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esperantisto256 t1_j5d418u wrote

“The corpse of Bethlehem Steel” is a good one ngl


trebordet t1_j5eiqq4 wrote

Lehigh and Northampton Counties are the new "NY Transplants" and land of giant warehauses. Bethlehem Steel is ancient history.


Chaz_Cheeto t1_j5g9sls wrote

Pretty much. I grew up hopping the border of PA and NJ and settled here in Lehigh County. I also worked for a warehouse at one point. Oh boy.


hyperpolaris t1_j5fx995 wrote

Warehouseville, Distrotown, Truckerville, and Supply, PA


KoboldAnxiety t1_j5dw8oi wrote

Could probably apply that to Lebanon too.

Edit: Well, someone beat me to it.


Yachtrocker717 t1_j5hvi03 wrote

Cambria County too, never the same since the big money blue collar jobs vanished.