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Grand_Eber t1_j5lm9lc wrote

Lancaster county has the highest population of Amish among any county anywhere, that's all I was saying. I never claimed that it wasn't diverse, so I'm not sure why you are trying to argue that.

Although, the funny part is, it's not. Lancaster City sure is diverse, but the county is 80% white whereas the US is only 60% white. This is reflected in the fact that we almost always show up red on voting maps. That's right, I said "we"... I've lived in Lancaster all my life. I love the place but I'm not blind to its shortcomings.


tribal_native t1_j5lw5md wrote

I'm not arguing, homie. I apologize for not specifying, but I was speaking about the city.

Did you think I would be surprised that you said "we" and that I am not all alone in Lancaster? LOl.

Have a good night. Maybe we'll see each other in passing.