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Tr0gd0r17 t1_j5fzuy9 wrote

In the summer it’s the Pennsylvania’s beach. In winter it’s Pennsylvania’s Siberia.


Revolutionary-Log634 t1_j5ibqg2 wrote

"Pennsylvania's beach"... maybe for those living within a 30 mile range. 😂


ashleyorelse t1_j5kjnnn wrote

You can drive farther than 30 miles to get there


Revolutionary-Log634 t1_j5kk3jk wrote

My point was that it may be PA's beach for those in NWPA, but as someone from SEPA, I don't know a single person who goes to Erie for a "beach" trip.


ashleyorelse t1_j5kl7y3 wrote

That makes sense. You can just drive to the ocean faster.

But it's not just NWPA. It's for anyone who lives middle to the west of PA, it's closer to go to Erie. As in, well over half the state of PA has a closer drive to Erie than the ocean.

Understand that it's also a beach destination if people from Ohio and Western NY want a shorter trip.

Honestly every time I've been to Presque Isle in summer, the place is packed. And it's not a tiny peninsula.


KrazySunshine t1_j5rcyg4 wrote

I live in the Lehigh Valley and never knew there was a beach in Erie, I’ve never even been to Erie. People around here generally go to the Jersey Shore, and some go to Maryland and Virginia, even people I know who live in the center of PA go to those places


ashleyorelse t1_j5re1vf wrote

TBF, Lehigh Valley is in an area where the ocean may be a shorter drive. Same with Easter PA. The middle, it depends on where and what your priorities are.

For those anywhere in the western half of PA, it's much closer than the ocean. Even a central location such as State College, it's still a bit closer than the Jersey Shore.

Basically, anyone within PA and less than 3 hours drive to Erie is closer for sure than the ocean. Anyone in the western portion of the state is much closer than that.


CansPGH t1_j5fpt24 wrote

My favorite shirt I saw but didn't buy (regret) said, "It's Okay to Love Erie"...


Mollythewonder t1_j5i7n96 wrote

It’s on the side of a building near the airport


Hazel1928 t1_j5mbbe2 wrote

Erie has an airport? Not commercial, right?


buckeyebignut t1_j5mzf4f wrote

>I flew out of Erie to Phoenix last fall, nice airport because it's so small


Hazel1928 t1_j5n14dx wrote

Oh, yeah, smaller airports are nice when they work for you. I fligh Philadelphia to Myrtle Beach a couple times per year. I areive to PHLna full 2.5 hours before my flight, more if it’s holiday season. Buut I feel safe arriving in MB 2 hrs prior to take off. A big part of the difference is getting to my gate. MB only haas one terminal. In PHL, I feel like I am hitting a mile between security and my gate


NagromYargTrebloc t1_j5fqm5f wrote

Presque Ilse is a nice vacation alternative with fresh water beaches. We'd make the trip nearly every year when our sons were little (we live south of Pittsburgh).


point_breeze69 t1_j5g54rx wrote

Pretty sure I can get to North Carolina faster then I can get to Erie.


PatientNice t1_j5gh3d7 wrote

Not if you take 95. I hate that road.


Xyncx t1_j5gs2ce wrote

It's not so bad at 3 am.


PatientNice t1_j5gvfc4 wrote

I’ll remember that the next time I’m vampire driving! Thanks.


Xyncx t1_j5gwqbv wrote

I typically drive down that way when traveling, which is always better at 3 am


PatientNice t1_j5gxd1f wrote

Sure, but I can’t do that. I could when I was young. However, if I do become a vampire…..


diabloking325 t1_j5h10hw wrote

3rd shift worker here from Lancaster. My sister is in her last year of college in Erie. When my gf and I want to go visit her I sleep at her place in the morning and when she gets off I wake up get food and we hit the road.

By the time nightfall is hitting we switch off driving (she's got bad night blindness) and I do the rest of the driving.

From a fellow vampire it's not bad at night. Just watch for deer. Both as hazard and snack


rrfloeter t1_j5fz2e9 wrote

It’s the only part of PA I’ve never been to so really its a bit of an enigma to me


merr_99 t1_j5imgp5 wrote

It doesn't exist. Everybody but you is in on the joke.


