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willclerkforfood t1_j5h6a7g wrote

Is he buying or selling?


Puzzleheaded-Round66 t1_j5ju550 wrote

Probably buying.


CleverName550 t1_j5kj71h wrote

Definitely buying and I'm selling mine for $5,000 a load. Trumptards have to pay $10,000 though. However, in my experience, only Trumptards seek such things so effectively my price is $10,000.


_switch360_ t1_j5kn66h wrote

However in the world of Biden you don’t know who has the capacity to actually produce sperm since things have blurred.


Acceptable_Land3333 t1_j5m7hhu wrote

They can't afford that, that orange con man keeps upping their auto pay payments without their consent for donations fee and those hilarious Trump photo shopped superhero collectable cards.


EmperorOfNada t1_j5gt2g5 wrote

Here’s a guy who probably throws thousands away every day in his own bathroom.


cardboardunderwear t1_j5hcggy wrote

thousands of dollars literally slipping through his fingers


ScoutCommander t1_j5hv5bj wrote

If he had better self-control, he could make money hand over fist!


mwwwaaahahaha t1_j5gzn8o wrote

Was this taken on York or Lancaster County? I saw this vehicle about a month ago on Route 30.


orthod0ks t1_j5h6v20 wrote

I got a pic of the same car at what looks to be the same place. It was at the Giant in Mount Joy, so Lancaster.

Edit: pic


Kilo353511 t1_j5jorhs wrote

If you look at OPs pic, yours was taken the same day. The white car is still parked beside it in both pics


kuweiyox t1_j5jpb2h wrote

Not my area. I'm embarrassed


Acceptable_Land3333 t1_j5m809a wrote

Don't be... It's not your fault. You can't help the fact that there's gonna be at least one crazy asshole in the bunch.


mattd1972 t1_j5h06re wrote

When I drive from my daughter’s house in Lancaster to Gettysburg, it is really depressing.


gdex86 t1_j5hvwbk wrote

Try living in that stretch.

Our fun family stories include when grandma turned her shotgun on the klan (it's actually a great story because my grandma was awesome but just when my mom dad and uncle were talking that came as a shock).


courageous_liquid t1_j5ietpv wrote

> when grandma turned her shotgun on the klan

what an absolute gongshow of a woman, what does/did she like, I'll throw some money at that charity


gdex86 t1_j5ihghe wrote

She didnt have a set charity just whatever local group needed help for some fund raiser she'd crotchety blankets for or bake. So pick something and do good in the name of Ada Kestler.


ChuckFromPhilly t1_j5h9u51 wrote

Probably in Bird-in-Hand


Corvus717 t1_j5hc6kx wrote

And if he doesn’t sell enough in Bird-in-hand will have to park it in Blue Ball


Corvus717 t1_j5hiyn8 wrote

He really should be cruising around in Fertility, Paradise and Mount Joy …. though not sure if Mount Joy would count as a true donation


l7eadly t1_j5huo9a wrote

I saw this car flying on route 30 about a month ago as well. Managed to snap a picture as well.


artful_todger_502 t1_j5h0bfi wrote

"Not responsible for any genetic mutations related to long-term inbreeding that may or may not be present in sample"


ashleyorelse t1_j5hap84 wrote

Plot twist: This guy wants to buy the sperm and is offering $3500 per load.

Or at least, it would be great to walk up to him and presume that's true.

Hey, buddy, about your sign...I think mine are worth a little more, but sure, I'll sell you a load for $3500...


wagsman t1_j5hnj3z wrote

He would get so mad and offended, you just know it.


[deleted] t1_j5k062u wrote

You spelled “genetic mutations caused by gene editing MRNA technology placed into an experimental shot being sold as a vaccine” wrong.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j5kgjfh wrote

Wait until you hear how insulin is mass produced!


[deleted] t1_j5khej7 wrote

Has nothing to do with what are talking about.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j5khkyf wrote

Insulin is produced by gene-edited bacteria and has been since the early 1980s.


[deleted] t1_j5kn7cz wrote

That’s fine but I didn’t say anything about that. We’re talking about editing the genes of humans, something completely different.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j5kn9zv wrote

Nobody's editing your genes, genius.


[deleted] t1_j5kub8t wrote

Lol ok bud. It’s not like industry “leaders” initially admitted it alters your DNA then changed their tune to fit the narrative, Yea that didn’t happen.

Go get another jab…how about a 6th safe and effective jab.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j5kv53c wrote

> It’s not like industry “leaders” initially admitted it alters your DNA

lol no they didn't. Quit reading conspiracy theory websites.
> Go get another jab…how about a 6th safe and effective jab.

If you live in Pennsylvania you had to get ~16 different vaccinations to enter primary school. No one made a big deal about that because your masters didn't tell you to get mad about it.


