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JustVern t1_j5dtek5 wrote

Laughed at "Here be Dragons" and the other map that showed my area to be Pennsyltucky.

Some nights a beautiful mist descends over the mountains and through the trees...then you go out on 30 and see confederate flags. WTF?


WeeklyDividend t1_j5eh5j6 wrote

All those people know Gettsyburg happened, in Pennsylvania, but never really paid attention to who was who or how it ended


ColdCoffee31 t1_j5fmvk7 wrote

A history professor in college explained how most of the people of southern pa welcomed the confederate army when they marched in before Gettysburg lol


throwaway224 t1_j5g61pc wrote

I live outside of Breezewood and "30" is the hard road that connects to my "turn off the paved road" driveway. I might be a redneck but I DO NOT understand the passion here for flying what is literally the loser flag of losers.

In my part of "Dragons" territory, most folks can name at least one person who has died in an ATV-related incident and another gone to unexpected fentanyl. If you live here, your school district has days off for deer season purposes. Countryside is gorgeous AF in all seasons, tho, and we have covered bridges, which are neat.


JustVern t1_j5gcpsp wrote

Oh, yeah. First day of Deer season is a holiday.