Harley_RiderPA t1_j5h3gyt wrote

My cousins live there. If not for them, I wouldn’t bother. Lol.


bowlegged_barbarian t1_j5g1omm wrote

Local here. Yes we are separated from the other urban ones that’s usually the trend “blue islands”. We aren’t as big of a population as the others though. We (the city) are not rural, but the county might be a toss up. We are known to vote purple. We have a lake, a peninsula, a zoo, an amusement park, a water park, minor league baseball, basketball, and hockey, college campuses, a shopping mall, breweries, festivals. Also you might see flags around town saying “Don’t Give Up the Ship!”, a War of 1812 reference.


fryerandice t1_j5iowxe wrote

It's not a tossup, Erie county is Rural, Erie county as a whole in 1500 sq miles, has the same population as the City Of Pittsburgh Incorporated area. Which consists mostly of just the downtown area, and then allgheny county even with rural areas is coming in at 1.6 million people in 754 sq miles.


Synchro78 t1_j5lpml0 wrote

Erie County is classified as a urban county. As long as a county’s population density is greater than 291 it’s a urban county.


jbot14 t1_j5g2ln2 wrote

Erie is the future, just wait til the climate refugees start rolling in...


tsg5087 t1_j5h9dj0 wrote

Yes this is so true. Ample water supply, outside tornado alley, CHEAP housing, highway and train access, winters becoming more mild, if they city could just get its head out of its ass it might figure out how to position itself and make it attractive for climate migrants.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j5kx2zb wrote

"When everywhere else is uninhabitable, Erie will finally have it's day in the sun."


discogeek t1_j5fw1rg wrote

If you don't mind bitter snow now and then, Erie is a great place. Lots of ourdoors stuff to do (skiing, we've got a fantastic beach, forests and parks all over), decent culture for a city our size (art museum, playhouse, theater, and a great live music scene), academics (four universities and a half dozen within an hour drive). Great people, low cost of living, and those days you want to get away we've got three large cities and tons and tons of small treasures to go explore.


mjf5431 t1_j5hd3ku wrote

Don't forget minor league baseball, basketball, and hockey teams! Besides the snow it's really not a terrible place to live.


Fue_la_luna t1_j5fwewa wrote

The little town of Northeast with the surrounding wineries is a gem.


Edenza t1_j5gvswl wrote

Lived in North East. Can confirm. I wouldn't mind living there again.


goddoesntlikemycock t1_j5g0k3m wrote

Ask Tom Segura about Erie


pts1354 t1_j5g6y3f wrote

Never been there, but being from Scranton, I always assumed it was basically Scranton with a beach.


blueshift9 t1_j5gg23d wrote

I've lived close to both, your description of Erie is pretty much spot on.


tr3vw t1_j5gh51w wrote



Von_Moistus t1_j5gtqt9 wrote

True dat. The “beach” in Harborcreek is either a 20-foot stretch of fist-sized rocks or a sheer cliff.


Starpork t1_j5g3rau wrote

It's honestly more similar to Buffalo and Cleveland than anywhere else in PA. "Mini-Detroit" is the vibe I got when I worked there for several months.


SirBoots560 t1_j5go0xh wrote

Lived here for 4 years now. Grew up in a tiny town south of here.

I love Erie! The summer time it is a great city/community! Winter time the snow is a bit of a bear, but manageable.

Downtown is on its way up! Lots of new development and new orgs to be involved with in the community.


tehmlem t1_j5fswbe wrote

I think of it the same way people who have never been to Pittsburgh think of Pittsburgh. Just miles of industrial sprawl and ash covered wastes


PatientNice t1_j5ghirg wrote

I visited for the first time last year. I thought it had a nice vibe. Discovered Nostrovia Beer company which was fun (I’m half Slovak). Great beer and pierogis. Presque isle was a interesting too. I’d go back but maybe not in the winter after some of these descriptions.


PPQue6 t1_j5hgmgd wrote

If you like good beer and Pierogis you should come to town for Zabawa (Polish Festival), it's pretty damn good!


bambiying t1_j5fsbzy wrote

We went up there to tour a couple of colleges. I really liked Presque Isle. It wasn't enough for me to drive across state again to get to it.


