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2workigo t1_j5kkapm wrote

Because by this afternoon it will be a cold, wet, muddy mess.


EvetsYenoham t1_j5l8rw3 wrote

Exactly this point. I love snow. But Pittsburgh can never sustain cold enough temperatures to keep it from becoming a muddy slushy bog within 48 hrs or less. We had f’in thunderstorms 3 days ago!


avelineaurora t1_j5lr8h7 wrote

> We had f’in thunderstorms 3 days ago!

To be fair, that's not even slightly normal even for here in the Winter.


EliteProdigyX t1_j5ovbf0 wrote

Last night, the trees were covered in snow and it was all over the ground. Today, everything looks grey with a little bit of snow on the ground lol.


SomeOtherOrder t1_j5lfdi3 wrote

Right? Snow is cool the day of, then it’s inconvenient and ugly for days after.


JohnDeere714 t1_j5klm2w wrote

I don’t hate the scenery. I hate the road maintenance in cold weather


art-man_2018 t1_j5l7g7m wrote

Beautiful. Thanks, I completely forgot what snow looks like. - Philadelphian


porkchop_d_clown t1_j5ocgdz wrote

I know, right? FB was showing me pictures I took from the blizzard 7 or so years ago and I kind of miss it...


pts1354 t1_j5klpls wrote

Michael and Dwight once drove their car right into Lake Scranton.


malogan82 t1_j5kpoko wrote

Don't blame Dwight for that accident, that was entirely Michael's fault.


NewYork_NewJersey440 t1_j5mhji3 wrote

And I really appreciate the crew putting up a PA 307 sign in that episode


pts1354 t1_j5mk4lr wrote

They really went out of their way to mention a lot of local Scranton places.


[deleted] t1_j5ko22c wrote

The scenery is grand, but not everyone lives near it. It's also indicative that my yard will be a swamp when it melts, the dog will get muddy, it's miserably cold, there's no sun, AND EVERYONE FORGETS HOW TO DRIVE.


SammieCat50 t1_j5lar56 wrote



CovidCat8 t1_j5o7jw6 wrote

Reminder: 4-wheel drive =/= 4-wheel stop. Watch your speed.


HeyZuesHChrist t1_j5kl6n0 wrote

I don't hate the beauty of snow, I hate the cold and everything else that comes with shitty weather.


SammieCat50 t1_j5lb1ql wrote

I hate shoveling it…. I hate driving in it….. fun fact 1 yr I was the only car ( the only idiot that had to go to work) on 76 from king of Prussia to vine st expressway during a snow storm ….. fun times


blueshift9 t1_j5lklxm wrote

like the people who can't drive, have shitty tires, or usually both.


dj_swearengen t1_j5ktd63 wrote

I’m here in Chester County. A lot of us are complaining that there’s been no snow. It’s ugly out there. A few inches of snow to cover the fields and woods followed by a sunny day would certainly cheer us up.


runjennayrun t1_j5lgsxi wrote

Agreed from Lancaster city. I have a husky mix and the happiest you ever see him is with an inch or more of snow


IamSauerKraut t1_j5n216h wrote

The snow arrives on Wednesdays morning. Get out by Brickerville and you'll feel so much better.


runjennayrun t1_j5n5o15 wrote

I'll believe it when I see it lol. We've barely had flurries. I've only been out that way once to go to the Wolf Sanctuary and it was much colder up there


JonWood007 t1_j5kvma9 wrote

Im glad theres no snow in SE PA. I hate shoveling.


pts1354 t1_j5kltlu wrote

I’ll take cold and snow any day over summer heat and humidity. One of the best things about this time of year is no yard work.


Calint t1_j5knjcp wrote

yeah riding on a mower and drinking a beer is way worse than shoveling a drive way in the cold.


courageous_liquid t1_j5kvdrp wrote

the most I've ever learned about neighborhood lore was out drinking a beer at 3am with one of the block oldheads while shoveling all of our neighbors' sidewalks


pts1354 t1_j5l1mqx wrote

You’re right. Nothing seems to get neighbors together who rarely talk otherwise like a good snow storm. Stick some beers in the snow, good times.


HotDamn18V t1_j5kwsoc wrote

Can't do that when you're in hilly-ass SWPA. Mowing my lawn is 1 and 3/4 hours of grueling pushing a mower up a hill. And it's so hot and gross out here in the summer anymore. It's truly a bullshit experience.


