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dweeb_plus_plus t1_j7r6aaw wrote

I'm prepared for the downvotes but Tilly's was bad. Dry-ass bready and expensive cheese steaks. If your restaurant is called "Tilly's Cheese Steaks" and that's your sole concentration then it should be the most phenomenal mind blowing sandwich ever. It's a simple thing to make.


trevbrehh t1_j7rhsip wrote

As someone who grew up in PA and spent a decent amount of time in Philly, Tilly’s was probably the best option in RI. Too many places in New England say cheesesteak and then put provolone on. They can fuck off with that.


papoosejr t1_j7svkp1 wrote

Or they just drop a 1-slice thick layer of American against the bread. I've gotten good cheesesteaks in new England from exactly 2 places; 1 in Boston (DaCoopas) and 1 in Worcester (do not remember)


Common_Sir7138 OP t1_j7rg86p wrote

Totally agree it wasn’t great but at least they used whiz.


YodaHead t1_j7rtj02 wrote

They started good, but then went downhill as they tried to expand and cut corners.


Guitar_Crazy t1_j7s0alh wrote

I went once after hearing amazing things and was very disappointed. My sandwich was obscenely salty. I thought maybe it was a mistake like they forgot they salted and did it a second time, but my wife's sandwich was the same.


dickieb81 t1_j7r4e2l wrote

Honestly have yet to find one better then can be easily made at home. Shaved steak for like $7 some LOL American cheese, onion (red pepper if you want to piss off r/food) They are so simple to make its amazing how many bad ones are out there.


le127 t1_j7rexyq wrote

Shaw's Supermarkets sell packages of shaved ribeye steak. That's the cut used for the traditional Philly style. It's much better than the shaved generic steak sold in most markets.


papoosejr t1_j7svd30 wrote

The generic supermarket shaved steak is so gross for a cheesesteak. The ribeye works great.


RandomChurn t1_j7tx933 wrote

When I saw OP's post yesterday, that's what I wanted to suggest 😆👍

Get my meat from Eastside Marketplace (Prov), along with one green pepper, one large white onion, and for cheese I prefer a mix -- Mont Jack and or muenster and or mozzarella. (Authentic Philly uses cheez whizz, I'm told.)

Super easy, quick, and of course way cheaper and yes tastier because you can make it exactly to your own taste 🤤


degggendorf t1_j7rt86c wrote

So if you're ever going to Mohegan Sun or something, there's a sketchy-looking place nearby in Norwich, CT called Philly's, whose cheesesteaks are incredible.


jdutra t1_j7s6k3d wrote

I lived in south Philly for a few years and I guess the best here would be Sax's. Westcott house in west warwick had a decent one but the owner couldn't pay his taxes. The rhyme wasn't really planned.


PipeLayer2016 t1_j7r8c7e wrote

Craft burgers and beer in Pawtucket has an awesome cheese steak. Actually, It's all awesome


rebeccavt t1_j7rgv1g wrote

They do have a good cheesesteak. I think the owner is from Philly


brogaant t1_j7rnks2 wrote

Yep, he was dressed from head to toe in Philadelphia Eagles garb the night of the NFC Conference Championship!


drewh130 t1_j7r92xm wrote

Agreed. Got a burger and was trying to eat my Dads cheese steak .. it was incredible


josiah_mac t1_j892z3p wrote

I really like craft but to be honest I think the burgers aren't great, especially compared to the rest of the menu like the cheesesteak and the fried fish.


WafflesTheBadger t1_j7ss3ro wrote

I will never not upvote Craft. I literally was just telling my boyfriend yesterday that while I love a number of RI restaurants, Craft is actually my #1 because the quality of food and service is just so consistently solid.

I've been eating there for at least 5 years and have eaten there frequently enough that I SHOULD have at least one mediocre or bad experience (whether food or otherwise) but everything I have eaten has been delicious, the prices are reasonable, and everyone who works there is so pleasant. I think maybe the only negative thing is don't drink the tap water because Pawtucket water is disgusting.


