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Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7buumt wrote

Correct, but you can apply for reciprocity based on that out of state license.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7bvhne wrote

You sure can, you can also ask for a tax break from the department of taxation, doesn’t mean you’ll get it.

I’m not aware of anyone requesting and being granted reciprocity from any other state, especially a blanket license like Utah.

Hell, even people in CT and MA have to still apply for a license here, and it’s still held to the same standard, regardless of your status elsewhere.


Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7bwum1 wrote

Well, it is a legal way to acquire a license in this state. Doesn’t even have to be your own home city department as long as you do business there. Any pro 2nd local chief has “shall issue” verbiage by law. The out of state license is to show compliance with safety standards and knowledge of CCW practice. Firearm safety isn’t rocket science and doesn’t needed to be treated as such. Reciprocity was the incorrect term to use.



NoRepresentative5593 t1_j7crg1e wrote

I don’t know why you’re being downvoted. I live in the border of CT and it’s true, a CT license doesn’t transfer to RI.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7crjob wrote

Because some people think they’re suave and know how to game the system.


ELOFTW t1_j7cw6q3 wrote

I think some wires are being crossed here.

  • With an out-of-state license, you can apply to any town for a CCW. This isn't a sly workaround, it's how the law is written.

  • Without an out-of-state license, you can apply to the town in which you reside. Some towns are gun-friendly, others are not, some have waiting lists well over 6 months long.

So for some people, it's easier to get an out-of-state license first, then apply to the town of their choosing. This is a downstream effect of some police agencies failing or simply refusing to do a part of their job.

OP isn't saying that having a Utah license or whatever lets them concealed carry in RI, it just lets them start the process for a Rhode Island license with less fuss.


Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7hlb6m wrote

This was an absolutely clear, concise, and correct version of my horrible explanation previously. Thanks!


Ijustlookedthatup t1_j7dcuy9 wrote

I don’t believe jumping through bullsh*t hoops to express a constitutional right to be gaming the “system.”


kyle_spectrum t1_j7dbsib wrote

You don't ger reciprocity. Having and out of state license allows you to go to any town in RI. This means you can go to a more 2a friendly town and get a permit.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7i375q wrote

Under 11-47-11, you can only choose another town beyond the town you reside in if you have “bona fide business” in that town.

So you can’t cherry pick your towns like you cherry pick a doctor to give you Vicodin.


kyle_spectrum t1_j7i4sgb wrote

Yes you can lol people are doing it through foster that don't live in foster. All you have to have is an out of state license.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j7if6i6 wrote

“license or permit to carry a pistol or revolver concealed upon his or her person issued by the authorities of any other state or subdivision of the United States, issue a license or permit to the person to carry concealed upon his or her person a pistol or revolver everywhere within this state for four (4) years from date of issue, if it appears that the applicant has good reason to fear an injury to his or her person or property or has any other proper reason for carrying a pistol or revolver, and that he or she is a suitable person to be so licensed”

And I can assure you, there aren’t a whole lot of people doing this out of Foster. And regardless of a permit elsewhere, you still need to show need here.