Finrodsrod t1_j5ljv61 wrote

Bruh, 3-stage self propelled snow blower, with a cup holder. Bonus: It stays cold!


pts1354 t1_j5l1ecf wrote

Now I can drink a beer without having to mow, or weed whack, or trim hedges, etc.


da_london_09 t1_j5kxycp wrote

I'd be more than happy to never have to drive in snow again....ever...


uraniumstingray t1_j5l1tg3 wrote

Remembering trying to drive on the turnpike in a blizzard. Good times.


tehmlem t1_j5lf32c wrote

I hate pretty things all the time. Blood diamonds, stealth bombers, attractive murderers. Winter is exactly as bad as all of those things.


loveandlasers t1_j5m7ubp wrote

I laughed out loud at this, thank you. I also 100% agree.


Mijbr090490 t1_j5kgynm wrote

Try doing property management for 20 years and tell me how you feel about the snow. Lol.


Beef5030 t1_j5km2oy wrote

Grew up there. Vowed never to move back. 38 degrees and over an 1" of rain is not a winter I want to be part of. 10 degrees and 1-2' of storms is what I'm after.

So thus I live near the artic cicle now.


wydok t1_j5kvr6z wrote

It's very beautiful and a PITA to drive in.

Now that I work from home, it mostly doesn't bother me


Penguinswin3 t1_j5l18s5 wrote

Unfortunately I do not live at Lake Scranton, I live in Pittsburgh so all I get are salty, gray slush on the roads.


tansugaqueen t1_j5lxviw wrote

how long have you lived in Pittsburgh, around 10 years ago didn’t Pittsburgh get alot snow?


Argercy t1_j5o9hyi wrote

The last huge snowfall I remember was in 2009.


inflatabledancintube t1_j5ofb3o wrote

i was there last january and it dumped


Argercy t1_j5qpukd wrote

Yeah we got a few inches but the last time snow covered my car roof was in January 2009 or 2010 I think.


Woodyee101 t1_j5kmef0 wrote

PA is a very scenic state. But, taxes are high, gas tax is ridiculous, annual auto inspections and terrible roads makes me want to split from here


chuckie512 t1_j5m67ls wrote

Should we fund more road maintenance from general funds? Less than half of road maintenance actually comes from use taxes today.


Waru_ t1_j5lguh4 wrote

If you have an early morning commute it’s easy to hate

Though today wasn’t bad at all, nothing sticking and not too cold.


sintactacle t1_j5ld8fa wrote

It's the road salt/brine that literally eats away at our vehicles that I hate. You can do your best to postpone it but the salt always wins. Then your vehicle, that is mechanically sound, is off to it's new owner in Ohio after it fails to pass a PA safety inspection due to no longer being structurally sound.


chuckie512 t1_j5m6f3o wrote

I don't understand why we have to salt every side road for these snows that stick around for less than a day anyway. Kills cars, roads, bridges, and wildlife.


Argercy t1_j5oa289 wrote

Because people like my boomer parents who are retired and don't go anywhere don't have anything better to do than call the city all day and complain and threaten to call local news stations if someone doesn't come to clear their street.


SyzygySynergy t1_j5lgrhn wrote

Honestly, I don't hate it. I dont hate how it looks, it can be completely stunning and emotion altering. However, what I do hate is the upkeep of everything. The sidewalks, the driveways, cleaning off the cars, needing two sets of tires, paying for extra maintenance on vehicle because of rust AND salt, and then don't even get me started on the horrible management of the roads themselves and them needing to be remaining clear, taken care of, salted, repaired in warmer months, etc. And yet for most of us, they aren't.

Those are the things that make me hate that. Even as beautiful as it is, it disrupts so many things and becomes so dangerous because of mismanagement that is out of the common resident's hands to be able to do anything about other than take care of and push more money at the things that get affected by that and the mismanagement.


brokenleftjoycon t1_j5lgzds wrote

Great to look at but then everything is wet, cold, and covered in salt as soon as you’re out the door.


kuweiyox t1_j5lovxq wrote

We don't even get snow in Philly anymore. Last time we had a decent snow fall was like 6-7 years ago


drewbaccaAWD t1_j5m76gc wrote

It's nice for about four hours and then I'm sick of it. For one, I have a lot of sensitivity to light so it gives me headaches and I struggle to wear sunglasses over my glasses, can't stand transitions, and can't wear contacts so headaches and eye strain are par for the course here (I should really look into getting lasik).

Not to mention, if the roads are bad I'm not getting out to the scenic spots and as soon as it starts melting everything is brown and icky.

And you can't avoid that white means cold.. would be a great view from the toasty warm house though.

I preferred living on the West Coast in terms of snow.. mostly avoided it, but if I wanted to drive 45minutes into the mountains I had a winter wonderland to play in and then leave when I was tired of it.