PipeLayer2016 t1_j7t0mn9 wrote

I'm of the same ilk. Stumbled upon the place while I was working on a project near by and ended up eating there at least 3 times a week for the following month. Learned a little while ago that they do brunch on the weekends. Now it's my favorite brunch spot. No lines or waiting lists for breakfast, and as you said service and food are top notch. And a pitcher full of the best bloody mary I've had in awhile, oh yeah. So many good beers on tap too. They have earned my business and I will keep recommending Craft Burgers and Beer.


WafflesTheBadger t1_j7t1chb wrote

I keep saying I'm going to try their brunch but then I chicken out because I can't imagine it being good. I'm going to need to try it now.


rebeccavt t1_j7ucwkc wrote

Craft was one of the first bars/restaurants I found when I first moved to RI in 2018, and is still a favorite. I love the staff!

I have found that quality of food at so many restaurants has really declined post-covid, while Craft has had remained consistently as good as they were prior to the pandemic. Sure, they’ve had to raise their prices and make some small menu changes, but I would much rather spend a couple dollars more than pay anything for some of the shit quality meals I’ve had elsewhere recently.


LionMcTastic t1_j7razit wrote

Pawtucket House of Pizza (Smithfield Ave) has been my go-to place since my age was a single digit.


WafflesTheBadger t1_j7sxh80 wrote

PA native. The best option is to make your own.

You can and should make a solid, authentic cheesesteak with Provolone. This bullshit that it HAS to have Cheez Whiz needs to stop. The original sandwich didn't even have cheese and was just chopped meat & onions on a hoagie roll and then because everyone wanted cheese on their hoagie, Provolone became the default for a cheesesteak (processed cheeses joined the club later because they're cheap and melt easy). The sandwich existed for 20 years before Cheez Whiz was even a thing.

The real problem is that most places just do it overall wrong. It needs to be greasy. It should secretly contain the sweat of an overworked mildly stoned grill chef. The bread should be slathered with some fat and then lightly toasted on the grill. And don't just get any bread: go to your favorite Italian bakery and get a fresh hoagie roll. Dress it with some freshly fried onions. If you're going this route, look for shaved RIBEYE at the store because fat = flavor.

Here's what actually happens: -restaurant buys bulk shaved steak. Typically 1 of 3 brands (2 of these brands are packed by the same company). -grill chef salts the meat and doesn't use an adequate amount of fat. Sometimes even overcooks it. Either way, the meat is dry as the Sahara by the time they add the cheese -they put it on a cold, flavorless roll -they dress it with sliced raw green peppers and raw OR soggy onions. The green peppers somehow make the sandwich even worse and they miss that lil bit of mmm that frying up the onions provides

Craft in Pawtucket is a solid plan B. I enjoyed the one I had there. It still missed the health code violations that add the bit of Philly nostalgia but it's still a solid sandwich.


claudedusk8 t1_j7t9qkq wrote

Fake news! You must be from Harrisburg or some such? Provolone on a cheese steak?? I'd send that shit back and leave.


SheistyBengal t1_j7r31r0 wrote

Whatever happened to Tilly’s? They were so good and then started opening up other locations that just completely sank them. Raised money through a GoFundMe and then were just completely gone


PsychologicalSir3455 t1_j7r3fd1 wrote

I wish they were still open. Confused how they closed down was always packed


YodaHead t1_j7s9yy4 wrote

Overextended themselves and started cutting corners, then COVID happened.


TheSausageFattener t1_j7sq3my wrote

I don't think they were cutting corners voluntarily honestly. Their staffing dropped like crazy. I would ritually order Tillys delivery with my family during the lockdown and in the autumn there were a few times there where somebody who seemed like they were a manager showed up in a commercial plate car with a livery to drop it off.

They were always super good about allergies and delivery speed, but it became clear they were short on delivery and kitchen staff. Them opening the chicken spot and the PVD location was probably something they'd effectively locked themselves into before COVID. It takes time to set up and open a restaurant after all.

Sometimes good businesses fail. I remember as a teenager there was one sandwich place I'd go to in Warwick who used super fresh ingredients and homemade a lot of their stuff. Pricey, but damn it was worth it. It was a mom-and-pop deal. They lasted like 2 years.


