Submitted by TheGreyVicinity t3_10ufw08 in RhodeIsland

I’m a small, single female with no self defense skills. I kinda found myself in a dangerous living situation and feel that I need something to defend myself… I’m from a constitutional carry state, so the fact that tasers are illegal is just crazy to me! Why is this even a law?

I know the law has been declared unconstitutional, but would it still be enforced?

Again, I’m from the good ole south where police don’t understand what a federal court ruling means and enforce whatever they want. I know any charges would likely be dismissed, but I’d prefer to not deal with the criminal justice system.



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SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7bv4ww wrote

RIGL 11-47-42, which prohibits stun guns and tasers was struck down by the federal court as unconstitutional in March of 2022.

The AG’s office stated they’d respect the ruling and did not appeal.

The law is still “on the books” as in the law hasn’t been updated, but as of now, you won’t be charged with a crime if you are found carrying one.

There is a bill that was proposed that would outline that anyone 18 and older can carry, which would codify it, but it hasn’t gone anywhere.


glennjersey t1_j7c7fcx wrote

They actually refuses to even vote on it for several years now. This is deliberate.

The law still being on the books means you can/will be charged, and also prevents many/most places from shipping or selling it to you.


imuniqueaf t1_j7d2amf wrote

It's funny how they respect this ruling, but not the one that says all concealed weapons permits need to be "Shall" issue.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7i2yb4 wrote

You’ll notice in both 11-47-11 and 11-47-18, you still need cause.

Problem is, not a lot of people can show good cause.

But yes, if you meet the age requirement, aren’t a prohibited person, and show cause, it is shall issue under 11-47-11.


Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7bm2qz wrote

Apply for a RI CCW permit after taking a Utah qualified class. RI was the reason the 2nd amendment exists, visit r/liberalgunowners for more info on how being in the north as a Democrat and being pro-2nd Amendment aren’t mutually exclusive. There’s dozens of us, DOZENS!!


pbNANDjelly t1_j7bon32 wrote

What a dramatic take. There's so many gun owners in RI and obviously a healthy gun culture in RI, West MA, and rural New England.

  • another liberal gun owner

Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7bpsiv wrote

I was trying for a little humor to broach the topic. The dramatic take is historical context, last to ratify the constitution for the bill of rights is what I meant. I understand the NE has a healthy and lively firearm culture. Many people I know from the south don’t realize the number of gun owners and enthusiasts that live here. Recently I had an elderly customer from Alabama talk to her friends about the “gun loving yankee” she met, she couldn’t believe it.


pbNANDjelly t1_j7bt30v wrote

Thanks for clarifying ☺️ I'm a TX transplant and LOVE the gun culture here in RI and really enjoy being in an environment where multiple opinions can exist at once.


PrinnySquad t1_j7d9ed1 wrote

Bit off topic from the thread, but do you have any range recommendations for people with these multiple opinions? I've been looking at potentially joining a club / membership range as opposed to just going to public ones, but am a bit worried about figuring out the culture at different places. If it doesn't require an NRA membership even better, but that seems pretty standard so I'm not holding out for it.


Syncope7 t1_j7dil6p wrote

I have never heard of a range *requiring* that you are an NRA member. I went to Elite Indoor Gun Range in SK for a while and never was asked to become a member of the NRA.

Where do they do that?


PrinnySquad t1_j7dovyn wrote

I’ll have to double check some of the ones I was looking at in RI. When I was living in MA every single private range and club in my radius included a mandatory NRA membership in order to join, at least in greater Boston. It was starting to crack due to everyone being dissatisfied with them at least. I don’t remember the names but I remember seeing a few places mentioned in the MAGuns Reddit that weren’t requiring, though none near enough to me.


Syncope7 t1_j7duzz0 wrote

Huh. Yeah, doublecheck. I have never heard of that.


Coincel_pro t1_j7fvazs wrote

The gun "clubs" require an NRA membership and usually a panel of whatever 65+ yr old boomers are members to decide if you are a "good fit" for the club after some probationary service period. This seemed pretty standard across the 5-6 diff clubs I looked into initially.