Hazel1928 t1_j5fq1eu wrote

I went to Calvary Camp growing up. The address is Conneaut, Ohio, but it’s basically Erie. The chapel was kind of on the edge of a sand cliff. I think they moved the chapel at least once. I would be curious to know if that camp is still going and how the cliff is holding up.


EmbarrassedEye7745 t1_j5gm1e3 wrote

Still there! I visited a few years ago for a wedding. They have a beautiful venue right on the bluff that overlooks the lake.

Unfortunately many areas of the shoreline near there continue to have erosion issues.


StuckatPSU69 t1_j5gtu83 wrote

Grew up helping openCalvary with my youth group. Great memories!! Love that chapel


mentalgopher t1_j5gt91g wrote

Moved to Erie from Arizona a year ago. Really like it here.

I would say that Erie is more like Cleveland or Buffalo than any part of PA just because of its proximity to Cleveland as opposed to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.


bigmdisa t1_j5h1uxh wrote

Pittsburgh here, born and raised. I love Erie. Great wineries, great breweries. Steelhead fishing, and a casino I've never won money at. I try to get up there every year. Molly Brannigans bar is an Irish gem if you're into whiskeys. I'm a fan.


CostofRepairs t1_j5g00aq wrote

I like it. (Mercer Co. area here.) I was in Erie last week. Was there last week and will be again next month.

You have a some unique small stores that I’d like to visit.

It is noticeable the downtown is in an economic downturn as LE based commerce has shrunk

Your “poor” areas look a lot worse than 5-8 years ago. And my “feels” in those area are worse than I remember.


donutlad t1_j5g16qk wrote

Erie is somewhat a mythical location to me. Never been there, dont know anyone who has ever been there or has come from there. The only part of PA with a "shore". Just a weird, separate part of the state.


PGHNeil t1_j5gjzqo wrote

As a NEPA native and Pittsburgh resident I see Erie as a pit stop on the way to Buffalo/Ontario. It's defintely nicer than some parts of Ohio I've been through and seems to have a lot more in common with western NY. It's definitely more "Great Lakes" territory than a true part of Pennsylvania.


TilneysAndTrapdoors t1_j5gma00 wrote

I like tall ships and first went there to sail on the Flagship Niagara, and liked the city and the beaches and have been back. I couldn't live there, though, couldn't take the snow. If I want beaches, it's certainly easier for me to go to NJ or the Poconos.


JAK3CAL t1_j5gnafo wrote

Don’t give up the ship!

I lived there for awhile. Presque isle is a gem and incredible. The rest of Erie is pretty depressing. We had fun but we knew we couldn’t stay


arose_mtom124 t1_j5h190n wrote

I am an Erie native and have lived in Philly for nine years now After moving away, I fully realized what a bubble Erie is. Over here, people can’t even find Erie on a map and are often surprised to hear that it’s in the same state lol. It’s not the Midwest, but feels more like the Midwest than part of PA, culturally, anyway. There’s just so few people out there relative to this side of the pond, so it’s much less urbanized and is behind on a lot of things. There isn’t much of a food scene or anything I would consider cultural. Overall, it is a good place to grow up and has a tight knit small town feel. Homes are affordable and the cost of living is pretty low. Recently it seems they’re experiencing a bit of a small business “made locally” renaissance, and I’m happy for them. The beach and Presque Isle are truly treasures.

Overall though, it’s definitely isolated from the rest of the state, especially culturally. A lot of people never leave, and it’s small enough that you may see people you went to high school with at the grocery store with their kids. There are only a few major employers and not a ton of good paying job opportunities. It’s extremely Catholic and there is relatively little diversity, which is something that has really stuck with me since leaving. I was on the beach there this summer and noticed it was 98% white people, for example. There’s a lot of POC in the city, but the city is widely considered “dangerous” and IMO, incredibly stigmatized and under funded, left to rot in a sense, which is a shame. There have been attempts to revitalize downtown, but overall it’s largely not very interesting and changes have been minor comparatively speaking. Most people live in the suburbs because it’s “safer” and schools are better (accurate. Unfortunately Erie has one of the worst school districts in PA). You definitely have to drive everywhere due to it’s suburban nature. Forgot the snow. Ever seen lightning during a snow storm? If you are not a winter person, it would be hard to adjust to the amount of snow that falls there.