YodaHead t1_j7stvv2 wrote

I remember when they first opened. The sandwiches were really amazing, but then little things started to change. Bread got really inconsistent, which was a bummer. They wanted to expand too quickly. The Chicken joint was not good at all. Classic mistake of getting too far over your skis.

It's a bummer because the owner was really nice.


[deleted] t1_j7r6bh7 wrote



SheistyBengal t1_j7r9aeg wrote

They opened up the chicken & biscuits joint and PVD storefront well into Covid


[deleted] t1_j7rab3m wrote



wesd00d t1_j7sl1nk wrote

The NK place was just okay and the food took 30 minutes too long the one time I went. An hour to get a chicken sandwich I have to eat at a picnic table is not reasonable.


OldPru t1_j7r8nva wrote

Hash NY system in Coventry, true hidden gem for breakfast and lunch. Best hot weiners around in my opinion


brianv83 t1_j7rq8t3 wrote

I'll second this, I love their weiners and those fresh french fries, haven't tried the steak and cheese yet. Really good donuts also.


nevitales t1_j7sslpd wrote

...where in Coventry is this place? Lived here forever and never heard of it... Clearly a hidden gem! 🤣


OldPru t1_j7tziuc wrote

Main Street! Same area as phenix square diner


Carnivore_Receptacle t1_j7rll0d wrote

It’s not RI but Philly’s in Norwich CT has authentic cheesesteak. Not too far from RI.


HighPlainsDrifting t1_j7rq2hp wrote

I dont know about no cheese whiz as just the thought of it disgusts me but my fave steak and cheese joints are:

Wise guys - Riverside

Sax's - EP

Ricottis - North Prov

Cosmic - Warwick

Jersey Mike's


Common_Sir7138 OP t1_j7s3949 wrote

This inspired me to look at the wise guys in west Warwick menu - and they have Philly cheese “sauce”! Not sure what that means but I’ll be trying it!


HighPlainsDrifting t1_j7s4olq wrote

Oh nice. I didnt even know they had another location. Their sandwiches are good. The bread in particular is nice and soft and fluffy. I also sometimes get their large steak bomb calzone. Its like 22 bucks I think but you can feed a large family off of that thing easy!

Edit: Also fun fact! All of their sandwiches are named after "wise guys". #22 The Lorenzo Mannino, is a relative of my SO lol.


amberalert23 t1_j7sec41 wrote

Thanks guys. Now I just want cheesesteak.


TwainVonnegut t1_j7tf26g wrote

D’Angelo in Cranston.

#9 all day. I fiend for this and eat it at least 1-2x per month.


brickwars19 t1_j7rd5xl wrote

You ain't going to find a good cheesesteak in ri but if you do let me know!!


Common_Sir7138 OP t1_j7rh1df wrote

Seriously. All these suggestions include American cheese it seems


fighthouse t1_j7rj68i wrote

What would make a good, authentic cheesesteak in your opionion?


Common_Sir7138 OP t1_j7rmmpy wrote

Quality bread (Amaroso quality), decent steak that’s not too greasy, onions and whiz. Would be open to any cheese sauce versus sliced or shredded cheese. What about you?


Live_Froyo3636 t1_j7rqvf0 wrote

From Philly sir? So you’d like a whiz wit. I feel you on your order. I have yet to find whiz here. I can suggest my go to is Gansett Wraps.. multiple locations.. bread, amaroso quality, gooey cheese (not whiz sorry) mixed in the steak with the onions, quality meat, definitely not greasy. I know good cheese steaks. I lived in Philly for 5 years.


misterspokes t1_j7r8ncj wrote

Naz's Halal isn't terrible and BOGO right now on UberEATS


EricGordo0o t1_j7s04n1 wrote

I only like a cheesesteak sandwich if it’s got that cheese sauce on it, not no sliced cheese crap. So if somebody knows where to find one of those besides my kitchen lmk lol


slimdunk01 t1_j7s24g0 wrote

Grew up around Philly and nothing in RI compares. The closest to a real cheesesteak I’ve had is form Saxs in the east side. Pretty good but the cheese is not the real deal wiz. It’s the only place I’ll go for a cheesesteak anymore when I’m craving one.


ugottabjokin t1_j7s4xmt wrote

I'm from Philly. I think Jersey Mike's is a decent cheese steak. It's all about the roll.


