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bowlegged_barbarian t1_j5g1omm wrote

Local here. Yes we are separated from the other urban ones that’s usually the trend “blue islands”. We aren’t as big of a population as the others though. We (the city) are not rural, but the county might be a toss up. We are known to vote purple. We have a lake, a peninsula, a zoo, an amusement park, a water park, minor league baseball, basketball, and hockey, college campuses, a shopping mall, breweries, festivals. Also you might see flags around town saying “Don’t Give Up the Ship!”, a War of 1812 reference.


fryerandice t1_j5iowxe wrote

It's not a tossup, Erie county is Rural, Erie county as a whole in 1500 sq miles, has the same population as the City Of Pittsburgh Incorporated area. Which consists mostly of just the downtown area, and then allgheny county even with rural areas is coming in at 1.6 million people in 754 sq miles.


Synchro78 t1_j5lpml0 wrote

Erie County is classified as a urban county. As long as a county’s population density is greater than 291 it’s a urban county.