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WeatherInRI OP t1_ja8t8p5 wrote

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to enhance your snow shoveling ability without the hassle of throwing your back out. I will provide the driveway to ensure your training is conducted in the most life-like situation. I only ask that you bring your own shovel. A secondary class will be held at Grandma’s house Tuesday evening. Message me for additional details and times. Spaces are limited and will be accepted on a first come first served basis. #401wx


huh_phd t1_ja94qcj wrote

I cackled. Do I need the newest edition of the textbook? Or can I use snow from 2022 as a reference?


phumanchu t1_ja9msss wrote

No, you need the 2024 edition with a code^* that you use once.



huh_phd t1_jaedbhi wrote

Good man! Some university book store taught you well!


WeatherInRI OP t1_ja9m9u9 wrote

Students are encouraged to bring coffee ☕️ and donuts 🍩


BossCrabMeat t1_ja9rzhd wrote

Ehhh, I am just gonna wait till Thursday, everything will melt by than. Join my procrastination class, bring booze.


RandomChurn t1_ja9c9pp wrote

This is like the Tom Sawyer fence-painting seminar, amirite? 😆


LouiseKnope t1_ja9pznb wrote

Will there be a shorts guy? There’s always a shorts guy shoveling snow in RI.


SweatyCockroach8212 t1_jaa4qf2 wrote

All graduates are invited to the Masters level course. You will learn the details of using a snowblower in my driveway. See you in the morning!


Dabsforme77 t1_ja8zi8e wrote

Think your gonna need a bigger driveway !!


sept2022 t1_jaa12iw wrote

This is wicked funny.


theebomba t1_jaa323c wrote

If there’s any plow drivers who want to make sure their blades are sharp, my driveway is made from a special waterstone - once up, once down, and it’ll be good as new!!!


chip008 t1_jaabweb wrote

Will you be covering best techniques for gravel and dirt driveways?


edthesmokebeard t1_jaaydr1 wrote

The upside-down scrape is underappreciated.


wyzapped t1_jaab9jn wrote

You are more than welcome to teach your class in my driveway instead!


stosyfir t1_jach4nq wrote

When will you be offering the class on the "brush the white stuff off the top of your car" technique?