[deleted] t1_j7s4zk8 wrote



Intelligent_Berry914 t1_j7sr23s wrote

I was seriously surprised how good the cheese steak is from Baja's... I know at one point they were using liquid cheese, i don't know if they still do.


stretchasmile t1_j7s5ebg wrote

Philly girl chiming in. It’s a lost cause. Don’t even try the Philly cheesesteak place in Norwich CT. Not even close


wesd00d t1_j7sk6i7 wrote

Townies in East Providence


evoelker t1_j7sma46 wrote

Sax’s or townies in EP


BoudiccasWrath79 t1_j7sza9y wrote

Hop over the border and go to Philly’s in Norwich.


Critical-Paramedic89 t1_j7twccx wrote

Edgewood Market/Deli just across the border in Cranston, right next to the JWU Harborside campus. I live across the street, and their grinders are great, and loaded.


baxter2417 t1_j7u8zug wrote

Ricotti’s in North Prov on Mineral Spring does it right…and don’t sleep on their Italian grinders too


fatkidwitskillz t1_j7ubtg0 wrote

So it may not be a "Philly Cheesesteak" but the steak and cheese from Arcadia Pizza in West Greenwich is really good. My favorite one in the area for sure


SeveralPineapple1988 t1_j7ucq7x wrote

Sandwich Hut on N Main in Prov never disappoints me, but I've never had a true Philly Cheesesteak.


leavingthecold t1_j7ug8f7 wrote

Below are my recommendations , I've been to Philly and eaten at both Geno's and Pat's nothing special just tourist novelty, Jim's on South St nothing special, and 1 off a random food truck my 1st time there.

Charley's in the local mall's is good

Naz, Crown or Royal Fried Chicken, have a decent one steakums style.

Sax's is ok


Common_Sir7138 OP t1_j7uhfhd wrote

Next time you go to Philly try Tony Luke. Easier parking and the home of the pork sandwich as well


leavingthecold t1_j7uhqh4 wrote

Yes, I've seen the Tony Luke sandwich on the Phantom Gourmet show for some reason it looked better at least visually despite it not looking much different from other spots.


BernedTendies t1_j7w768m wrote

What Tilly’s is gone?? I grew up 20 min south of Philly and thought that was the best option in RI since moving here several years ago. Maybe I’ll have to try Sax’s to see how they stack up , otherwise I’ll make my own.

Carl’s in Waltham is the best cheesesteak I’ve had since moving up here


tanyat33 t1_j80fcn4 wrote

Gansett Wraps in Narragansett. They have other locations in Westerly, Middletown and one in CT that I can't vouch for. They don't use Cheez Wiz, but the cheese is melted perfectly throughout the entire sandwich. 😋


RhodyChief t1_j7rbtkw wrote

PVD Pizza (multiple locations) makes a good one and surprisingly, Caliente in West Warwick has a fantastic one.


npt401 t1_j7ry6h7 wrote

I know its not cheese whiz but honestly newport creamery has a bangin steak and cheese. Loaded on a baguette with seasoned curly fries for like 10 bucks. One of those and an awful awful will straighten you right out after a night of drinking. Underrated IMO.


Archie1221 t1_j7s0o8b wrote

Move back to Philly for your cheez whiz


Indy_420 t1_j7vdy5s wrote

Any DeAngelo's. I would also say there korean cheese stake is amazing. I know a lot of people hate of DeAngelo's but if you find a shop that doesn't have morons making the sandwich they come out very tasty. There is a reason why there are so many in the state.


ZalewskiPhotography t1_j7s3jqh wrote

URI Emporium had the best cheese steaks. I think the name of the place was International Pockets Cafe.