[deleted] t1_j5l439h wrote

Or… just hear me..or because I was a baby and couldn’t articulate that I didn’t want a bunch of foreign substances shot into my body. Wow you need to open your eyes.

Can’t believe people really buy into all this bs the government is telling you. Grow up


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j5l4dx0 wrote

"I don't want no foreign substances in my body," says man who regularly eats 3000 calories at Texas Roadhouse.


[deleted] t1_j5lr6zk wrote

Lol wrong. We eat majority locally grown in our small town. Try again


Tr0gd0r17 t1_j5hlv4z wrote

This is completely fucking ridiculous. You have no idea how much this pisses me off. I paid a different guy $50,000. God damn it.


MaineDreaming t1_j5h1pqk wrote

I think it’s funny that a lot of these “I’m not vaxxed” or “pure blood” morons all likely received childhood vaccines.


djb25 t1_j5jvqdm wrote

He has to be vaxxed; you can’t go to school unless you’re vaccinated.



Outrageous-Divide472 OP t1_j5gyi10 wrote

I like to think my fellow Pennsylvanians are normal, then I see something like this.


NewAlexandria t1_j5hdjzr wrote

still assert that PA rednecks are enough their own breed to not be compared to KY. Pride in your state, man


Taztiger72 t1_j5hykuc wrote

I'll send you up to Hamburg make you think differently. They are all ready to go to DC to storm the Senate if called up.


Incrarulez t1_j5i1g88 wrote

Sounds like Cabelas did their research.


Taztiger72 t1_j5i1r90 wrote

If this doesn't tell you anything plus they held up the election results with frivolous lawsuits.Berks County Patriots


Incrarulez t1_j5i4o07 wrote

Sign for that on 422w in sinking spring about .3 miles from the spring house that juts into the highway near the sunoco.

If I ever attend I'll bring a sashimi platter and dress festively.


Taztiger72 t1_j5i582b wrote

🙄 Sociopaths bunch of C.H.U.D. reptile brains the lot.


LibraOnTheCusp t1_j5jbjbt wrote

Delco native here, moved to NW Montco in 2002. My family back in Delco still cannot believe how different things get once one passes over the Montco/Berks county line.

When I told/showed them how common Confederate flags and iconography are in areas just 15 minutes from my house, they’re horrified.


Taztiger72 t1_j5jcz9i wrote

And they are ready and willing to go do it again for the Messiah! Don Is the Messiah.


Critter0221 t1_j5l1ey5 wrote

Like people wouldn’t do that if things were the other way around. There’s extremists on both sides. Don’t go acting like ur “side” is any better. We’re all human


Taztiger72 t1_j5l469y wrote

Blind allegiance to a ruthless demigod is crazy.


2deaddogs t1_j6gkk86 wrote

Nope don't think they would only MAGA scum would think it's funny. He must he buying it nothing else makes any sense. If he was selling it then whom to? No one but Maga scum would be interested and they're non vaxed too so he must be l running low on his protein shakes and needs a new supply.


Critter0221 t1_j6gqai1 wrote

Damn. Ur what’s wrong with humanity. Splitting up people or hating people because of political stance. Shits childish as all hell. I’m not even talking about the politics side of it cuz idc what u believe. We’re all humans and this is America which is the definition of freedom so u can believe what u want and think ur right and i can believe what i want and think I’m right. Without debate there wouldn’t be good conversation in the world ya know


NewAlexandria t1_j5kansa wrote

I take it you've recently moved to PA? Or maybe your parents moved here?


Taztiger72 t1_j5kd8ki wrote

Nope and nope been here over 50 years.


NewAlexandria t1_j5koam6 wrote

for the sake of the joke i'll call that recently-still and give you time to learn old school no-true-scotsman PR rednecks vs rednecks from other parts


tmaenadw t1_j5jtllo wrote

Don’t worry, every state has these people. Or sadly, I guess.


Allemaengel t1_j5gxv97 wrote

Sigh, that's the Pennsyltucky I call home.

I like the peace and solitude but it gets a little cringey now and then, lol.


Flimsy-Lie-1471 t1_j5h9kx2 wrote

It would be so much nicer without the traitors


Allemaengel t1_j5h9ybc wrote

Well, I've long since gotten used to ignoring the Trump signs and flags and focusing on my wood splitting for the stove, my gardens, chicken coop and apple trees instead.

Also I enjoy all the wildlife I have here.

It's a worthwhile tradeoff for me


Flimsy-Lie-1471 t1_j5hcoqd wrote

I get it. I just wish my neighbors didn’t hate America and not understand that they do.


Allemaengel t1_j5hcznf wrote

Well, it's disappointing but I grew up in just such a place and I long since learned to keep my distance and keep my politics to myself.