So is it a place to be? Not exactly. It has everything you could ever want, but it’s definitely not interesting and pretty homogenous. My world view has grown dramatically since leaving and the things I have experienced in the Philly area are eons above anything anyone in my family has ever done.


Unfamiliar_Word t1_j5hq61v wrote

I seldom think of Erie. I have no idea what the city looks like or its culture. It seems isolated from the rest of the Commonwealth.

I was raised mostly near Allentown. The earliest mention of Erie that I can remember is that before the results of the 2000 census, Mayor Heydt of Allentown and whoever was Mayor of Erie then had a bet as to which would be more populous. The Mayor of Erie lost that bet.

I suppose that I might think of Erie as a smaller version of Buffalo, but less fortunate than the larger city, as Buffalo was recorded as having gained population in the 2020 census.

I also occasionally think of Erie as having a station on the high speed rail network that I often fantasize about the United States building. It would be stop on a high-speed version of the former New York Central Water Level route from New York City to Chicago via Upstate New York.


PM_Me_Your_WorkFiles t1_j5gw7iu wrote

Went to a conference in Erie a few years ago, was really surprised to see so many immigrants and in general was surprised at the diversity of the place. Coming from Philly, I assumed the rest of the state was pretty much the sticks (aside from Pittsburgh). Erie a really beautiful town, and if it didn’t get so fucking cold I would completely see the appeal!


PPQue6 t1_j5hh3se wrote

>was really surprised to see so many immigrants and in general was surprised at the diversity of the place.

Honestly, it's the best part of living here!


TapewormNinja t1_j5gwvzw wrote

I went up to Erie for a gig at the Warner Theatre there last spring. First time in that corner of the state.

I thought it was a cute town? Although it had a definite “place in transition” vibe, I couldn’t tell if things were getting better or worse? One thing I did notice was that every place I went to dinner closed their kitchen an hour earlier than what was posted on Google. Like, one place is a mistake, but three places seemed weird?

Biggest bright side is the housing market. I could sell my eastern PA row home and buy a mansion in Erie. And if I wouldn’t have a six hour drive to most of my gigs, it would be absolutely tempting.


woodcuttersDaughter t1_j5fzo5g wrote

I would go up in the summer in college because my friend went to Gannon and stayed in the summer. Going to the beach was fun. That was in the mid 90’s and haven’t been since. It snows a lot, I know that. I’m not itching to go back.


RedHeadedStepDevil t1_j5g9qt8 wrote

The Mother Earth News Fair moved the Pennsylvania event from 20 minutes off the turnpike in Seven Springs, to Erie, PA. Not only will it be a PITA to get to, but there’s no state park camping anywhere near there—which made attending the event halfway affordable. (Laurel Hill State Park outside of Seven Springs is awesome, btw.) It’s bad enough the event was canceled for the last couple of years due to COVID, but to move it to Erie…I’m super bummed not to be going this year because lack of affordable places to stay. (Camping fees at a state park were my financial limit.)

Erie is an okay place to visit, but it’s a long-ass haul and is in the middle of nowhere.


PPQue6 t1_j5hgx1o wrote

>but it’s a long-ass haul and is in the middle of nowhere.

3 1/2 hours to Toronto

1hr 15min to Buffalo

1hr 30min to Cleveland

2hr 15min to Pittsburgh

5hr to Columbus

4hr 30min to Detroit

and you call that middle of nowhere...?


KBearr75 t1_j5jay62 wrote

Pretty sure you can camp on Presque Isle so…


worstatit t1_j5jcd0f wrote



Ok-Age-1157 t1_j5ibupv wrote

Yes! This is my current gripe. I can’t stand Erie.