Having shot at several of the clubs during some pistol league competitions, I was not optimistic that someone openly gay/trans/ not white would have an easy time getting membership (totally an assumption, possibly an unfair one). Combine that with having to be an NRA member to enroll and I didn't bother.

Indoor ranges (not gun clubs) around the state don't force you to have an NRA membership. There is also the Great Swamp Range in S. Kingston area that is free, but its only open from April to late October. You have to submit some paperwork that is a bit slow so definitely get in there. It's a very nice outdoor range and often not crowded at all.


TheGreyVicinity OP t1_j7bna6o wrote

Thank you! I’m not comfortable having a gun right now. I had one when I was with my ex and it ended up being put to my head.

My roommate is a piece of shit and turns out he has a DV conviction. I had a PI run a background check on him before I moved here but this didn’t come up for some reason… I’m very petite and weak, and based on my previous experience, it’s pretty easy to snatch a gun out of my hands and point it on me. Just don’t want to risk it.


Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7bp3px wrote

Understandable, although I would argue the most effective defense weapon is one no one knows about. The time that it is necessary to use it is when it’s pulled. Please be safe and know that bankruptcy is temporary even if that’s what’s needed to get to safety. You have choices regardless of how difficult they may seem initially.


Syncope7 t1_j7diq9x wrote

Pretty shitty PI if they couldn't uncover a DV charge. I would ask for a refund.


[deleted] t1_j7ensuw wrote

This is smart. Most “self defense with a gun” is fantasy, and it’s more likely that a “concealed carrier” will get disarmed and shot with their own gun than use it to stop a criminal.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7btyrc wrote

Having a license from any other state has standing in the state of RI.

Only a state of RI carry license will allow you to carry in RI.


Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7buumt wrote

Correct, but you can apply for reciprocity based on that out of state license.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7bvhne wrote

You sure can, you can also ask for a tax break from the department of taxation, doesn’t mean you’ll get it.

I’m not aware of anyone requesting and being granted reciprocity from any other state, especially a blanket license like Utah.

Hell, even people in CT and MA have to still apply for a license here, and it’s still held to the same standard, regardless of your status elsewhere.


Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7bwum1 wrote

Well, it is a legal way to acquire a license in this state. Doesn’t even have to be your own home city department as long as you do business there. Any pro 2nd local chief has “shall issue” verbiage by law. The out of state license is to show compliance with safety standards and knowledge of CCW practice. Firearm safety isn’t rocket science and doesn’t needed to be treated as such. Reciprocity was the incorrect term to use.



NoRepresentative5593 t1_j7crg1e wrote

I don’t know why you’re being downvoted. I live in the border of CT and it’s true, a CT license doesn’t transfer to RI.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7crjob wrote

Because some people think they’re suave and know how to game the system.


ELOFTW t1_j7cw6q3 wrote

I think some wires are being crossed here.

  • With an out-of-state license, you can apply to any town for a CCW. This isn't a sly workaround, it's how the law is written.

  • Without an out-of-state license, you can apply to the town in which you reside. Some towns are gun-friendly, others are not, some have waiting lists well over 6 months long.

So for some people, it's easier to get an out-of-state license first, then apply to the town of their choosing. This is a downstream effect of some police agencies failing or simply refusing to do a part of their job.

OP isn't saying that having a Utah license or whatever lets them concealed carry in RI, it just lets them start the process for a Rhode Island license with less fuss.


Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7hlb6m wrote

This was an absolutely clear, concise, and correct version of my horrible explanation previously. Thanks!


Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7dcuy9 wrote

I don’t believe jumping through bullsh*t hoops to express a constitutional right to be gaming the “system.”


kyle_spectrum t1_j7dbsib wrote

You don't ger reciprocity. Having and out of state license allows you to go to any town in RI. This means you can go to a more 2a friendly town and get a permit.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7i375q wrote

Under 11-47-11, you can only choose another town beyond the town you reside in if you have “bona fide business” in that town.

