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FezzikSPrestonEsq t1_j7brh75 wrote

Based on your replies you would be better served with pepper spray or a firearm. Depending on what someone is wearing a taser may not even make contact. You don't seem to have much confidence in anything physical so I assume you dont mean a handheld contact stun gun,you need to be too close to use it and it also may not stop an attacker without good contact. No matter what you get try and practice with it and don't tell anyone you carry it so nobody can prepare.


AJP51017 t1_j7c6ba7 wrote

As someone in law enforcement, I second this. Stun guns will not be effective against another individual if they have multiple layers on, not to mention only a temporary shock. Like the commenter above, pepper spray is a great tool because it can be sprayed from a distance and also, if used effectively, causes temporary loss of sight and great pain that allows you a chance to escape.