SunstruckMorning t1_j5gols5 wrote

I want to go to the beach there instead of new jersey


fdrlbj t1_j5gqssp wrote

Nice town


sx70forlifexx t1_j5gr8tn wrote

Spent a few days there last summer It's a paradise


rialucia t1_j5grre8 wrote

I’m from Pittsburgh and have trekked up to Erie many a time to visit my best friend and her husband. They went to Gannon University and with the exception of a brief stint in grad school at Pitt, they got jobs there and never left. The cost of living is really low compared to Pennsylvania’s other cities, but it’s still got enough amenities going for it to make it a decent place to settle down and raise a family. They also take advantage of close proximity to Buffalo. That said, if not for my bestie, I’d never go out of my way to go to Erie. If I want beach access, I’m more of an ocean person myself.


davidmk756 t1_j5hb7gg wrote

Erie is laid out in a grid fashion with the lake being the northern point. downtown separates east from west. It’s flat and easier to navigate than pgh. The lake is a beautiful place for quiet reflection. There are some good colleges: public is PSU Behrend & private are either Gannon or Mercyhurst. If you want to avoid natural disasters, but don’t mind lake effect snow it’s not a terrible city to visit or have a summer home.


9ntech t1_j5hdln6 wrote

Ever watch Evil Genius?


Thoraxe474 t1_j5hx19q wrote

That tourist trap looking restaurant right at the entrance of presque isle called Sarah's or something has a really damn good milkshake


Domin717 t1_j5gj0u8 wrote

The locals call it the mistake by the lake. So yeah it's kinda a dead city. Also woke up the a murder outside my hotel when working in town for a week.


Allemaengel t1_j5gobqj wrote

Never been that far west - only got as far as McKean County.

But it looks like a cool geographical location and I really like snow and cold gray winters (yeah, I'm weird, I know) so I'd probably like it there.


IllustriousArcher199 t1_j5gxb3y wrote

I always wanted to check it out. I live outside of Philadelphia and it’s one of those places that’s not super far for a drive you make it sound better than I’ve ever heard. Does it have a central core like a downtown? That’s fun to hang in? Always been interested in Presque Isle and the lake. Read a while back about algae blooms in lake Erie is that a thing or super rare?


Penguinswin3 t1_j5h08xf wrote

I went to college up there and I really enjoy it, and all of it's depressing quirks.


Desperate_Cat2540 t1_j5han57 wrote

I’ve been around plenty, I’ve walked citied big and small.

Erie is a good city. Nice water front, gentrifying, yet still affordable.

Go there.


kowalski-analy5is t1_j5hfid6 wrote

Visited once in 2021, plan on visiting again on Memorial Day. Typically I beach at OBX however I’m an amusement park guy, so my main draw is Waldameer. The campground down the road is amazing and quaint, random people helped push my car out of the sand when it got stuck, and they have a beautiful state park on the peninsula


Illustrious_Air_1438 t1_j5hn25m wrote

I've never been there and I don't know anyone from there. I think of it as more of a Great Lakes city like Cleveland, Toledo, etc. (though I haven't really been to those cities besides briefly passing through on the way to Chicago). I am a bit familiar with the Indiana lakefront so I guess it's similar to that. Presque Isle seems like a cool place to visit.


SammieCat50 t1_j5hnhwl wrote

My son had a big 4 th grade project on the Great Lakes … it made me want to visit Erie, PA….something like 80% of the seafood the US eats comes from the Great Lakes if I remember correctly


Frehley75 t1_j5hrky3 wrote

We love going to Erie. Heading there in a few weeks to get away for a few nights. Heading to Peach Street for some shopping, good food, and relaxation. 👍🏼


Beginning_Ad_6616 t1_j5htthi wrote

It’s an okay place; it’s had its up and down times just like any other rust belt town…but you’ve got a nice lake, some cool parks, some good schools, you’re close to Pittsburgh, you’re close to Cleveland, and you’ve got a weird mix sports sports fans Steelers/Browns/Bills.


guardbitch2004 t1_j5hx9j7 wrote

I'm an out of towner. I'm from southeastern PA but I visit Erie for spring training with Cadets drum corps. We didn't get to see too much of the city but I've met some nice people. It seems like a quieter town with a closer knit community than anything. And the lake looks pretty. Seems like a nice place


