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AtBat3 t1_j5enqh5 wrote

Many Berks countians would be upset just being known as Reading


[deleted] t1_j5ey8wh wrote

Good old Berks, referred to as "Reading" is about as good as it gets IMO. What else do we have? There's no notable culture.



AtBat3 t1_j5eywua wrote

It is funny though because many of Berks residents just say we’re “from Reading” if we’re talking to out-of-state folks. But if anyone local says we’re from Reading and we don’t live in the city, they get corrected quick haha.


[deleted] t1_j5f7m5a wrote

I said that for a long time, I made the mistake of saying it too close to home and ever since "Reading area" has been my go-to.


Redlar t1_j5fxljb wrote

I've lived here close to twenty years but grew up in MD so there's local stuff I still don't get.

My husband used to get a tiny bit testy with me if I told someone relatively local he was from Norristown (Montgomery Co), the correct answer was East Norriton.


AtBat3 t1_j5g3oer wrote

Yeah I work with a lot of people from Lehigh Valley and a lot of them say I’m from Reading and act like I’m some city dweller hoodrat. Like damn I’m from the suburbs, it ain’t like that outside of the city haha.


Hixiicochii t1_j5ht4gt wrote

I once told a lady that I was from Reading, even tho I’m from Hamburg and she said, Oh I’m so sorry.