My neighbors seem to like me and will help me when I need it as I would for them.


kiddestructo t1_j5i20qu wrote

Everything you said, except splitting wood, is exactly how I function here.


ktappe t1_j5ip3f2 wrote

I do the wood splitting but none of the other stuff. So we complement each other. (Had apple trees but they died, and the new ones I planted died too.)


Allemaengel t1_j5i2lxp wrote

Spent some time up your way and that sure sounds about right.

I'm on a surprising cold hilltop considering it's not Northern Tier here in the western Poconos with a woodstove and endless free firewood all over so splitting wood year-round is a thing.


kiddestructo t1_j5i3poz wrote

I had to give up the wood stove, worked construction my whole life and my back and joints are a mess. I really missed out on all the dead ash on my property.


Allemaengel t1_j5i405e wrote

I work construction too. I hear ya

I'm splitting endless ash before it rots. Splits nice and easy.


NotTRYINGtobeLame t1_j5jwmro wrote

Lol wow bro. The delusions are real. The us vs them. Way to play into it. You've taken the politicians' bait hook, line, and sinker.


Flimsy-Lie-1471 t1_j5k23wa wrote

ya, it is the politicians that run around with 16 different flags on their trucks.


NotTRYINGtobeLame t1_j5k42va wrote

Bro, Democrats do dumb shit, too (There's the MAGA-hats and the vag-hats). And you pretending that the original, actual patriots don't love their country is one of the most asinine tidbits of misguided Reddit wisdom I've ever stumbled upon. Be real, dude.

Edit: Uh oh, someone would rather block me than have a real talk that might open their little eyes lol Imagine the irony of a username "Flimsy Lie" as he touts GOP folks being the only dumb ones lmao

Edit for u/dirtypawscub who got to reply some garbage but to whom I can't reply (Is a moderator that asshurt or what??) Children scared by scary words. Pathetic. You don't get to say what someone else loves. I'm sorry, you don't have that power.


Flimsy-Lie-1471 t1_j5k6gcp wrote

What in the fuck are you on about? Go away. You are a useless trioll


dirtypawscub t1_j5lvpbr wrote

if you're trying to overthrow an election (or support people who did) you don't love your country. If you're supporting the confederacy (losers) you don't love your country.


tmaenadw t1_j5jtv50 wrote

I moved here from out of state and enjoy it, but was heartened to see some of the diehard “Trumpsters” on my street finally take their Trump signs down recently.


Allemaengel t1_j5jzp0r wrote

Yeah, I think some of them have finally figured out that they've been had by him.


Olive_Mediocre t1_j5gulxn wrote

Wow. That's like...6-8 times the cost of sperm that's been washed and tested. No deal. Damn.


NotTRYINGtobeLame t1_j5jwhcn wrote

Agreed. You can't expect to pay full price when you have to wash them and test them yourself.


lawngoon t1_j5h0yah wrote

When I was a young adult, people like this would yell “buy American “


mydogsnameisbuddy t1_j5hyoqh wrote

I wonder if he has a volume discount. Like what’s the price for a five gallon bucket?


JennItalia269 t1_j5hyxhl wrote

There’s a sucker born every minute.

And he’s hoping to meet a dozen or so of them.


beachandbyte t1_j5ihabt wrote

Ya wouldn’t even be surprised if he is making decent money on it. People be crazy


JennItalia269 t1_j5jwvlf wrote

No matter how stupid someone is… there’s always someone dumber out there.


SopranoRocker2010 t1_j5i71be wrote

I’m doubtful the suckers he wants can pay that much for a meal.


NotTRYINGtobeLame t1_j5jwaij wrote

That's only like a day or two worth of retail theft for the average heroin junkie, tbf


goplantagarden t1_j5htgjj wrote

<guy with giant gut seen unloading himself from vehicle>


GoubD t1_j5h34ug wrote

JFC. These shit-birds.


CatsAreTheBest2 t1_j5k9iw5 wrote

What the fuck is wrong with people? These idiots do realize that all the people that they listen to about not taking vaccines have been vaccinated, including Trump.


Jumpy-Natural4868 t1_j5hgaqe wrote

Spoiler alert: Dude is 75 and only delivers said sperm "in person"


Stonecutter_12-83 t1_j5hpoko wrote

Cheaper to fly to a third world country and just catch measles there


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_j5iwgh8 wrote

Imagine this was your dad or brother, or even any relative or anyone you knew driving around in this thing.


No_Suggestion1524 t1_j5h4ka0 wrote

Someone is trying to start something with Ham-ahoy from the map post 🤣🤣


reddit_1999 t1_j5h7zwi wrote

I wouldn't give you 35 cents for this guy's genetically inferior "pappy/brother" spunk.


steelcityrocker t1_j5i4ic9 wrote

This could be some /r/infowarriorrides material


whyadamwhy t1_j5ik0ub wrote

How does that vehicle not have balls hanging on the hitch?


redditposter919 t1_j5jn6sl wrote

Not even a phone number to call? Guy doesn't know the first thing about business.