Kinkyregae t1_j5j8lik wrote

I don’t really keep tabs on what the PA Canadians are up to.


broBcool_2010 t1_j5jdy70 wrote

It's sort of up and coming. Gannon U has a new cybersecurity school, there is some other tech, and breweries and coffee houses, food markets/indoor food mall, etc, other developments, but I wouldn't quite call it "the place to be"--Lake, Erie, the Erie Bay and Presque Isle, the peninsula are SUPER nice in the summer.


broBcool_2010 t1_j5je239 wrote

if you go, try Pineapple Eddie's - probably my favorite restaurant in Erie.


worstatit t1_j5jef96 wrote

Lived here most of my life, visited many areas along the east coast to the midwest. Haven't seen anything to cause me to move. It's been good to me, and, if you can find a reasonable job, is a great place to be. Changing seasons, decent people, family friendly, lots to do, low cost of living, proximity to many larger cities. Like anywhere, it is what you make of it. I don't need constant urban stimulation in my life, anymore that I need total isolation. We don't really care what the rest of the state thinks of us, as it's usually wrong, when they bother to pay attention at all.


esperantisto256 t1_j5g12xv wrote

I don’t think of it too much tbh, it’s just kinda there. As a LV resident I imagine the vibe is somewhat similar rust belt, just a bit more isolated. Since the election though I think of Trump’s visit where he said he didn’t really want to be there lol.


midcenelf t1_j5gs9gn wrote

I just went and watched that clip on YT and I can't quit laughing


victorix58 t1_j5g26c1 wrote

Small town in the middle of nowhere, but for a great lake.


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_j5g3juh wrote

They have a nice, modest art museum. The ‘city’ part looked pretty run down the last time I visited 10 years ago. I went there as a kid once and was disappointed that the beaches were all closed because of tens of thousands of dead fish. 15 years later, visited residential Erie with friends who attended Edinboro state college one evening - had a great time smoking weed with his friend’s mom - memorable for the time.


metracta t1_j5g6tll wrote

Feels midwestern


LOERMaster t1_j5g9eqo wrote

Eh not much to do there, but I hear the lake is Great.


marysuewashere t1_j5gk98x wrote

From da 'burgh, here. We kind of forget Erie is up there unless there is some need to go. Sorry.


goggle-moggle t1_j5gkmvr wrote

I got ill on vacation there in 1971. Therefore: avoid 😉


ballsonthewall t1_j5gm3vi wrote

It's like mini Detroit with a Pittsburgh theme lol


JohnDeere714 t1_j5gmugv wrote

Erie is that city that I keep forgets is located in Pennsylvania. Hell I forget it exists sometimes


polarisgirl t1_j5gnclk wrote

I spent a year in Erie, yesterday


dj_swearengen t1_j5gsbb6 wrote

I live on the other end of the commonwealth. I’ve never been to Erie. Even though I’ve been to Cleveland and Buffalo. Don’t neg me.


ktappe t1_j5gvuqq wrote

If I may be honest, I genuinely don’t think about Erie. At all.


SquintyB t1_j5hbvq9 wrote

I've heard the pizza is explosive


smartshoe t1_j5hex9t wrote

It’s the place where that guy steve w. Stephen’s who killed the old man on Facebook live offed himself

Apart from that I know it’s on the lake and that’s about it


JillNye_TheScienceBi t1_j5hsfwg wrote

The Pennsylvania Tundra aka land of fluffy white bs and bone-chilling wind depending on if the dang lake is frozen over


sassycat13 t1_j5hu6np wrote

From the exact opposite side of PA and I just think how weird that PA has a beach!!! Also, there seems to be a looooot of nature before you can get to it! That’s about all I’ve ever thought of it.


DistanceEmergency244 t1_j5hxs1s wrote

The late Jack Brisco a Professional wrestler was appearing at an Erie High School in 1984. He said to the officer on duty as he walked to the dressing room, “they named the town right, when they called it Erie.” True story


Jive_Sloth t1_j5ie059 wrote

It's the lowest income county in the US.


semiaddled t1_j5jlww7 wrote

I have gotten the impression that the economy isn't so great up there. I've run into a number of younger people from Erie who relocated to Pittsburgh for better employment opportunities.