So you can’t cherry pick your towns like you cherry pick a doctor to give you Vicodin.


kyle_spectrum t1_j7i4sgb wrote

Yes you can lol people are doing it through foster that don't live in foster. All you have to have is an out of state license.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7if6i6 wrote

“license or permit to carry a pistol or revolver concealed upon his or her person issued by the authorities of any other state or subdivision of the United States, issue a license or permit to the person to carry concealed upon his or her person a pistol or revolver everywhere within this state for four (4) years from date of issue, if it appears that the applicant has good reason to fear an injury to his or her person or property or has any other proper reason for carrying a pistol or revolver, and that he or she is a suitable person to be so licensed”

And I can assure you, there aren’t a whole lot of people doing this out of Foster. And regardless of a permit elsewhere, you still need to show need here.


glennjersey t1_j7c7p6s wrote

There's also r/RIguns for a more local take. I haven't seen much of a political split there other than the obvious anger and frustration with those in the statehouse in general.

Also better off just getting a NH license than a Utah one if your intention is to get a RI ccw, but of course get whatever level of training you need.


Nevvermind183 t1_j7cj2x1 wrote

How would respecting and supporting the 2nd amendment be only a conservative issue?


Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7codze wrote

I don’t think it is, but that’s the feeling I’ve gotten from many, many, people.


kyle_spectrum t1_j7db10a wrote

Even easier get one through new hampshire not classes needed just $100 and a one she application


HighPlainsDrifting t1_j7bohzk wrote

Welcome to Rhode Island. Our priorities are:

Naming a State appetizer ✅

Revamping our license plate with the same design ✅

Spending 5 million dollars on the State slogan: "Cooler & warmer" ✅

Stripping you of your inalienable right to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property. ✅


flatgreyrust t1_j7df715 wrote

Not addressing a housing crisis caused by short term rentals and real estate investment firms ✅


TheGreyVicinity OP t1_j7bsbjh wrote

Well… Rhode Island isn’t #1 in the country for the number of mass shootings, so something’s working. I don’t agree with the restrictions on tasers though.


majoroutage t1_j7de5a3 wrote

Well, it is a blue state, and the scales are starting to slide, but yeah so far we have held up better than some.


deathsythe t1_j7cc025 wrote

Looking for any logic in laws relating to firearms, weapons, or anything self-defense related is a fools errand - unless of course you understand the real logic behind it, that the state want's a monopoly on violence and the ability to defend itself.

This law was rendered unconstitutional per Caetano v. Massachusetts some years back, which is binding to RI and the AG's office did say they would respect it.

That being said - our esteemed state legislature has decided not to strike the law from the books yet.

RI is one of, if not THE safest state in the union, and has enjoyed (up until recently) a healthy respect for the 2A. That is all slated to change however as last year they passed a magazine capacity bill under questionable methods, and signs point to them doing the same this year with an "assault weapons" ban.

Meanwhile - you can count on one hand the number of times rifles affected by such a ban (or high capacity magazines) were used in crime in RI year over year, and if you want to be pedantic, with both hands you can count all gun crime (assuming you don't count those committed by the police).

OP - FWIW I carried a Taser Pulse for a few years when I had to go into anywhere I couldn't bring my legal handgun - mostly just NYC - but I was fortunate enough to never have to use it.

I abhor all the restrictions on your ability to defend yourself, especially since as you described yourself as a "small (sic) female with no self defense skills" - you need something to balance the scales and even the playing field. It is unfortunate that the state legislature seeks more and more to strip that ability from you. That being said - the best thing you can do is to try to get yourself out of your situation as quickly as possible. That should be your first priority. Once that is sorted - myself (and any other member of the r/riguns community I'm sure) would be more than happy to walk you through whatever the next steps you seek in order to defend yourself adequately to your own comfort.

Good luck!


BradyTrump20 t1_j7duqdf wrote

Good luck, all the laws in this state turn law abiding citizens into criminals. Please stay safe!


WarExciting t1_j7cg6ps wrote

Please look into getting your CCW here in the Ocean State. I live in a town where it was considered very difficult to obtain a town permit but got it first shot (no pun intended). A lot of municipalities saw the writing on the wall once the Supreme Court decision against NYC came down and have been much more receptive to applicants. DM me if you need any advice. Good luck.


deathsythe t1_j7cqdmt wrote

Additionally - there's a pinned thread in the r/RIguns subreddit that has a lot of good information as well as to obtaining your RI CCW license.


