the east very well.

The names were funny, though.


PGHNeil t1_j5gqw1w wrote

Nope. Racism wasn't as big a thing up in NEPA because 100 years ago it was all immigrants who were looking for work and got roped into working in the coal mines. Everybody came out the same color.


NotNowDamo t1_j5gru8r wrote



PGHNeil t1_j5l64fb wrote

Sorry, I thought "dragon" was a KKK reference.

If anything, the mountains in NEPA aren't all that misty. Centralia is still burning.


upghr5187 t1_j5g085e wrote

The coal region of pa is an already defined thing. It’s specific to the anthracite mining areas in the northeast.