DrunksInSpace t1_j5hb3an wrote

Shit, I never vaccinated any of my loads either (except the kids)… I’m gonna undercut him by $500 and flood the market.


Cramdit t1_j5hgrge wrote

Well at least it didn't say Florida man lol


Plasmakid47 t1_j5igjhr wrote

Wait is that at the Target in Exton?

Edit- yes, I believe it is.


30686 t1_j5jfhjp wrote

Why cover the license number? He obviously wants to be noticed. Probably WANKER1


BrooklynFlower54 t1_j5k6mse wrote

I can only imagine what he looks like, especially since he has to GIVE AWAY his sperm! Hard pass!


Grouchy-Estimate-756 t1_j5kahi8 wrote

Records search via license plate for phone number:$10

Paint marker: $5

Writing phone number on bathroom walls with advertisement from vehicle: free

Outcome (pun): priceless


fallser t1_j5n0dzp wrote

I’m embarrassed as a PA resident seeing this. Just how trashy can you be? There’s no bottom…


zeseam t1_j5h5vmz wrote

That's way way too expensive. Need far cheaper unvaxed sperm for my male automixis anti-viral reproductive clone experiments.


zachcaputo t1_j5hgb7g wrote

Imagine being married to this


mes213 t1_j5hgwop wrote

Could probably raise more money for a vasectomy.


dognipples11 t1_j5hjhng wrote

Whos buying nut for that price?


silverbull-it t1_j5hzytl wrote

That dude is cheap, I'm getting $9,800/load. I guess I know how to market better.


Sea-Lab-7807 t1_j5i2tka wrote

This guy thinks this increases his chance of getting some? 😬


Unusual-Regular3742 t1_j5idmdv wrote

HAHAHA, Id be embarrassed to be from Pen…. Wait… Nevermind 😬


skipperoniandcheese t1_j5io3bg wrote

You know if this is just some loon being, you know, themselves, it’s sad. If this is someone capitalizing on the loons and knows exactly what they’re doing, it’s genius.


Cinderpath t1_j5j6mz7 wrote

Is it human sperm? 😂


worstatit t1_j5jb9w4 wrote

That's not a diesel pickup...


RG1527 t1_j5jembv wrote

its missing the I Eat Ass sticker(s)


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j5kgoa9 wrote

He spent around $50K on a Nissan, so he's already failed the intelligence test.


jotero32 t1_j5l6o4o wrote



Acceptable_Land3333 t1_j5m6aar wrote

Ok. I understand that this person must have ridden the short bus to school so I shouldn't be surprised by this.

BUT.... is he or she buying or selling, what will it be used for? (Got to ask these questions, people are into some real kinky shit nowadays), will they be using a turkey baster or will be the good old... yinz go ahead man, she's all yours, I'm going to the bar and watch the Stiller's game?


tribow8 t1_j5mi2sn wrote

it fucks with me so much cause I have the same car same color. boutta get the same decal so we can be twinsies


DamonRunnon t1_j5jcm2y wrote

You know, there ought to be a law against this and another against "F***" - insert name" signs. Have we lost all standards? And "owning the libs" - what is that supposed to mean in any real world?


IrresponsibleScience t1_j5k4oeh wrote

I disagree on oppressing peoples opinions. Even if they are vulgar and full of hate or implied hate.

The leadership of our political parties have really failed to be good leaders and good people and it’s pretty sad the state the world is in as a result.


myrealusername8675 t1_j5hagh3 wrote

My IQ is 90. That's an A -, you have to admit that's pretty good for a guy who didn't graduate high school.


Suspicious-Ad-1860 t1_j5he5zb wrote

This does not speak for Pennsylvania. This is a hoax lol.


Teonanacatlbruh t1_j5hwkaz wrote

At least he'll be packin the day the vax police come after him.


pizzapantifa t1_j5ibh9l wrote

This comment is so stupid I thought it was satire.


Teonanacatlbruh t1_j5ivkhs wrote

Your response was so stupid I thought you were a flat tire. Smell my dong.


pizzapantifa t1_j5k53dv wrote

Sorry, I didn't mean to bully a child.


Teonanacatlbruh t1_j5k899e wrote

It's Ok, no hard feelings PizzafaceAntifa;)


pizzapantifa t1_j5ld61u wrote

You seem to have misspelled my name. It's "Pizza Pan Tifa" I know those three words seem scary when you put them together because of how big it makes my name, but we can break words down and sound them out to make things easier.

Hope this helps! :)