Professional_Bird_74 t1_j7cin4m wrote

Just realize you have to get within a couple feet of someone to use a stun gun. Better bet is pepper spray.


koidrieyez t1_j7bt3bf wrote

You are a criminal. I am a criminal. We just haven't committed a crime yet. That's the logic behind our lawmakers irrational decisions. You say that police in the South don't understand what a Federal court ruling is? Neither do our legislators. Just drive to MA or CT whichever state a taser is legal in and buy one.


Swamp_yankee_ninja t1_j7bvk0p wrote

We have a lot of laws on the books that don’t pass constitutional muster. That’s just the way of Rogue Island, our forefathers committed arson and burned down the Gaspee, after going against the crown they made sure the right to bear arms was in the State constitution. Then 250 years later the State legislature banned so called king fu weapons, because they where afraid of the Ninja.


Desperate_Expert_952 t1_j7d95zt wrote

Democrat gun owner here. Get a carry permit and don’t worry about it.


Null_Error7 t1_j7fbj45 wrote

Yes you want to shoot the person not just stop them! - Pawtucket PD


Augnelli t1_j7fhesu wrote

Yeah, obviously.

If someone is going to do violence against you, they forfeit their right to life.


TheGreyVicinity OP t1_j7dijz5 wrote

I definitely feel safe here, I’m just living with a piece of shit who can’t be confronted about paying his portion of rent or utilities without getting hostile. Aside from that, RI is the safest place I’ve ever lived. Unrelated, but in December, the news reported on what I think was the 9th homicide in Providence for the year. That was crazy to me! I’m from Dallas, and I checked how many homicides had occurred in Dallas up to that date…. 210! Insane difference.

There are pros and cons to both more and less restrictions. Guns I get. Tasers I don’t. That’s just ridiculous. I don’t expect this guy to do more than get in my face and act like he’s going to hit me (exactly what he did last time & it scared the shit out of me) so I think I need something just to be safe.


Diskappear t1_j7gs33h wrote

you can find what youre looking for at most flea markets...


TheRiverRunsRed t1_j7dn2qh wrote

There is no logic in most of the self defense bills passed in this state.


Double_Farmer_2662 t1_j7bl1xt wrote

I have one here. Also female and do a lot of walking, or if we go out after dark and I bring it in my pocket. I bought it off Amazon and had it shipped to family on CT. You can probably drive over the boarder and buy one or deliver them elsewhere. I had to do that will pepper spray too, but I just bought more and it let me ship it to RI.

I doubt it’s enforced. I always assume that if I’m getting attacked and the street and use it, then I don’t think I’ll be the one getting charged with anything. I would get one, keep it hidden, don’t tell people. But if it comes to self defense and saving you’re life, I don’t think you’ll get in trouble.


TheGreyVicinity OP t1_j7bm31v wrote

I ordered one on eBay because Amazon wouldn’t deliver it here!

I assumed the same thing. When I pressed charges on my ex for DV in Texas, the cop gave me a ticket for not changing the address on my license within 30 days of moving… after I told him it’s because I was too scared & didn’t want my ex tracking me down. Lol. I haven’t dealt with the police here so I just wanted to double check! Thank you!


GoGatorsMashedTaters t1_j7c08t0 wrote

It’s also illegal to have a night stick or police baton. FFS.

I’m more concerned about having some sort of protection than getting a ticket for carrying a stick around.


captain_carrot t1_j80ajqy wrote

Don't forget nunchuks and other "kung-fu" weapons!

The laws are hilariously awfully written when you actually read through them.


Johnnydrama38 t1_j7c2yg5 wrote

D&L guns sells tasers and pepper spray. I'm sure other gun stores sell the same things. just bought both like 2 weeks ago


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j7bk3qd wrote

Not an answer to your question but…

Suggesting you get yourself safely out of that kinda dangerous living situation (key word, safely).


TheGreyVicinity OP t1_j7bkksh wrote

I’m trying. It’s hard when breaking the lease is $15k and I have nowhere else to go up here.