Critical_Band5649 t1_j5oz2i7 wrote

You can get prescription sunglasses. I switch out my regular glasses for my prescription sunglasses I leave in the car. I spent less than $20 on them. It might not make you love the snow but it makes all driving easier.


drewbaccaAWD t1_j5sf4ip wrote

I should look into that, especially for $20. It would definitely make for safer driving in some situations.

I actually considered getting some prescription sunglasses that wrap around the face a bit, for the sake of bicycle riding but the only frames I could find were camo and not quite what I was looking for (typical Walmart, lol); I really should have followed up on that but then it just fell to the back of my mind.

I'm due for a fresh prescription so I appreciate the reminder!


Rottenfink t1_j5ko60q wrote

No, I love looking at this. I only hate looking at this out of my front and back windows


Throne-Eins t1_j5kruf1 wrote

It's definitely beautiful, but I hate snow because I'm the one who's responsible for clearing it.


uraniumstingray t1_j5l1pqg wrote

I lived there for 22 years and after I turned like 13, I hated it. Shoveling, standing in the cold at the bus stop, even just walking from a car to a store was miserable. Then I went to college and had to walk to class and stand at the bus stop again. And after it snowed it would be wet and mushy and gray. Absolutely disgusting.


Finrodsrod t1_j5ljq9q wrote

Cause snow causes drivers along my 1 hour commute to instantly drop 30 IQ points, and I really don't like getting into an accident.


Critter0221 t1_j5lqwch wrote

Yes!! Love it ❄️❄️❄️


InsecureVandal t1_j5m9qoo wrote

Down in the Lackawanna Valley today it was mesmerizing. Up on east and west mountain was snow sticking like this in the trees and the vally was wet without snow. I didn't get a photo but I should have. I love PA!


willard_swag t1_j5mag2y wrote

I can hate this because it’s not enough snow! I want to go skiing dammit!

But it is definitely beautiful


PhantomAllure t1_j5mbtf7 wrote

It's beautiful until you have to drive with these fucks in it.


starglitter t1_j5mjbza wrote

Because I have things to do. I don't have time to shovel and deal with bad driving conditions.


amykate22 t1_j5mvufq wrote

Was Michael Scott's rental car still in there?


synner06 t1_j5mwukp wrote

Pennsylvania is truly beautiful, I wish we had at least one national park


IamSauerKraut t1_j5n1xwq wrote

How can people who love the beauty of nature vote for the nature hating GQP? Makes no sense.


Judd0112 t1_j5nfrs7 wrote

Some people just don’t/can’t appreciate what they have. I’ve been all over the world and I am convinced that the northeast part of the country has everything including actual seasons.every season has its ups and downs. But sometimes you don’t know what you got till you’re gone. All the people living in Southern California and Arizona/New Mexico complaining about global warming all the time. What do you expect your living in a desert environment. I live winter but will take a few degrees of warming anytime.


SprungBreak99 t1_j5o3dr6 wrote

Because the only thing worse than a PA pothole or black ice is a PA pothole filled with Black ice…


KP1616 t1_j5ohsa2 wrote

The less salt from PennDot destroying my cars frame the better.


monachopsiss t1_j5l2gmo wrote

Uh, because we have to shovel it and drive in it?


xAsroilu t1_j5lfr1g wrote

I live in fairfield and really wish it would snow more, it's so pretty out here when it does.


avelineaurora t1_j5lr123 wrote

I've been arguing with someone (good naturedly) on Discord for the past couple days about how warm it is and them praising it. Fuck that, it's JANUARY. GIVE ME WINTER.


ImOldGettOffMyLawn t1_j5lyij5 wrote

No one hates picturesque, cherry picked photos.

People hate digging their cars out, TWICE in a single day, terrible roads that the State didn't treat properly in advance, idiot drivers, falling on your back, bitter winds etc. etc. etc.


People who "love" this shit are either unemployed, school aged children, or work from home.


Flynn717 t1_j5lzqcn wrote

Oh, I love the snow … I just hate shoveling it.

And that goes double for walking or driving on the frozen stuff that comes with it.


jralll234 t1_j5m7edq wrote

Be on the lookout for a sumo wrestler floating around out there!


mattd1972 t1_j5m8yim wrote

Looking at the trees like that this morning made me scared that the branches would start falling and we’d lose power.


nachobitxh t1_j5mhn6j wrote

Lake effect country checking in, and you can have the 7" we're due to get this week.


LOERMaster t1_j5mpcqz wrote

Because for half of us it’ll still be on the roads by this afternoon.