RamshackleDayParade t1_j5jpjgj wrote

I grew up there and left when I was 19 (1999). My parents left a few years later and I've been back once every couple years since.

Summers are gorgeous there.

Winter was horrible, for me anyway.

There's a lot the city could do to make it better, seems like they're trying some. When I was a kid, downtown was pretty lame. It just felt like a lot of wasted spaces, and everything went to upper Peach Street, but looks like that's balancing out more. It's still sad to see the shells of industry on 12th. Someone called it little Detroit and that feels accurate.

Now that I've lived elsewhere, most states on the east coast between Florida and Pennsylvania, I think about my life there, but not sure I'd live there again.

I was embarrassed that was where I grew up, but now I'm good with it.


sprag80 t1_j5jq036 wrote

MAGA land.


MunchyMcCrunchy t1_j5jy9xs wrote

I'd say that there are some nice things to see and do, but probably not more than a couple days worth. Definitely better in the summer when you can most enjoy the lake.


breezybackwobble470 t1_j5jya0f wrote

from the SE corner of PA, some irrelevant vacation spot which might as well be canada or something. sorry if that sounds harsh but you guys are just so far away


Sensitive_Job_7164 t1_j5k4tgx wrote

It's where we go to fish and swim, all the other waters are polluted.


carrigan_quinn t1_j5k9g8b wrote

Pretty sure I've only heard of Erie in fairy tales.


HotSauce_LeFierce t1_j5kft12 wrote

It's got a special place in my heart because of childhood memories with family. But every time I go back it looks more and more abandoned.


tribal_native t1_j5kjqwh wrote

Umm... Who said you were urban? Because they lied.

*Note: I mean "ER-bin" not urban


Poetic_Badger2A t1_j5kptsu wrote

I’m a Pittsburgh native who is married to someone from Erie. The city is typical for PA, neighborhood oriented with people from the west side seemingly more small town than the east side.

It was a manufacturing town, and has suffered like other locations who lost large factories. Food and other items are similar to parts of Pittsburgh.

The south west side feels a bit like West Virginia, very similar to all white neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, lots of Trump signs.


Dashists22 t1_j5gljh5 wrote

My circle in Philly call it the Trenton of PA.


TrojanMurton t1_j5gmojf wrote



thecoffeecake1 t1_j5gxewe wrote

Whenever I talk about how big PA feels to me, I'm always like "can you believe we're in the same state as f*cking Erie right now."


Phil-Mapickle t1_j5h5nsx wrote

If u live in Pittsburgh, it's closer to goto a real beach like ocean city or something


Jskerp t1_j5hc4gy wrote

Central pa here we always thought it was weird up in Erie


Poddy_Doe t1_j5fpbsr wrote

Is it a place to be? No. What is there to do? Not a lot. Lots of elderly who like to have a house near the Great Lakes.


PriestWithTourettes t1_j5g9ws8 wrote

Ok to visit no desire to live there. Job opportunities are limited. There is a certain isolation to other larger cities with more options. You are close enough to OH to live there with less taxes. What I also don’t like is the way it’s basically been built up to be passed through on the way to those larger cities.


seriousfrylock t1_j5gbgiy wrote

Never been there and almost certainly never will


ackmon t1_j5gl5tr wrote

I'm from lehigh valley area. I've been to London and Tokyo more times than I've been to Erie.


YayAnotherTragedy t1_j5g7dwr wrote

Erie sucks. Used to go there for high school sports. My shitty rural McKean County town is more interesting.


Old_Swimming_6376 t1_j5gftfh wrote

It's not a crapville thugtown like Reading, Scranton, or Philly. And it's not run down or bare like some of the old mining towns. But it is way too metro and subject to lake-effect weather. IMHO, if you're going to find yourself in PA, our "rural Appalachia", aka Pennsyltucky, counties are the place to be.


TheMasterGenius t1_j5jpets wrote

Sure, if you’re a poor white guy in an oversized rusted out truck with a little prick.


zapdos680 t1_j5gddyf wrote

It is certainly a place to be.

They call it dreary Erie for a reason.