Roommates are hell.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j7bp845 wrote

I wish I had options for you but hope others can add what they know about resources.

When you are thinking about a taser for safety, that’s a HuGe ReD flag that it’s time to find a safe exit plan.


FezzikSPrestonEsq t1_j7brh75 wrote

Based on your replies you would be better served with pepper spray or a firearm. Depending on what someone is wearing a taser may not even make contact. You don't seem to have much confidence in anything physical so I assume you dont mean a handheld contact stun gun,you need to be too close to use it and it also may not stop an attacker without good contact. No matter what you get try and practice with it and don't tell anyone you carry it so nobody can prepare.


AJP51017 t1_j7c6ba7 wrote

As someone in law enforcement, I second this. Stun guns will not be effective against another individual if they have multiple layers on, not to mention only a temporary shock. Like the commenter above, pepper spray is a great tool because it can be sprayed from a distance and also, if used effectively, causes temporary loss of sight and great pain that allows you a chance to escape.


RivalSFx t1_j7byd67 wrote

Eighteen (18) and over in RI you can carry a stun gun.


AmericanMuscleCorps t1_j7bpduc wrote

I see you’ve already ordered yourself one, but just wanted to reaffirm the fact that your life is worth more than a (likely) fine you’ll get from using one. Pepper spray/mace is widely available here as well, although it’s a lot less ideal to use in a self defense scenario. The fact that it can be kept on your keychain is a plus factor. Signing up for a self defense class is also an option you can pursue.


Coincel_pro t1_j7fw49e wrote

The logic is that only the police should be able to use force and you must be dependent upon them for your safety.


As to "why" that is the logic behind these rulings is an exercise for the reader.


KeepYrGlitterDry t1_j7bws3f wrote

I bought a flashlight taser years ago when they would still ship to RI. You can still buy them out of state or have it shipped to someone you know out of state. Even so, a small taser isn't going to do much for you besides buying you some time to escape if you're lucky, and you have to have it on you at the moment.

I'd try taking a self-defense class for women. Same idea as a taser, it only buys you a small amount of time, but you don't have to carry it with you. My yoga teacher is also a taekwondo black belt and I wouldn't mess with her. She's tiny but evil lol. Find someone qualified to teach you a few basic things and you can carry those with you for the rest of your life. Don't think that just because you're petite you are 100% helpless. Your goal isn't to win fights, but make someone think twice about fucking with you and buy a few moments to escape. And don't forget cardio is your bestie in those cases.


AdmirablePiccolo t1_j7c3hau wrote

Gun control exists explicitly so that cops can slaughter black people without any opposition. This has historically been the case ever since the first gun control we've ever proposed in America back in the 1800s. Modern gun control exists because people like Ronald Reagan wanted to disarm the Black Panthers. Liberals are counterrevolutionary idiots whose ideology is based on nothing but feelings. They talk a big taco and it comes to actually ending income inequality there silent. Gun control exists to make the most vulnerable people in our society even more marginalized insusceptible to violence from the state and right-wing actors.


BuntCarf t1_j7c7ic4 wrote

A big taco sounds fantastic right about now


TheGoatEater t1_j7dkltb wrote

You’re not the person I fear having a stun gun. It’s people (some of them cops) who will unnecessarily use these weapons, to excess, who are the ones in frightened of.

If you, as a small single female, feel that’s the only way to get out of a dangerous situation, then go for it.


TheOGJayRussle t1_j7fe0mb wrote

You can buy them online, we used to carry them as kids for the fun if it.


huh_phd t1_j7bx3mj wrote

Not sure. It's pretty dumb. I opt for a baseball bat myself


TheGreyVicinity OP t1_j7c7ozw wrote

I think I like this idea better actually


huh_phd t1_j7c9x1l wrote

Just be sure to get a glove to make it less obvious.

Also keep a sock on the business end of the bat. If someone tries to grab it, the sock will slip off. Like a long boi toob sock


majoroutage t1_j7ddnre wrote

Maglite also still makes those nice big C/D-cell self defense flashlights.


huh_phd t1_j7dwpan wrote

I have a really handy 4D cell in my car and a C cell om my desk. You can never have too many flashlights