Charles_288 t1_j5n3u11 wrote

I love it so beautiful and refreshing


Jeffotato t1_j5nhg2q wrote

It genuinely looked amazing the other night with the warm orange street lights trapped in the airborne snow l, creating a contrast of cool and warm color palettes


Unleaver t1_j5nhwpn wrote

This is Pennsylvania beauty at its finest. Love this state. Wouldn’t want to live any where else!


Professional_Dog5574 t1_j5nmng6 wrote

Because it looks good but it’s cold and you can feel these pictures lol


roxywalker t1_j5o80bi wrote

Been there, done that. Great photo ops, but…it comes with shoveling, snowblower maintenance, skidding when driving (or worse) high electric bills, an occasional power outage, and, worst of all, but never mentioned enough: home damage. —-Like the roof damage we sustained from an ice rain and the damaged garage from a snow storm that bent the siding and created a leak in my basement that eventually caused mold. Moved out of PA and have never looked back ❄️


allen_aztlan t1_j5otfdz wrote

Just moved to North PA/ Upstate NY, it's beautiful out here, stunning, I'm from Sam Antonio TX where everything it's flat


NerdyRedneck45 t1_j5ks2pa wrote

I love this til January. Now I’m ready for it to be spring.


Warjec t1_j5kyvha wrote

Because I drive for work.


Feisty_Insect_4941 t1_j5ld9o9 wrote

Well when you have to drive in it every day, especially in northern Pennsylvania and you’ve been subjected to it for 55 years tens to get old!!!


googlebearbanana t1_j5lnis0 wrote

Anybody watch The Pale Blue Eye yet? Several filming locations are 15 minutes from my house. That was cool to see.


btcywtsitw9 t1_j5lynoz wrote

Cause some of us have to shovel? Some of us also can’t afford good snow cars/tires. Pretty convinced everyone that loves the snow has never had to shovel it or drive a cheap sedan in it lol.


Hopeful_Scholar398 t1_j5q4lnj wrote

Are you kidding? Driving my blown out 99 Oldsmobile in snowstorms is one of my favorite memories.


NDubbaYa t1_j5mcnj8 wrote

It’s not the country I hate. There is beauty on the rural side of PA

The people however


killakam86437 t1_j5mp29u wrote

lol, now shovel all of it. Even the trees!


zerooze t1_j5mwb94 wrote

It literally kills people. Heart attacks from shoveling, car accidents, slip and fall accidents. It's pretty when you don't have to go out in it.


Impressive_Bus11 t1_j5ngxac wrote

Can we get rid of this mess and make Ohio pay for it?


MrFoxy69 t1_j5ny82b wrote

Sure the scenery is nice, but you don't shovel the scenery. A plow doesn't push the snow through the scenery over the area you just shoveled. Not to mention the brine that is destroying our cars to see said scenery.

After 33 years, I'm a little bitter about Pennsylvania....


Hivesthebutler t1_j5o3i09 wrote

Because many of us don’t get to look outside and gaze at it and say “how pretty”. We wake up before it’s light out, have to go out in the cold and trudge through that bullshit. If it’s a big snow and it stays cold, in a couple of weeks, te “beautiful snow” turns to grey dirty piles everywhere, making the bleak February days even worse. Fuck the snow, bring on global warming.


JonWood007 t1_j5kvf1k wrote

Have you ever had to shovel the crap?


HotDamn18V t1_j5kx1jy wrote

Infinitely better than mowing my dumbass lawn twice per week in 90° heat with 1,000% humidity.


JonWood007 t1_j5ky1my wrote

Who mows TWICE A WEEK? I mow like once every 2-3 weeks.

Either way, id still say that shoveling is worse than mowing the lawn especially during a massive showstorms. Mowing the lawn is about on par with 3 inches of snow IMO. Anything beyond that is And given we can get up to 2-3 feet some storms...ugh.


HotDamn18V t1_j5kyewm wrote

Where I live in SWPA, it rains constantly and the grass grows so fast that I have to or it'd be too long for my push mower to handle it. Plus it's hilly here, so I have to use the push mower, as a riding mower would roll over and kill me. I hate it more than any other chore ever.


JonWood007 t1_j5l22s6 wrote

Push mower. Get something gas/battery powered. There's a huge middle ground between push mowers and riding ones.


HotDamn18V t1_j5l9ufl wrote

It's gas powered, but I have to push it. Self propelled are too heavy and slip on the steep hills. Electric wouldn't last for the job and are similarly heavy, plus I don't have the money to throw at it. So I got the lightest gas mower for the job, and it sucks, but it's what does the job.


JonWood007 t1_j5lahya wrote

Well I don't have a big enough yard to justify a driving one.

Meanwhile digging your car out from a 2 foot solid wall of ice while dodging traffic is....less than fun.